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    Dave Woodward

    Match 64 Rifles

    Our Club have 2 x Match 64 rifles that are surplus to requirement. Both rifles are right handed. Any interest from either new shooters or clubs?
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    Shooting Kit For Sale

    I know it’s late but do you still have all the above
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    Bolt Protectors-Anschutz

    I thought this was put to bed with Neil Stirtons post of 15 August 2018. Jonty
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    Kurt Thune jacket, top of the range 13 years ago,! Has seen plenty of use but as you'll see it's been looked after, always stored flat not folded and kept dry, smoke free and pet free. Was made to measure for me, 6ft 1" , 38 - 40" chest. More pictures on the link below. When I say free to a good home, I don't mean see it on eBay next week!! It would be great if this went to someone starting out or a club in need of kit. Drop me a line if you are interested, I'm at various shoots over the next few weeks, Torfaen (tomorrow), BFRC, Appleton Easter shoot, ESSU champs. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rt4o5l56pqrbq6z/AAAYTdXUZoABgKCdE1llyn0fa?dl=0
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    Wanted, Very high end 10M rifle

    Have you checked the for sale section on this site, there's one there right now
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