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  1. That takes me back, I used to visit Martin Truttmann for new kit every year or two and he did indeed measure, make and fit it all in a day if pre-arranged. The business is in Kriens, just outside of Lucerne so offers a really nice short break. Looking at the website it seems that the business was sold in early April so I guess that Martin himself has now retired, but worth giving them a call. There is also an amazing shooting centre not too far away at Brunig which even boasts a 300m indoor range!
  2. If you're in the London area as your profile suggests, then how about trying the NSRA at Bisley for an "off the peg" jacket? Or if you're thinking of made-to-measure and are prepared to travel then there's Pippa at tenpointnine in the midlands. I think that she's planning to be at Bisley on 14-15 May (best to check with her first though) so that may open up more possibilities. https://www.tenpointnine.com/tenpointnine-tailoring-products (incidentally I have no affiliation with her beyond being a very satisfied customer).
  3. chasing600

    Midas+ or x-act

    NSRA are advertising that you can pre-order at current prices in expectation of delivery at the end of January. Both have been rarer than hen's teeth this year due, I'm led to believe, much of the production going to the US or China so little if any fresh stock has arrived for a while.
  4. Hi Raf, I've PM'd you, so hopefully that has set the ball rolling. Cheers, Ian.
  5. Hi Raf, Yes it's still available. I'm fairly flexible for the next few weekends so please drop me a PM and we'll arrange things there. Cheers, Ian.
  6. Hi Mick, I'm up here at Appleton too this weekend and meeting up with Neil. I must admit that I thought the III had more lateral movement than the II, but hopefully we can all work something out between us. Cheers, Ian.
  7. Top mount, right-handed. Fits Anschutz / Grunig (and probably other) dove-tails and threaded for irises from Gehmann etc. Can post (at cost) or possibly meet up depending on location (I’m in Surrey). £200 or near offer.
  8. Bumping to the top as this lovely stock is still available. No sensible offer refused.
  9. Esprit Carabine Universal Concept Rifle Stock for sale - £1550 ono Bought new in May 2019 and saw light use through the summer before I had a change of direction and changed my kit entirely in November 2019. The stock is now surplus to requirements and looking for a new home where it'll be put to better use. There are some barely noticeable circular marks under the forend rail (see photos) from where a handstop was tested before I bought the stock, but otherwise it is in immaculate condition. With a specification of universal multi-adjustable grip, red nickel-plated gloss, right-handed, double retaining ring barrel clamps, short butt-plate ratchet this offers a £500+ saving on the new price. Also included is a set of spare O-rings, two hex keys, a wrench for the clamps and a home made raising bracket for the cheekpiece. I have added a thin foam covering to the cheekpiece which is easily removable should you so wish. Insured P&P / delivery is not included and will be at cost or we could meet F2F at, say, Bisley.
  10. PM sent about Spy long rear sight
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