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  1. Thanks Phil, I know its a very rare chance, but if you don't ask............ just hoping someones not getting any use, and would rent, and as most seem empty most of the time! We won't rough it, we'll continue PI' ing if we can't get any thing, that's if we even get any shooting dates next year!!! I'll have a look Paul, thanks Have Fun Robin
  2. I'm looking for the possibility of a modern caravan to rent at Bisley, one with the added deck, on the new sites on Elcho road? I'd be looking for next year to rent for a year min, possibly two years? Any one have one they wish to rent out, or know of a contact? I've not had much luck through the NRA! email :- robin.carter80@ntlworld.com Have Fun Robin
  3. I'm after the said Sierra .223 80 grain Matchking bullet heads, any quantity over a full box of 50, would take 50's, 100's 500's, 1000's. If you have a Unicorns nest in your garden, these will be in it! Email robin.carter80@ntlworld.com Have Fun Robin
  4. Just PM'd you, I've found one! Have Fun Robin
  5. Still looking, does no one have an old Keppeler K05 stock they don't want? Have Fun Robin
  6. Nothing about? What about a Walther KK300 Alutec? or a KK300 Anatomic?
  7. Now my wife has fallen in love with my 300 mt Barnard .223, and I have just spent a lot of workshop time fitting it into her Keppeler stock, so I now have a surplus Keppeler 6 mmBR barrel and action, so I need some thing nice to put that into!!! Any flat bottomed alloy stock would do, a Keppeler, or a MEC, what ever, even a Precise (though not my preference). Any one have any thing they don't want? Have Fun Robin
  8. Thanks Gary Yes, I've gone with the one from Peter which has all the bits on I want, just in time, it was like the jaws music closing in on mine! Put a fresh advert on, it will soon sell. Have Fun Robin
  9. I have just spoken to the main Importer, who is the largest importer of Barnards in Europe, your statement is incorrect, he has just received a large delivery of them, and has more on the way, and on order, he thinks they may have stopped exporting to individuals ordering one or two.
  10. Wow, just like buses! Yes please Peter, I'll have a choice of two then! Have Fun Robin
  11. Yes please Gary, details please, on robin.carter80@ntlworld.com Have Fun Robin
  12. Tim Like even finding full stand, it will be a tough search as they are price less!! Bedford Target Supplies supply them, they are £19.99 new. Or you could always sell me the whole stand! Have Fun Robin
  13. Come on, some one must have one they don't want, its getting serious, she's closing in on mine!! Have Fun Robin
  14. SOLD, subject to buyer getting a Variation Have Fun Robin
  15. Why should you be the only one not being beaten by their wife, I've put up with it for years! Have Fun Robin
  16. I'm finally fed up with the wife grumbling about her scope stand, and I'm looking for a Freeland stand, before she steals mine! Wanted, a Freeland stand! Have Fun Robin
  17. No interest? This is a £5000 rifle in mint condition, with £750 of bits, sights, and butt plate, etc, will be withdrawn soon, last chance? Have Fun Robin
  18. As my first step towards retirement I'm offering the first to go, a very trick custom built Keppeler 6mmBR Rifle. It was custom built for me for ISSF 300 mt in 2012, but it will actually be ideal for other full bore target rifle events. The action is the Keppeler square, light flat bottomed action, with an Anschutz free trigger, the barrel is a special 570 mm (22 1/2") Lothar Walther 1 in 8 twist, that they make specially for the German National 300 mt Squad, its used with a Keppeler 6" tube. Solid positive tube locations fitted. Between the wife and I, we have had 4 of these barrels, Hmmmm....very good! This barrel was fitted for me at Keppeler in 2017 and is accurately logged at 1680 rounds. It has always been carefully cleaned with KG after every shoot and borescopes as perfect. The rifle is complete with sight raisers, and Centra Cube front sight, and Centra LR rear sight, with an iris, and a MEC lens hood, and mirage band (I have a black one as well as the orange!). The stock is a hybrid KO5/K09 slim stock, black with polished inserts, the butt plate is the Walther KK200 (was available to special order until very recently, now unobtainium!) on Anschutz adjustable rods. With sling swivel and small hand stop. The grip is a Walther KK300, and the cheek piece is my own design side folding, the rifle shoots superbly at 300 mts, I've shot it internationally, but I've also shot it on our TR club fun shoots back to 600 yds, and even with soft 300 mt ammo its an unfair advantage! Any one with long range aspirations who wants to put a scope on it, 6 mmBR shoots great at 1000 yds! Once you've shot out the barrel these re chamber and barrel to 7.62 nicely, would be a very trick TR! I have some hand loaded 107 gn match ammo fire formed and loaded just for this rifle to get you started. Why am I selling, just look at the screen, that's me, not the rifle!! I'm now struggling with back problems! My wife (she's better than me!)has shot well into the 590's with an identical rifle Come on, first £1850 gets it! If you are serious, I'll take more pictures and email them robin.carter80@ntlworld.com Have Fun Robin
  19. Perhaps because I'm shortish 5 ft 7 I find them all long, but so many rifles are too long, think its when they are designed by some one who does not shoot prone or positional to any standard, or is tall them selves? Couple of tall stories! We were visiting a premier manufacturer in Austria, had the tour and they asked if we had any issues with their kit, I shot air pistol at the time with one, and I said yes, why is your trigger reach so huge even on the shortest setting, as I had made a backwards trigger shoes for mine, and done several for friends and club members, they said is it? Come and meet the designer! Soon knew why, he was about 6 ft 7 with hands like shovels!! We have links with Walther going back years, we know the right people and call in when we can, when going over in 2015 emailed and asked if we could call in and possible see the KK500 which was then only in prototype, they said call in, we'll see. When we did and saw our contact (a director) an old friend from who shot internationally back in her day as had my wife, and chatted about the KK500, when he said out of the blue to my wife I suppose you want to have a go with it!!! Then to the range, after 5 shots she said, I want one.... but I don't want it in this stock, can it go in a Keppeler!! I'm cringing!!! Yes, he said, we'll send them an action!!! They knew why, that she shot 300 mt with one, but he said what do you think of the stock? She said, its gorgeous (it was an Alutec) but its miles too long, and it was on its bottom limit. Not a blink, the next half hour was fiddling and measuring, both her, the rifle, others called in. He said, we knew you were small (5ft 3), and a good shot so we wanted to see, all their prototypes had gone out for testing to tall men! She got her Olympic batch action in a Keppeler, six months later, loves it, and my Alutec KK500 ordered in 2019, the length is possible to adjust very short, Walther listen. Sorry I can run on for hours!!! Which stock do you want pics of Phil? Have Fun Robin
  20. Its not a Dolphin I'm familiar with if it is, I think its an HPS, which is made by Mik, but same issue for me, why are they so b****y long!!! My modded super shorties with adjustable folding cheek piece with Walther grip are much nicer, polished alloy bling, and prettier colour, see the next NRA article! Your dolphin pic is the new one, with the butt plate design they copied from one of my speciaIs , I use the old one Dolphins because they are slimmer. I'll see Mik soon I'll confirm but you should have sold it by then!. Sorry Phil butting in on your sale, what ever it is guys, just buy it!
  21. Thanks Rob Now edited as I really only want the Anschutz Precise sights, I've emailed but if I change my mind I'll get back to you. Thanks, Have Fun Robin
  22. I'm looking for some Anschutz Precise sights, these are my preference, Thanks, but not interested in other sights. I'm too mean to pay new price, so sensible offers on S/H will be considered! Edited to remove the Spy sights, I really only want a Precise. Have Fun Robin
  23. The problem is , its not so much the scammers selling on the sales, as them answering the wanted's, as the most recent ones have been, and I think that would be very difficult or impractical to police? it would involve new members being banned from replying to wanted's, or PM'ing, before they have done thread contributions, is that possible or practical? When you sort that, can you stop me being phoned 5 times a day with scamms! Take care and Have fun Robin
  24. Hi Guy Hope you are well, what about Sierra Matchking 80gn .223, but must be the new super pointed ones. Have Fun Robin
  25. Sorry to the guys who have contacted me its sold!!! Obviously did not ask enough! Have Fun Robin
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