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  1. PM sent, I will take the stock Robin
  2. RobinC

    TR trigger weight

    Does any one have 1500 gm TR trigger test weight they don't want please? The NRA put me in contact with the guy who makes theirs, so I now have one! Have Fun Robin
  3. Cost and postage please? email to robin.carter80@ntlworld.com please rather than PM Have Fun Robin
  4. Looking for a sight mounted lens holder, any make or size considered. Have Fun Robin
  5. RobinC

    Centra Spy

    Sorry Wesley! I'll leave it to you! Robin
  6. RobinC

    Centra Spy

    The odds of some wanting to buy a Spy with a Duplex and a Monocle is rare, but all individually are highly sellable, I'd be interested in the Spy if the price was right. Robin
  7. RobinC

    Centra Spy

    And a price for just the Centra Spy, no iris, monocle, or Duplex? Robin
  8. For those who know me, my rifles and kit, show a slight bias towards orange. But NO, it was not me who ordered it!!! They could have done the grip orange though like mine are! Does look good though!
  9. Thank you, Yes please, I was considering making one and the bits will help! I'll PM with contacts Thanks again Robin
  10. Some one must have one of these not in use!!!!!
  11. Come on, some one must have one!! Robin
  12. I need a Gemini/HPS sling, the type with a wire section in the middle. Any one have one, they don't want? Robin
  13. If its due to your shape then no off the peg will fit, far easier to go see Pippa, she knows far more on Jacket fit than any coach, and if it needs altering to fit she will do it
  14. No, but I have a Parker Hale 5C which is what the UK Sportco 44's came with, and I also have a Sportco 44 sight mounting for it! I'll be at Bisley (300 mt shed) this week end, Sat afternoon, and Sunday Morning. £50 cash sounds fair? Spares, such as the bolt pin get direct from "Total Solutions Engineering Pty Ltd" (TSE) Everton Park, Queensland, Australia, info@tsengineering.com.au , they still make the Sportco 44 new to order, and supply spares, if you want to re barrel it with any thing other than a standard Sportco barrel, you'll need a TSE adaptor to fit any barrel, as the lugs are in the barrel on standard barrels. They are an excellent company, if they have in stock what you want they express it to the UK, either email or phone 0061 - (07) - 3355 - 5824 and speak to Veronica, as long as you get your time right! Have Fun Robin
  15. Suit wanted for Young Lady, 5ft 8 in, slim, woman's fit, Jacket and trousers, as a starter budget first suit. Any thing out there? Robin
  16. RobinC

    shooting glasses

    Its simple, the adjustment is +0.5 dioptre on your long vision prescription and that gives a 2 mt focal length, which is the perfect prescription for rifle shooting Don't forget to include astigmatism, you local opticians or specs factories will make a lens, average £40. If you wish expert advice contact Stephen Hing, at Hings Opticians, Shefford, Nr Bedford, Stephen is one of the top specialists in shooting prescriptions, but unless you have a particular eye sight issue he will tell you the same as above. Have Fun Robin
  17. RobinC

    Mec Duplex

    I have a standard and a variable, but not planning to sell them. Do you know why you want one? Email me on robin.carter80@ntlworld.com and I'll give you all the pros' and cons Have Fun Robin
  18. I'm looking for an older small bore rifle to build for a Junior, must be a good action/barrel/trigger with sights, Anschutz 54 ideal or similar, basic stock, as we will cut and shut to fit. Perhaps an old club rifle? Robin
  19. The first 300 metre date is 16th/17th March, 2019, a Training week end, chance to shoot indoor firing points, electronic targets, will still be cold, but warmer than out side, and dry! Contact 300m@nra.org.uk to book FP time, best closer to the date.
  20. Ok, you fans of special kit! I have a very good condition original pair of Junkers shooting glasses, as used by Malcolm Cooper! I and several other discerning shooters still use them, they are particularly good for full bore as you can get them really close to the eye, and you also have a left lens for wind spotting, reading, or what ever your fancy. They look a bit Harry Potter, and the adjustment is bending to fit, but they were the choice of Malcolm, (and me!) , these are original ones in good condition, in the metal case, and even with the original lens cloth, idented as Junkers. £50 posted. NOW SOLD!
  21. RobinC

    Shooting mat

    OK, I'll Pm you Robin
  22. RobinC

    Mec Duplex

    Hi Neale replied on email Robin One left
  23. RobinC

    Mec Duplex

    Noticed some recent enquiries on Duplex's so have bumped this to the top, Robin
  24. I do also agree that is a good price and well worth the price, the barrel count is fine, but just to correct, 6 mmBR accurate barrel life is 2500 -3000 certainly for shooting on tight targets such as 300 m and F class. Also 6 mmBR shoots very well at 500 and 600 yds, my wife uses her spare 6 mmBR at 600 very successfully to practice wind, (and that's using our soft loaded 300 m loads), shoots flatter and handles wind very similar to 7.62 because the Ballistic Coefficient (BC) is better, and they will also go out to 1000 with no problems. For 300 m use, the CISM has a 1500gm trigger, but the free trigger can be fitted, and the rifle shoots very well at 300 m (what its designed for), agree on ammo, factory Norma or Lapua is silly expensive, we reload top level ammo, works out about 60p a pop using 107 gn SIerra MK's. Both you and Nick are welcome to come to the gb300m dates to shoot the real thing! I'd have bought it at that price if I'd had a space on my ticket! So get it quick before I'm tempted to get a variation! I'm surprised its still there!
  25. Right or left handed? Pictures?
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