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  1. Hi, I have the following for sale: RPA Trakker anti-clockwise up/right - £180 Bought from a user on this forum a month ago for £180 to put on an Anschutz to match what I thought would be my fullbore setup, but didn't get on well with it. Ended up getting a Centra for fullbore anyway. Please note, it turns the "wrong" way if you are used to fullbore sights, or the "right" way if you mainly shoot smallbore. Non-branded metal buttplate - swap with a different metal buttplate (or £120 once I find a replacement buttplate) This came with a used Keppeler stock. I'm getting rid of it because the fixed curvature is 5mm too deep for fullbore, so I can't see a way to use it for both fullbore and smallbore. It has a good amount of adjustability, just looks a little less refined than some newer stuff. The carrier and plates are not included, only the buttplate and column assembly. I'd really like to swap my buttplate for a used Anschutz 4765 or Gemini Aktiv buttplate (I'll cover any difference) if anyone wants to downgrade(?!), but once I find a replacement buttplate elsewhere, £120 or near offer.
  2. Last I heard, both David Crispin at Hut60 and John Binder-Swash had second hand Barnard Ps they were selling on behalf of someone else. Both needed new barrels, so would set you back £2500 at most, but were full “packages” otherwise.
  3. Hi, very interested. Will PM you my number.
  4. Hi Mike, I think I saw you at Hut 60 the other day. Sorry to hear you had to give up on the project. Is the Whidden Gunworks Barnard-Anschutz adapter also for sale by any chance? I was going to ask David to make or order me one for my Keppeler stock.
  5. Thanks sdixon1 and everyone else who replied. I've cut my smallbore budget and I'm now just going for a Barnard build (Mike's rough cost estimate seems pretty reasonable) but until my FAC arrives and I pay for the Barnard, I'm still happy to consider and interested to see what people have.
  6. Interested in buying if ^ sale falls through. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the breakdown, that would be the dream combination! Tom Rylands quoted me more or less that for an RPA 2000/Quadlock which I'm good to go with, if I don't end up spending too much on smallbore kit, which at the moment isn't leaving me much room for a fullbore rifle! That Quadlock would be perfect if it wasn't left handed. I wonder how difficult it would be to swap to left hand after years of right handed shooting! 😆 I've just got a message about a potential Swing so hopefully that goes well. I've also got my eye on another Swing online and although it's a Mk3 and has a 27 inch barrel (under 500 rounds), it has a nicer stock, has nice Anschutz and Gehmann parts on it, and is cheaper than that Gunstar advert, so it probably wouldn't hurt to buy it, try it, and if it isn't great, sell it on.
  8. My budget is 2k for a rifle with a used barrel from a private seller. Although probably less for a Swing and unfortunately, I'm not really considering Quadlites. Budget is higher if I were to get a rebuilt rifle from ETS, who I've already spoken to and am happy to go through with really. I am already aware of HPS and Norman Clark as the other usual gunsmiths, but if there are any others, I'd be really grateful if I could be PMd them as I'd like to try a Grunig, before I commit to a more normal TR action!
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a 7.62 rifle for fullbore TR (barrelled action or just action is ok), ideally something like a Swing M3+, RPA 2000 or Quadlock if the price is right. I would probably be open to Accuracy International Palmamasters if anyone has one for a decent price, and flat-bottomed action Grunig ST200s as I'd quite like to try ISSF 300m at some point. I've seen some good sold examples on this forum so I'm just giving it a shot. I'm still waiting for my FAC to arrive so I'm in no rush and I have access to a good club rifle for the time being.
  10. Very interested. Could you email me some photos please (deleted email)? Also, do you know if this stock could be modified to fit RPA actions? Thanks.
  11. I'm quite interested in the Kowa 821. How can I contact you more directly?
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