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  2. I'm selling a Match 54 that I bought for my son but he prefers his 1907 so need to let this go as it's gathering dust and unused. It's an early Match 54 that I had appraised by Ross Haygarth at C.H. Haygarths and Sons when I bought it and he said it was in very good condition and that all the modifications had been done to a high standard, the only thing that he said he would do is re-blue the barrel as it's still the original bluing and showing wear in places with a couple of surface marks. The modifications that had been done were it was glass bedded and that an Armadillo butt hook had been fitted, the stock had been refinished and oiled and it's in really nice condition. The rear sight sits on a 4mm raiser block and the fore sight has a level bubble. I'm looking for £250 for the rifle plus RFD fees, I do travel up and down to Aberdeen a lot so could arrange drop off / collection on those routes if need be.
  3. Yes please, will send a pm shortly.
  4. I have, and they recomended trying on here as there is a large number of smallbore shooters who have caravans too, who wouldn't necessarily use them during the FB Imperial
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  6. Kit Clear out AirArms Precision muzzle end this converst the muzzle of the MPR or S400 to a precision rifle £10 £3.05 P&P Recorded Delivery
  7. Kit Clear Out Sauer Top Ten Glove Size M £40 £3.95 P&P Recorded delivery
  8. Kit Clear out Red Prone Mat £30 plus £9 P&P MYHERMES
  9. Kit Clear Out Sling Hooks & Sling Keeper 3 hooks and 1 Sling Keeper £20 for them all £3.95 P&P Recorded Delivery
  10. Kit Clear out Gehmann Sling with attachment £25 £3.95 Recorded delivery
  11. Gbartonw

    Gun case

    Anyone got a hard gun case for sale? Just bought an Anschutz 1403 for our club and need a small cheap-ish case to go with?! Thanks in advance!
  12. Have you tried the FB group - Bisley Caravans to rent? It worked for both myself and another club member for Smallbore week?
  13. Last week
  14. Set of 12 Centra High End Foresight Elements M22 Set of 12 M22 Centra High End foresight elements with 1.4mm ring width. Sizes: 4.0; 4.1; 4.2; 4.3; 4.4; 4.5; 4.6; 4.7; 5.0; 5.1; 5.2 and 5.8. In very good condition. For Sale (inclusive of postage): £125 ovno
  15. M22 Gehmann Bubble M22 Gehmann bubble 581 with super slow bubble for easy reading. Screws into foresight. Angle of cant set by turning the bubble ring. In as new condition. For Sale (inclusive of postage): £45 ovno
  16. Centra Score M22 Foresight Tunnel Centra Score foresight tunnel, M22 for Walther. In as new condition. Can be used with High End elements or adjustable irises. Small pins (removeable) in each side to indicate level of cant. Tunnel can be canted without tools. For Sale (inclusive of postage): £65 ovno
  17. System Gemini Pattern Free Rifle Butt Plate System Gemini Pattern Free Rifle Butt Plate which has been used for Hunter Field Target or Field Target hence the additional cantilever sections. I used this with an Anschutz 1813 Supermatch but have had to retire from shooting due to continuing problems with my back and neck following a serious accident. As far as I can tell it is identical to a System Gemini adjustable butt plate and its build quality is superb. It may be an earlier example of the Gemini Free Rifle butt plate I just don’t know. Please note, for ISSF shooters may be required to remove the cantilever in order to meet the maximum depth rules. This can be easily removed and adjusted by the shooter. This does not at present affect NSRA rules. I have many other photographs which I am happy to send to your email address as they are too big for here. For Sale (inclusive of postage): £185 ovno
  18. SOLDI have decided with much reluctance to sell my FWB601 target rifle. It is in absolutely immaculate original condition.I'm only selling it because I am going to be buying a brand new target rifle , 'one in, one out'.Full set of original seals and full service carried out using proper FWB grease January 2019, so good to shoot for another 20 years!Perfectly consistent and perfectly accurate. I have been shooting her for the last three months to great affect in my bell target league.I have a chrono and full 10M range for buyer to test before purchasing if wanted.If you are looking for a genuinely great 601, this is it!I'm not against posting, but in this case I have decided not to post because I'd hate to have it lost or broken!The person that gets in his car, will NOT be disappointed!!Rifle in the Cardiff area.£475.https://ibb.co/X32KCWXhttps://ibb.co/bBvqnjHhttps://ibb.co/cTNmwLHhttps://ibb.co/LZL7Rbrhttps://ibb.co/M5QzNBxhttps://ibb.co/ykk3G9phttps://ibb.co/5WNLbDnhttps://ibb.co/xHVkMdhhttps://ibb.co/2ZS38Mkhttps://ibb.co/hcv6jx9https://ibb.co/5TQwK8Bhttps://ibb.co/ZmRqnkn
  19. I think the standard FWB foresight is 22mm, but the ring that clamps the plastic insert in by default is threaded M18 on the inside so it will work.
  20. Yes please (assuming it will fit the tunnel on my FWB 2700)
  21. Hi, I'm looking to buy a very modern 10M PCP target air rifle. I'm open to consider any brand as long as it is an alloy stocked modern rifle. I can travel for a good rifle. A blue LG300 would be nice 😍 Thanks. Rob.
  22. Hi, I need Centra Block Club / Sight Risers or Related like Tec HRO for Walther in Good Condition. And If have an extra spacer that's good. Thank you!
  23. 3 months use...as new condition. changing because of ext tube.
  24. Hi I’m looking for a forend palm rest having adjusted my new rifle to be as short in the butt as possible. My short arm with the sling cannot lift the rifle high enough without using muscles to bring it up to the target line. I’m currently borrowing one from the club, but would like to find my own. It needs a rail on the bottom of the rest for my handstop. Let me know if you have one for sale. I’m also looking for left handed rearsights and an iris if anyone has both or one for sale? Thank you Victoria
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