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  3. cheers Huey - i've got a 0.5 arriving hopefully tomorrow so i should have a better idea of what is needed. As you intimated, it's for a non standard use so i'll get back to you once i've tried it. Thanks again.😀
  4. I have changed to M22 so two Centra M18 0.3x available. Both with original boxes and dustcap. £25 ea. posted* IME anything over .5 will be too strong although YMMV and you may have a non-standard idea in mind. *To Southampton and other mainland UK areas at least ☺️
  5. Hi - is the rifle still available? Many thanks.
  6. Hi Niel If we get the asking price we will pay for the postage to your RFD thanks chris
  7. Last week
  8. wanted centra eagle eye 0.75, 0.6 or 0.5 M18 , might try 0.3 if available. Cheers
  9. Hi Chris, I'm very interested. Do you have any idea how much it will cost to RFD to Aberdeen? (our local gun shop is in Inverurie)
  10. Hi, I have sent you a pm
  11. Hammerli AR50 air rifle - £550 we bought this for our son to get him started in 10m air rifle shooting, now surplus to requirements as he has had an upgrade ideal to start off with, has adjustable butt plate cheek piece and comes with both right and left handed pistol grips and diopter sights cylinder is in date till December 2023 can arrange delivery through my local RFD at a cost or we travel to UK Mainlaind twice a month for coaching (Wigan and Wolverhampton) so could arrange to meet for hand over if needed comes in a hard plastic case, not the Peli case that it is shown sitting in Hammerli is a Walther company if you would like any more photos please let me know looking for £550 thanks chris
  12. I am at Bisley on 24/11/19 and 7-8/12/19 if anyone wants to see the Air rifle
  13. Looking for around £450 but open to sensible offers
  14. Pic resizing help here and here 👍
  15. Looking for a copy of ‘Winning In The Wind’ (CD-ROM/DVD), by Lones Wigger and Lanny Bassham. Thanks.
  16. Do you still have this? Thanks Richard
  17. Scatt basic for sale less than a year old great bit of kit only selling due to upgrade to mx02
  18. Yes I’d like details of that too please
  19. Hey Mike - not trying to do anyone out of a sale but I have made changers for our club. They are easy and cheap to make from parts available online. We have been using the units for a few years without issues. Let me know if you want details.
  20. Earlier
  21. Does any one have a 23mm Mec lens holder they no longer require? Regards, Mick
  22. Hi peeps. I have to sell my daughter's rifle she used to use, and I used to benchrest with a couple of custom made attachments. The rifle itself has had very little use in the last 6 years since we gave up competitive shooting so it needs to be used. As a novice she did very well with it but a break up between her mother and me meant I didn't get to see her that often, any way she is going to become a mother herself and needs the money to start off. I brought it from the original owner who's old school club closed down and they didnt use it much either. The rifle has an Anschutz rear site cantable with Centra eye piece I would like £2495 ono for the rifle with the benchrest attachments, this will include the Anschutz scope mount butt plate with bag rider and 3" front plate which attaches to the accessory rail. There is also some Lapua which will be gifted. I don't seam to be able to upload images as they are too large in file size but if interested call me on 07733 016979 or PM with an email address
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