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  1. Last week
  2. It sold yesterday for the asking price
  3. Hi there, my dad has asked me measage to see if you would you take £500 posted?
  4. F-Class stuff sold to Northener Was I being a little enthusiastic with the price on the rifle? Open to guidance, if I've got it wrong...
  5. I'm not sure but could it work with this adapter ? https://shop.mec-shot.com/sights/front-sight-tunnels-accessories/red-m22-m18-33208.html?___store=mec_shop_en&___from_store=mec_shop_de
  6. I was using the Falcon primarily at high mag hence going for the 45. I also have a Sightron 45ED on another rig, that too is shot at 50 and 100m informally. The beauty of the Falcon is that it focuses down to 10m but it is surplus to requirement now.
  7. GaryD

    Benchrest Scope

    I thought that a 45X scope might be too high for that distance, but I am obviously wrong?
  8. I'm using the Leupold @50m BR, that is once I'm back up and running.
  9. For sale is my Centra Variable Eagle Eye M18 in very good condition. Variable 0.0 - 0.5 Asking for £80 but I will consider any offer. Based in Dorking but can also post if needed.
  10. GaryD

    Benchrest Scope

    Hi Warwick, Just wondering what distance and what discipline you are going to use the Leupold on.
  11. Sorted now thanks folks 👍
  12. Earlier
  13. #1 I bought this new from optics warehouse a couple of years ago to sit on my Anschutz 22RF bench rifle, I replaced it with a Leupold 45 and was going to use the Falcon on another rig but lockdown came and scuppered those plans. It's been sat in the box for over a year now and the other rifle is way on the back burner. This really is an excellent piece of glass for the money, excellent reviews and used in various disciplines. The scope is as new and comes with box, papers and I may have the receipt somewhere? Price is £565 including secure post or can be c
  14. I have the new Falcon X50 which I was using for a very brief period on my Anschutz 1813 Supermatch before I changed to a Leupold Comp 45. The Falcon X50 is as new condition, completely unmarked and has been sat stored in its box for the past year. I'm looking for £565 which includes secure post.
  15. Please see the Fraud Alert thread for the background / reasoning.
  16. Hi Mike Did you receive my email? Regards Dev
  17. Hi All I'm looking for a Gehmann Thread Adaptor 577 - allows Gehmann diopter irises to be used without 1.5x magnifier/diopter unit. Was wondering if anyone had one knocking about at the bottom of a kit bag?
  18. Hi Wally, It has been Sold, but thanks for asking GaryD
  19. i sthis sold or still available?
  20. are you selling ammo separately and if so what is your location for collection?
  21. Hi Would you mind sending a picture of it please Thanks
  22. Still available in case anyone interested. Price reduced to £1550.
  23. Hi Dev. Would like to discuss, cannot send PM (what a stupid rule!) Could you drop me an email mikearrow90@hotmail.com Regards Mike
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