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  1. Yesterday
  2. I know where there’s a vgc LP10, although nowhere near to you geographically 🤔
  3. The Grunig rifle and the Nikko Stirling scope.....
  4. Back up for sale. Time pressures. Haven’t shot all year.
  5. Looking for 1 or 2 barrel weights for a Steyr LP2 compact air pistol. Thanks
  6. How many stickers are there and are they similar to the shoot-n-c?
  7. Centra foresight element 4.4/1.3 £15 Gehmann buttplate £50 Walther cleaning rod guide £10 100 yard target repair stickers £5 Anschutz foresight £30 All will be sent signed for post at cost
  8. Last week
  9. SCATT MX2- £1050 (RRP with out additional mounting rail: £1,445) Used less than 10 times Mint condition. Location Bisley Email: angistacker@hotmail.com SCATT MX-02 - This is a PC based electronic trainer intended for shooting training at a fixed aiming mark. The unique feature of this system is the ability to train in either the dry fire or live fire mode (using real ammunition). The trainer is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors at varying distances. A standout feature of this model in comparison to other SCATT systems is the lack of a transmitter target. This means that you can now train with the benefit of a Scatt while simply using a paper target or a standard target installation (e.g. Megalink, Meyton or Sius Ascor). In live fire training you no longer have to worry about damaging the expensive transmitter unit down range. And of course, you no longer have to run a cable down range to the target. You can simply mount the sensor, plug in and shoot! MX-02 electronic trainer contents: Optical Sensor - This is mounted on the barrel of the rifle/pistol and connected by a cable to the USB port of your PC. The sensor registers with high precision all movements of your rifle/pistol during aiming and the moment of shot release. The sensor weighs only 36 grams with the mounting kit, and therefore does not upset the balance of the rifle/pistol. The MX-02 optical sensor can be used for training at distances of 2.5 meters and above. And of course, it works exactly while live firing at 10m, 50m and 25 yards. Software - The SCATT Professional Software allows automatic calibration of the sensor in relation to the sighting axis, therefore, there is no need to make any adjustments to the rifle/pistol's sights. The sensor also automatically compensates for canting. The software also has all the necessary features for efficient training and overall analysis of the shooting results. Information is displayed in both digital and graphical forms and can be saved onto disk for further analysis (aim trajectory, shots and graphics, etc). Mounting kit for the optical sensor - includes allen key, V-Mount with adjustment and metal strip with screw that are used for fixing the sensor on barrels of different diameters and cross sections. Optical sensor's interface cable - used to connect the optical sensor to USB port of your computer, has a length of 3m Additional Mounting Kit - Sliding Rail mount.
  10. Come on, some one must have one!! Robin
  11. I've recently bought a 1960's Hammerli Master Co2 target pistol in a fitted case and I'm looking for a 'period' rectangular H&N Match tin (grey and white) to fill one of the cutouts as shown below... Does anyone have one in a drawer somewhere?
  12. Mark

    foresight bubble

    Hi, I have a foresight bubble to suit anschutz 18mm foresight from a match 54. Pm for more details and pictures.
  13. A good example of a classic Original model 75 side lever spring powered 10 mtr target rifle with adjustable butt plate and Diopter sights £295 ono
  14. I need a Gemini/HPS sling, the type with a wire section in the middle. Any one have one, they don't want? Robin
  15. So if you will post for £225 then yes I will take this. Pls pm me Thanks Adrian
  16. tim s

    Kit for sale

    Thank you. I'd hoped for a 1 or 2. No 4 is the one for a long tube.
  17. The Neesom frontsight was fitted to the barrel not a tube and is marked "4"
  18. tim s

    Kit for sale

    What's the number on the Nesom tunnel - was it bought for a standard barrel or a long tube?
  19. Shumae

    Kit for sale

    Hi, could you post any photographs please?
  20. The kit of a late club member for sale for the family: Prices inc recorded insured postage mainland UK Andrew Tucker heavy scope stand with flexi elevation adjuster £150 Greenkat scope sheepskin cover £20 Anschutz 6805 rearsight boxed - just the rearsight - no foresight immaculate £150 Barry Neesom 22mm flip over foresight for Anschutz 18 series immaculate £70 So far that all had time to sort out, more in a few days as time allows. rgds
  21. Hi is this still for sale? Regards Adrian
  22. tim s

    .22 rifle sights

    An 1813 foresight won't fit a 1907. The dovetail in the 1813 is too deep and narrow at the base. The rearsight dovetail is identical though.
  23. I have both the rear sight and for sight, but they are off a 1813 match 54. I think they should fit. If you are interested I can send you photos
  24. Cant adjustable foresight arrived today and fitted to rifle this evening. Many thanks for a smooth transaction.
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