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  1. Last week
  2. Hiya I am after an off set spacer for the Gemini butt plate cheers raine
  3. Hiya do you have a gemini Burt plate spacer the offset thingy many thanks raine
  4. This air gun is still available can’t remember who asked sorry can you message me again please cheers raine
  5. Hi Alan PM sent
  6. Paypal or bank transfer, which ever you prefer


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    2. acormack


      Hi Colin, 

      Sorry for the delay but was bedded with migraine yesterday and only just getting back online, just got the transfer done just now so £33 transferred to your account.

      My details are:

      Alan Cormack

      St Ronans, Canisbay, Wick, Caithness, KW1 4YD.

      Many thanks Alan.

    3. Coiln


      Thanks Alan

      I get those, although thankfully not bad enough to incapacitate me yet, horrible when your vision goes and the flashing coloured lights start

      I'll get it posted tomorrow and send the posting number,signed for RM.It's a too big a box for what it is but was the smallest I had

      All the best


    4. Coiln


      Hi Alan

      Posted RM signed for KB765803779GB

      All the best


  7. Earlier
  8. steve10.9

    FWB 800x

    I'm sticking to pistol, it doesn't suit my eyes
  9. Wesley92

    FWB 800x

    You not getting on with it Steve?
  10. steve10.9

    FWB 800x

    Like new, bought last year during the back end of lockdown, comes complete with case, manual, filler adapter and the optional fore end raiser kit, Red / Black £2300 ono Thanks
  11. Yes, anything greyed out is sold I'm afraid. If it's still in white then it is available :)
  12. Are items marked in ‘grey’ sold?
  13. All PMs replied to. Still plenty of items available on the list folks, I'll do my best to keep it up to date - so if you see anything you fancy just drop me a message
  14. Hi Rossi, just sent a PM. Cheers Alan
  15. Hi Colin, I'll take this if still available, just send me a message regarding how you want payment. Cheers Alan
  16. Hi Rossi! I've sent you a PM. Hope you're well! Chris
  17. Yes still for sale
  18. BEWARE! This email is associate for the paypal :joesphobrien.dh@gmail.com Oregan Gareth Edward is the name associate to Is paypal accaunt.
  19. Scammers are a problem in all peer-to-peer situations. Whilst a post count qualification for access to sales and wants might help it’s not the answer. The only defence is to be knowledgeable and wary, don’t be afraid to establish the other party’s bona fides. The real test however is when it comes to payment, this is the most difficult area for the perpetrator to scam and getting their hands on the cash is what matters to them. To put it quite simply: if the payment arrangements are not all above board and transparent then don’t do it! Rutty
  20. I agree, but also needs control on access to the wanted as that's the prime target for scammers.
  21. Sad to say but I think you're bang on with this. There seems to have been an influx of scams and something needs done. What about a minimum number of posts before anyone can access the for sale section?
  22. On searching his email address on #'1 post, that email address has already been flagged to a previous post of fraud on here. Copy to original Thread Fraud Alert - Please Read - Page 2 - For Sale - Target Shooting Forum :: Stirton.com
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