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  2. Purchased from intershoot 2 years ago £190. Housing made from solid aluminium Integrated anti-glare tube. Fit all current match rifles Fits older Match 54 and 64 actions too! £120
  3. I would like to recommend this company should you need to have a rifle / shotgun / pistol woodwork that needs to be refreshed. Specialist Stocks & Finishing Ltd Before & after pictures, my Paramount stock that hadn’t been cleaned up for over 10 years! Rob Libbiter has worked miracles. Stripped all the rubbish off & then a 2 coat varnish, only £75 + postage (£15 in this case). Very happy to recommend - he can do a deeper gloss finish - about £20 or so more, & of course, stain to your chosen colour & conceal repairs. I can PM individual photos if required rather than the “composite” shots below. Contact: roblibbiter “at” gmail.com
  4. purchased from intershoot 2 years ago £140 and in good condition. £110
  5. very accurate heavy "X" barrel rifle in good condition. comes with bipod and top end handstop. It appears to have an endless barrel life with the original heavy thick design from its year 1978, I think from markings. Bolt often stripped and cleaned, nice smooth action all round. there are a few scuffs on the wood stock, but easy for an enthusiast to sort out. Most of you will already be familiar with the quality of these rifles £650 offers considered
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  7. Just been on the web site and the black 3 is the one that adjusts furthest to the right. The Black 1 & 2 don't have as much adjustment to the right? It's not so much the plastic check piece thats different, it's the metal mechanism that holds the cheek piece that is different. The ratchet arm on the 3 is on the left on the 1 & 2 it's on the right when viewed up side down. Check out Edinkilie web site for more info. Some how I have two Black 1's which I didn't use. Hope this helps.
  8. Last week
  9. Hi All, Also lookiing for one of these (in good condition) so if anyone has one they'd be happy to part with for a reasonable price please PM me. Best Rs Paul
  10. Hi All, Anyone go one of these they'd be prepared let go. If so drop me a PM and we'll make a deal. Best Rs Paul
  11. Hi, very interested. Will PM you my number.
  12. Top mount, right-handed. Fits Anschutz / Grunig (and probably other) dove-tails and threaded for irises from Gehmann etc. Can post (at cost) or possibly meet up depending on location (I’m in Surrey). £200 or near offer.
  13. Centra 10-50 rear sight in extremely good as new condition. £280 The Gehmann Combination and Optical 575 rear Iris is an optional addition. The vision correction section can be removed from the whole unit leaving only the colour filters and twin polarisers. Also extremely good condition. £160 (this item is also listed separately) Items can be posted at buyers cost.
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  15. reesg

    Anschutz 54.30

    For sale Anschutz 54.30 1918 precise stock complete with Anschutz precise bipod Anschutz canting rear sight with centra 3.0 combo vision correction iris and Centra mirror ring Centra score crystal foresight Centra handstop Barry Nesom extensional tube 12” and original Anschutz 8” extension tube Anschutz sight raisers £2950
  16. fits LP5 LP10..LP50 fully adjustable £20 posted 2 medium grips RH have been modified £10 each
  17. Thanks, investigating a couple of other options but will drop you a message if they fall through.
  18. Sportsman Gun Centre are showing them as available with delivery by the end of the month. Rutty
  19. Pippin89

    CZ452 Magazine

    Hi All. I'm after 10 shot and 5 shot magazines for a CZ 452 in .22LR if anyone has them going spare. I don't mind steel or plastic.
  20. I have a virtually new Grunig Black III cheek-piece that does not adjust enough to the right for me, so I need a Black II, just wondering if anyone has a Black II and would like to exchange with my Black III? I would also consider a Black I as a possibility Thanks 😀
  21. If you are considering a new cylinder make a sensible offer.
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