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  1. Yesterday
  2. One currently advertised on this forum.....
  3. Looking for Scatt MX-W2 Wireless version in good condition.
  4. Jim, I have interest in the scatt, but not in a microsoft PC! Are you prepared to split?
  5. I have a set of Decibullz custom molded percussive filters for sale. Unopened and surplus to requirements. £75 posted ono. Thanks JCS
  6. I have recently upgraded my CZ457 MTR rail to a 30 MOA inclined rail, so this REED CZ457 11mm Standard Rail 0MOA Picatinny Rail is surplus to requirements. I've owned the rail just over a year and it's been very lightly used. £60 ono posted. Thanks JCS
  7. Last week
  8. https://postimg.cc/gallery/hPzMf5s hopefully this will link to some pics
  9. Could you pop some photos on this thread? Not got the ability to DM you yet as a newbie member!
  10. M1chaelw


    Price reduced £600 + postage
  11. What is your best price on this rifle.
  12. Many thanks Ian I am in contact with the owner.
  13. MEC Glas Headband. As above with 23 mm lens holder. Spare sweatband. No case. Suit left or right eye. £105 posted. https://postimg.cc/gallery/P5n0Vcp
  14. Still available - I've passed your email address on to the owner.
  15. Will buy either FWB, Walther LG type or Anschutz 9015. Budget up to 1200.00 GBP. Gloucestershire.
  16. Okay thank you for getting back to me, please keep me updated
  17. Hey Rikard, this is still available but I’ve got someone who’s interested in buying it this Saturday so I should give them a chance to confirm that. I live in London.
  18. Hi, thanks for your message…. Yes, it’s still for sale…. KR
  19. Looking for the above rifle or even just the stock Thank you
  20. Interested in this if still available where are you based please
  21. Hi Richard, I am hoping to get £100 for the pair. Would you go up to that?
  22. Wesley92


    Will be adding bits to this as I go / find laying around. all prices do not include postage and packaging. Collection from Bisley or I can post if required Large Mouche kneeling roll (used) £25 10mm sight raising studs (to fit MEC style raisers) 4 available @ £5 each TEC-HRO System 2.0 blocks (2 sets) to fit Walther (£50 a set) AHG For-end Weight Bar £35 2X MEC Balance Weight £10 Each https://ibb.co/1GhPMsX https://ibb.co/TwQP6PF https://ibb.co/09RLcy8 https://ibb.co/bsv0nfJ https://ibb.co/fqyv516 https://ibb.co/mbckFd8
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