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  2. Yet another Project! OK I'm probably wishful thinking, but I'm looking for a Walther KK500 Alutec stock only, maybe a benchrest shooter changed the stock? Have Fun Robin
  3. Jerryh

    Centra Hand Stop

    Morning Iain, yes I would be definitely interested. Jerry
  4. Iain D

    Centra Hand Stop

    Hi there, got one of these as well, if your interested. Regards Iain
  5. Yesterday
  6. Jerryh

    Centra Hand Stop

    Hi, I’m looking for a Centra Hand Stop, with sling fitting. The last bit of kit to get up and running with my new to me stock. Your help always appreciated. Best Regards Jerry
  7. As above, selling my Sauer shooting cardigan, size small. In good condition but unfortunately I'm long past slim enough to warrant a size small! Can supply photos on request. Asking £25+pp (RRP new £100).
  8. Might help if you provided a bit more info - round count, age, etc.
  9. Anschutz round action with Lilja stainless steel barrel in a square action alloy stock (2313) with adapter block. Comes complete with butt plate (4765), handstop (4751) and front/rear sights. I bought the newly re-barreled action in late 2013, shooting took a backseat for 6 years between then and now while at university and other sports. The round count is somewhere in the region of 5-10k £1295 ono
  10. Jerryh

    MEC Strike

    Thanks very much Iain, look forward to hearing from you. KR Jerry
  11. Iain D

    MEC Strike

    Hi there, I have Mec Strike which has just been taken off a 1913, I will check the diameter and get back to you. Regards Iain
  12. Feinwerkbau 800 air rifle wanted for junior shooter.
  13. Dave, Have you asked John if he wants it for Josiah?
  14. I have available surplus to requirements a 6 month old Schulz prone rifle jacket{ as sold by intershoot} , this Jacket is size EURO 40 whichI is quite small and would suit a Junior first jacket.....£60 including postage
  15. Last week
  16. Pm sent thanks 

  17. Absolutely nothing unfortunately! Have sent the unit to India this morning for repair 🙏
  18. I seem to be queuing projects up, I've just finished one, modernising an old Keppeler stock and fitting an action, and I now need another stock!! Not bothered how old or the model, the old K 05 would be ideal, I'd like a Keppeler, but may consider any alloy stock except an old Anschutz, maybe a Walther KK300 or 200? Have Fun Robin
  19. After recently receiving notices of me being a 'newbie' when I originally joined this forum back in 2011, and all my previous emails have disappeared. I've noticed my username has changed so effectively I have 2 accounts and I can't login under my original profile but it is still there. It seems my email address is linked to the wrong username. Can I revert back to my original.
  20. I have done a repair on my dad's Morini. What is the red LED doing when you turn it on?
  21. Hello Martin Please pm me I have one but struggling with photos Garath
  22. KK200 Trigger - photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lednejiketdurx3/AACFjDinzJUoP1y9tJwztM1pa?dl=0 More use than first trigger listed. Set to 2 stage. Locking pins tight fit in housing.
  23. KK200 Trigger - photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/o3vkr9w4o185n6s/AABYHp8lfAcl0KmerbSzrJhma?dl=0 More use than first trigger listed. Set to 2 stage. Locking pins tight fit in housing.
  24. photos attaching: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2pzymsoeeau8lnk/AABKdmnHdtxrz87BWcq8jr6-a?dl=0 Trigger set to 2 stage. Good working order. Locking pins tight fit in housing.
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