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  2. Walther CP3 or similar Co2 pistol wanted. Tank you. Francesco.
  3. Tec Hro Carbon Fibre adjustable cheekpiece. £180.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hi folks, Thanks for everyone's interest so far! I've just updated the PDF file to show what has sold so far/update quantities available. There's still plenty there, so if you are interested please just drop me a PM. Cheers Andrew
  6. I will take the Centra Spy long rear sight, the crystal iris and a G&E alloy ratchet. Regards Mick
  7. I am interested in the ahg Anschutz Accessory Bag, could you please advise postage cost and best payment method. Thanks Mike
  8. Last week
  9. PM sent about Spy long rear sight
  10. Hi everyone, Having built up a ridiculous amount of spare kit over the years, the wife and I (Jen McIntosh) have decided to try and shift some of it on. It's better for it to go to good homes and get some use than just sit in a kitbag here in the house... It's quite a large list, so we've made a PDF of everything which can be viewed online here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nxs6skjrnah7ogu/Shooting Kit Sale 2020.pdf?dl=0 The majority of the items have been used by Jen - many at major events such as Olympics, Commonwealth Games, World Championships and numerous World Cups
  11. Would you be willing to ship to Denmark, and if what would that cost?
  12. As title Anschutz 1813 .22 rifle, prone/benchrest stock, adjustable cheek piece and butt plate. Falcon T50+ 503 10-50x60 scope and sportsmatch mounts. Used for benchrest. Rifle in good condition and scope is new. £400 May split. Can supply a set of Anschutz target sights and handstop for prone shooting as an extra. Face to face please and must have relevant free slot on fac.
  13. knymand

    Match 54 Stock

    Cool, I see your point 😉 I'll adjust my expectations 😅
  14. RAMOS1972

    Match 54 Stock

    Hello Knymand if I want to buy new I would have to spend between 800 and 1200 depending on the model which stock you choose. My idea is to spend up to 500/700 €
  15. Yes, stock is still available
  16. knymand

    Match 54 Stock

    What would an affordable price then be?
  17. Still waiting please for more details about the barrel - what type, length & twist? If not known, you can measure a twist:
  18. I have three Centra short Spy Sights for sale. 2 brand new at £400 1 Slightly Used at £350
  19. Thanks for reply Will, but unfortunately they won't fit me Regards Steve
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