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  2. Hi Derek, PM sent regarding your FWB. Thanks, Richard.
  3. Hi....I am reducing my pistol collection as I just don't have the time to do them justice so my .22LR KMR SO-1 is also up for sale. It is in mint condition, no faults & not a mark on it. It comes with the Shield Mini Red dot sight. I reckon I have put about 500-750 rounds through it & it shoots really well with SK Match ammunition. Save yourself about £300-£400 as these are around £2195 new, if you can find one! Would prefer RFD to RFD but can meet at Bisley by arrangement as I'm there once or twice a month.... £1795 ono Advertised elsewhere..... Thanks for looking... KR DLR
  4. Hi...I have decided to sell my LP10 as I'm just not getting the time to shoot it so needs a new home.... It is in mint condition & shoots really well, everything works as it should, it is a really lovely pistol & I will be sad to see it go. It comes with all the bits & bobs, including a standard Rink XL RH grip (not custom fit) two cylinders & the original Steyr grip. £975 all in..... Advertised elsewhere..... Thanks for looking....👍 KR DLR
  5. I got a message at 0730 this morning for this… If the first person doesn’t take it, then I will message you both in order 👍
  6. Hi Mary, External on the “closer” side with a blanking ring and internal on the other side.
  7. Walther LP400 Right Hand Medium Factory Grip. Will also fit an LP500. £110 posted. Great upgrade for a plastic gripped Hammerli AP20. Think you need the Walther adapter. Have one. £20 extra. https://i.postimg.cc/1t7n90KP/IMG-2910.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/2jBhzJgK/IMG-2911.jpg
  8. I have the following Left handed pistol grips for sale. No waiting. RINK EVO10e x/large lefts with Steyr side plate. Slightly modded internally to also work on a Steyr EVO10. £145 each. RINK Feinwerkbau P8X large Left £125 Pardini K12 Factory Large £110. RINK Morini 200ei Large Left £100. RINK Morini 200ei x/Large Left £100. Walther LP500 Blue Angel Medium £125. Feinwerkbau P8X Meshpro Large Left £175. UK Special Delivery post included in price https://postimg.cc/gallery/PfRrv5h
  9. Hi I have two left hand Rink grips. Plus the side plates. size is x-large. Rink do run a bit on the small side. Several other available. Mainly left hand grips inc. P8X, Walther, Pardini K12 and Morini 200ei.
  10. If you can't find the real thing, I bought some of these recently. I don't know if it's the right thread for your purposes though, but you might be able to find something similar. sourcing map Round Knurled Thumb Nuts Conector Lock Adjusting nuts, M10 Female Threaded Thin Type, Nickel Plated, Pack of 5 : Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools You might have to turn down the outer diameter a bit for it to fit; they're quite large - 28mm, and you might need to drill some holes around the outside as per the original so you can turn it with a tool (allen key or something similar). Next time I have my rifle out I'll see if it's the ones I've got are potentially suitable.
  11. Last week
  12. Hi, I've the following items going spare: Centra Duo Vario 22mm foresight for modern Anschutz (19xx and 20xx), Grunig, and Bleiker - £80 inc pp (2.8-4.8mm inner / 6.4-9.0mm outer) RWS branded 18mm foresight. All I can say about this is that it fits on modern Anschutz dovetails and the included element is fiendishly large - £10 inc pp
  13. Very nice looking rifle. I also used to shoot a 2602
  14. I am trying to source an Anschutz wooden stock (Match 54 onwards) butt/hook adjusting wheel. I have attached a picture showing the void in the buttplate where this knurled wheel fits. Its purpose is to lengthen or shorten the distance of the butt/hookplate. If you have one, or know where there is one, please let me know. Someone must have one kicking around in the bottom of a box or bag. Thank you. Jonty
  15. The NRA also has an armoury? Check out times are sometimes limited but it’s affordable. Other options are one of the clubhouse armouries (City, LMRA, Surrey) or Fulton’s. BYSA also has an armoury but I don’t know about individual storage options.
  16. The rifle is currently SOLD pending FAC variation.
  17. Due to NSRA reorganisation space is limited unfortunately
  18. The NSRA used to offer an armoury store service (for a fee), might be worth asking them, it certainly ticks the location box.
  19. Looking for the above for one of our junior members who is an FAC holder and going into 2nd year at Guildford university to hold a walther .22 target rifle with case and ammo. Rifle currently stored in Scotland and hoping to transfer over the summer
  20. As above, looking for the Alu shrouded version of the Lp400. Thank you
  21. As stated above, this was my wife's 300 mt action, she has now switched to a .223 Rem calibre so this is now surplus to requirements and available. It is the lighter square Keppeler 6 mmBR action (can be rebarreled for 7.62), it has an Anschutz free trigger, was custom built for us in 2012 and now rebarreled with a Bartlein 1 in 8 twist barrel, 600 mm (24 in's) long, and comes with a Keppeler 4" extension barrel tube. The barrel has had a logged 850 rounds. Was last shot in anger at the Austrian Championships in 2017, and scored 594 ex 600, since, only rarely used as we have gone over to .223, then lock down, and the occasional shoot on our TR range as our spare rifle. The stock is a Keppeler hybrid KO5/09 being a slimline fore end, finished in polished alloy and grey, with a Walther KK300 grip. Rear sight is a Walther Insight-Out, with a Centra colour filter iris, front sight is a Centra Cube in 22 mm. It comes with Centra sight raiser blocks, and grey mirage band. The Butt plate is a Walther KK200 pattern, as new, one of the last ones made! All fully adjustable. The cheek piece is my special alloy, folding type with a walnut flat top, all full adjustable. It is a mint condition 300 mt rifle, but is also ideal as an F class or bench rest rifle in 6 mm br calibre. £1800 or very near offer. I can't suss out the picture reducer, but if you email me on robin.carter80@ntlworld.com I can send you pictures. Have Fun Robin
  22. Chasing600 Yes, thank you. You've reminded me, on reflection, that I've seen similar comments when I've been researching on the internet. So my 'wanted' post might hopefully catch the eye of forum members who've progressed beyond needing a circa 4.8 high end insert!
  23. As @Mac said above, sighting is a very individual thing and I think it's more than likely that you'll end up with different sights between you. One point to beware of, given your comment about adjustable sights, is that the rings on those are (even at their thinnest) quite a bit thicker than the fixed high-end sights. The effect of that is to prevent more light from going through the sights and reaching your eye. Also the usual thickness for the high-ends is 1.2mm. You'd be amazed at the difference in sight picture using the same size foresight, but different thickness rings.
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