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  2. I have a FAS606 including original case unfortunately the seals have gone and I am unable to get repaired
  3. Yesterday
  4. Yep, it is. I have a couple of "expressions of interest" to look at it during the Bisley Imperial Meeting next month, but nothing concrete. I'll PM you an email address for direct comms.
  5. Is the sight still available/
  6. Last week
  7. Hi Alan, To comply with forum rules, you have to state a price for articles for sale. Jonty
  8. Make me an offer I can't refuse.....:)
  9. I am open to reasonable offers on it as it isn’t being used and taking up space
  10. Price reduced again for a quick sale down to £2700. Ping me if you are interested. Andy
  11. Just to clear up a few things...here's the whole story...I bought this rifle back in October 2020, with the intention of exporting it to Spain where I now live. Due to covid, it took longer than expected to obtain an export license from the Spanish authorities. by the time I got the export license covid had restricted the flights from Manchester to to Malaga so the company that had organised the shipping (Cheshire Gun Room), could not get it on a flight before Brexit. Which is when the export license expired. I have tried now for 6 months to get a new export license without success. so have gi
  12. What do you mean? If you have any questions about it, please ask
  13. I dont want to sound suspicious, but has anyone done one of those reverse image searches on this item! Jonty
  14. My Mistake Nathanael, i will edit the post. thank you. well spotted.
  15. This is a 20 series Anschutz not a 1907? Maybe a 2007?
  16. Sorry Dave, it sold a few weeks ago, I thought I’d marked it as sold!
  17. Hello, Is this stock still available please? Regards Dave.
  18. For sale. Anschutz 2007/2013 in Precise Aluminium stock. Comes complete with butt plate, and travel case. (No sights) This item is in the Stockport area (UK) £2200 ono For more details. paulhendy@outlook.com
  19. Bump to modify for shipping to England. Thanks, MarkTrew
  20. Hi, Sadly not quite the right model! Thank you very much for the offer though! Thanks Tom
  21. Hi, System Gemini are brilliant, best to get in touch with them; https://www.rifle-maker.com/ Cheers, good luck. Andy
  22. Here are the TWO Bleiker that I purchased. As I said, I have given the complete rifle a few rounds down range. 😀 BT
  23. I have a Bleiker barreled action and am seeking a stock for it. As I was just perusing this forum the Gemini 703 is supposed to fit. This barred action came also with another complete rifle that I have taken out to shoot. I have looked at the Gemini stocks and also the Bleiker metallic stocks. I am not getting replies from my questions to the dealers either Gemini or Bleiker. I want to get this project completed. Also within this action is a plate that limits the rifle to a single shot. Can that plate be removed to make it a repeater?
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