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  1. Yesterday
  2. I've let the Glasgow and Norfolk firearms know. Will see what they come back with.
  3. Fraudulent use of official documents. MUST be reported. FAC - please forward details / photos to: Firearmslicensingglasgow@scotland.pnn.police.uk DVLA - I only have email address for a "policy manager" = no good; I have gone through the DVLA website & the best I can find is a "generic" form completion for "Any other GB driving licence enquiry not listed." Please complete the form & follow up with DVLA - this is a fantastic opportunity to try & get a scammer! He has no idea that combining knowledge adds up to make his position very weak! BASC card = clearly fake, nothing really to go on.
  4. Have you told Glasgow FEL department?
  5. The number is all wrong for a start, the first 5 letters are the first 5 of the holder's name - they don't match. The next 6 numbers are the date of birth, again I cannot make a valid DOB from them (and doesn't match the DOB on the FAC), the next letter is the first initial (doesn't match) the next should be a number as Claus hasn't declared a middle name.... Too many fails.
  6. Claus Carter driving licence is a fraudulent licence. Such a poor example and that’s without checking for the inbuilt security features.
  7. Googled the email address, came up with a couple of websites, similar experiences. An international scammer too - "in" the USA. Interesting that 2 physical addresses are in Liverpool - place(s) of work, or a mate in on the dodgy deals for receipt of goods? Liverpool Trading Standards might be interested. Looks like only by 'phone though.
  8. Morning James. I have my Anschutz 1813 for sale please see my advert below. Please let me know if you would like more pics
  9. In addition, there is a second guy also fraudulent operating here Joseph Hunter <hunterjmpk@gmail.com> He has also only able to provide me with a copy of an air weapon license. This also looks doctored. His excuse was that its his son's rifle that he is selling. Don't fall for him.
  10. Carter Klaus sent me the following pics of his drivers license and FAC. Note it is an airgun license while I was interested in a Section 1 firearm. Also, both pictures are very clearly doctored
  11. According to the Royal Mail postcode finder that address and postcode belong to a health & safety, crowd management and licence support consultancy for production companies and similar. It would probably be unfair to name them, but it's easy enough to do what I did and find out.
  12. Last week
  13. Carter Klaus as sent me his address as Unit 223 The Tea Factory, 82 Wood St, Liverpool L1 4DQ. Google street search shows a 96 but no 82. Mike, how did you check on the email addresses to see they are spam?
  14. Had the same type of email relating to a "want" I did for a M22 foresight iris. Bounce back from Carter Klause email, n ot a valid address. Incidentally, had a similar PM from a winnierowland - to email a donaldmcginty816@gmail.com This email also shows up a scam / spam email address, so I am guessing that winnierowland is also a potential scammer?
  15. Jonty, This is the address he gave me to send my stock: 183-185 Rose Lane, Mossley Hill, Liverpool, L18 5EA
  16. Yep, hes come back to me. Ive asked for his address so I can go collect and pay CASH. Hes no longer on this site. That doesnt mean he may join under another name or as a guest?
  17. Hi Barry, I've sent you a PM. Cheers, Gwain.
  18. Yes, I too have had a message from Mike112 re. Carter. Sounded odd but I thanked him politely, perhaps too politely as things now appear, but I did not pursue the 'lead'.
  19. Note this chap is still active. I got a message from Mike112 and then Carter about a rifle I wanted. I made him an offer and he accepted it straight away. I got suspicious of his messaging and things felt fraudulent. My feeling then confirmed by these posts. He is still emailing me today so please be warned.
  20. I too, got an email from Mike112 only this Monday just gone regarding my 'wanted' post. Was weird because it was a direct email rather than a PM through the Forum.
  21. Just in case change your password!
  22. I also received a reply from Mike112 to a wanted post with the contact carterklaus email address, foolishly I tried it but got no reply. I am now worried that he has my e-mail address.
  23. Jonty, the first message i got to contact the "other" guy was also from this Mike112.
  24. Well done Ramos. I had a P.M. sent to me relating to an advert I have on Stirton for an alloy stock. This came from Mike112. He told me to email carter klaus. I emailed him but the grammar in his email was the same as that of Mike112. Obviously suspicious, I did not respond further. 'CarterKlaus' sent me the same photos youve recieved on his email. Clearly as you say, a scammer. Jonty
  25. Hi, I belive I received a simular message regarding a old post, I deleted the message as I thought it sounded weird that someone was asking me to contact someone that had said item I was looking for, but I think the email address was the same. Phil
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