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  2. I have to confess, I have never seen a Match 64. I looked at the foto of the stock and assumed it was some very early Match 54. TR shooter, if you have a square to round adapter with the M6 Fine countersunk screws, one way to solve it is to mark thro the action holes in it into the wooden stock and then carefully drill holes with enough diameter to clear standard cap head screws, then obtain cap head screws instead of countersunk. I think the only way to get M6 Fine countersunk screws would be to have some made. I have an old Match 54 stock with rubber buttplate that has the bolts with washers and thought, wrongly, it was same/similar to what TR shooter had. J
  3. Custom painted 2018 Walther LG400 Expert for Sale. See link below for photographs Photographs Last used in Feb 2022 Last serviced in 2019 Cylinder good until 2028 Looking for £2400 or nearest offer Selling due to retirement from the sport. Please let me know if you would prefer the contact 3 vs contact 4 buttplate and if you would prefer the original foresite (see pics) Opened tins of pellets included free. Unopened pellets £5 each. Rifle currently held in central Scotland - collection preferred but can be discussed. PLEASE NOTE - SCOTTISH BUYERS MUST HAVE A VALID AIR WEAPONS CERTIFICATE
  4. Aren't there two types that aren't mutually interchangeable (unlike Anschutz 14xx w/ and w/o the signal pin) as well?
  5. Hi has this stock sold? David
  6. Hi John, No no else has asked so I will!!! Why do you want a firing pin just for dry firing? Sounds like a lot of hassle changing it just to dry fire? And then presumably change back to the "shooting one"? Just use the normal bolt and pin for dry firing, and use snap caps, or empty cases to protect the pin. Also KK Match parts are are as rare as rocking horse excrement! Have Fun Robin
  7. John, As far as I'm aware Anschutz have never fitted Match 64 bedding bolts with the stacked belville washers employed on Match 54s from 1980 until recently. This stock predates the 54 washers anyway, the chequered grip tells me it was made in the 1960s.
  8. Match 54s are M6x0.75 yes, but I've just found that the Anschutz manuals and parts lists online do actually mention the specific thread size. Looks like Match 64s are M5 course on the front and M4 course on the rear. The truly impossible ones to find are M6x0.75 countersunk and low-cap heads for round action adapters - not even the far east shops sell those I don't think. Trigger guard is now sorted - just 3D printed one with 100% infill and it feels sturdy enough.
  9. Not sure about Anschutz 64, but Anschutz 54 are M6 fine (6 x 0.75) - Intershoot has bolts of that thread, various lengths.
  10. If TRshooter is reffering to action bolts , are they not M5 Fine. Very hard, probably impossible to just get from a hardware store. Also, dont these action bolts come with a series of washers fitted to them!
  11. Last week
  12. Hi, I've just bought this Match 64 stock on ebay to put onto a uni club Match 64 which has not had a stock for the past 10 years, but it requires a buttplate and trigger guard, and potentially action screws. Trigger guard doesn't have to be an exact match - I can probably modify something that's close enough to fit. Does anyone know what thread the old match 64s are? Pre-1803 if that helps or changes anything. I can always just buy some from a hardware shop online. Thanks in advance.
  13. Jamie748

    Anschutz 9015

    Wanted Anschutz 9015 any model considered
  14. Hi, Im interested. May I see more photos please? I'll DM you my WhatsApp Mike
  15. Selling a beech stock in good condition. Can send more pictures via email or WhatsApp if anyone is interested. £180 ono plus postage paypal preferred
  16. Walther Single Rifle Case in Good condition with a few scratches and marks see photos. Combination Lock not key. New Foam maybe required. Collection only from Somerset no couriers please. Priced for quick sale £30.00
  17. Peli Storm Hard Case IM3300. Double Rifle Case. In Used condition with Scraps and Scratches and Stickers.. But in good usable condition with One Foam cut for 2 Rifles and One for One Rifle and One Blank Foam to be cut as required. Collection Only from Somerset No Couriers please Sorry. Priced for quick sale £75.00
  18. Riles foresight - £150 ono + postage or collection from Bisley. Selling on behalf of retiring shooter, any questions I can find out. Pictures here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17sSfiljYgQ3Dfb1CpgsPPeVEGy2vIezg/edit?usp=drive_link&ouid=113800278962901014704&rtpof=true&sd=true Parts included: 1/ end-cap 2/ second end cap 3/ Riles body 4/ stack of 3 rain protection spacer and plastic ring 5/ Iris 6/ extension tube 7/ double ended joining ring with low power lens to create 8/ extension tube
  19. Hi TR shooter, Will take it if you can post. Will pm you
  20. Hi, I've got one of these mats for sale. It's had very minimal use, but it does have a bit of dried mud on it which I'll try my best to wipe off. Never been used in the rain, just muddy Bisley ground during winter. Pictures can be provided if necessary. £30+£5 shipping or pickup in SW London or nearby on the tube.
  21. Hi, hope this is ok to post. I have a rifle for sale that I’m selling through Bushwear. I’ve attached a link. The rifle and stock are in excellent condition. https://www.guntrader.uk/dealers/perth/bushwear-perth/guns/rifles/2013-240418172629001
  22. I have a set of ten click Anschutz sights (as new condition), a fore sight and a hand stop that can be fitted in place of the scope if required.
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