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  2. LOL At the BobSki cast offs, How are the glasses, OK? I do have an as new mec centra folding bipod(£45) and a Tec-Hro touchpoint trigger in Blue that I will be advertising (£45) so you might want to add to those cast-offs 😁
  3. OH, well, Thank you 😊 I live in Daventry on the A45 towards Coventry/Birmingham about 7 miles from J16 M1 But we could meet in Northampton if you wish.
  4. Hi Bob In that case... Sold. I'm currently working in Oundle, travelling along the A6 from Bedford to Crown Mills then A45 etc do I pass any where near were you live? So that I could collect & pay cash. You can start calling me BobSki cast's off, I have a pair a pair of your glasses that I brought at Bisley. Regards, Mick
  5. Thanks Wes, I wasn’t sure as I had only ever fitted it to the Walther.
  6. Hi Bob Silly question time? Although class as Walther fitting. Do you know if this fits the more common Anschutz 11mm rail? Regards, Mick
  7. Hello all, I have for sale my Centra Spy (Long) Rear sight. It has seen light use and has been very well taken care of. I had it fitted to my Walther KK500, so it is a Walther fitting. I'm asking £300 please. PHOTOS HERE Kind Regards Bob
  8. Hello Alan, I preferred the type that it is possible to vary the height instead of a fixed height.
  9. What height raiser blocks you looking for Ramos? Will have a look as I might have some kicking about. Cheers Alan
  10. Have you tried John knibbs http://www.airgunspares.com/store/category/77/599/BSA/Martini/ they do talk about international shipping in their t&cs. And although they don’t have mkii stock in er... stock right now, it may be worth a chat. I bought a Martini ISU stock from him and it was in brand new condition. Or at least it was till I modified it to have an adjustable cheek piece (couldnt bring myself to do it to the original one) J
  11. For sale: Gehmann 404 leather and canvas jacket - European size 48, aka UK chest 38". In excellent condition - only used for one season. Elbow pads have been resurfaced with HPS replacement elbow rubber. Selling for £95, RRP is £145. Open to offers Collection from Cheltenham, or I will be on Bisley from 14th - 23rd of August + during the rescheduled Imperial meeting (10th-19th of September). Can post with buyer paying P&P. PM for photos due to size limitations.
  12. Hi, I would like to sell my Scatt basic. it was bought from intershoot at the end of April and only used a few times (only in dryfire). Also has a picatinny mount. I will upload photos later today. £400 posted, payments to be paypal friends and family or cash on collection possible if you are in Northern Ireland
  13. Hello, I intend to purchase some equipment for 3P. I am currently looking for some Sight Raiser Blocks + Spacers [Anschutz Dovetail]. I have an Anschutz 1907 stock in a aluminium kk200 stock with its adapter. I would like to exchange the stock for an original Anschutz aluminium stock. If someone has something like this that you want to negotiate please send me a PM.
  14. Could be a stolen card or a paypal refund scam. I think you did the right thing.
  15. Just had a suspicious transaction on Ebay for equipment also advertised on here. Prompt payer from AUS but card address uk not accurate according to Royal Mail and requests redirect of goods to Guernsey to another partial address. Cancelled transaction as details just not right. Contact name and card name not matched and delivery has no name. May be legit but can't take chances.
  16. Earlier
  17. Hi all, I need a Anschutz 4709B (I think that’s its reference) butt pad, basically the same as the standard plastic adjustable but with more of a curved finish rather than the straight. Just need the actual buttpad as I have the carrier already. Hoping somebody has one in their bits drawer that they are willing to part with!! cheers, Bernard
  18. Selling an Anschutz Match 54 in good condition for its age. It has the 28 inch barrel with good rifling. The butt plate is adjustable and the correct size for the end of the stock. There is a ding in the right hand side of the shoulder stock which can be seen in one of the photos. there is also a small crack in the stock on the left side just above the trigger guard. It has been there in the 12 years that I have owned it and does not affect the rifle. Under the pistol grip on the stock is a small metal disk that unscrews revealing a small space that could have been used for storing some thing like front sight elements. But not sure. Located in West Sussex. Asking £130
  19. I have a set of Centra blocks that are walther fit posted in April on here if it’s any help Block Club front and rear WALTHER fitting £80 new - £60 This will not fit any other dovetails
  20. As the title says I'm after grabbing some extra bits of kit. 22mm CentraTunnels x2 [Walther Fitment] (Colour doesn't matter) Centra Iris Mirror Centra Iris's x3, TEC HRO Sight Raiser Blocks + Spacers [Walther Fitment]
  21. Hi all. I'm selling my excellent Anschutz model 1903. Lovely gun. 2014 model. Great condition. Comes with Anschutz 6834 front and rear sight set, 6226 handstop and hard carry case. Looking for £850 and collection from near Maidstone, Kent. More photos available for those interested. Thanks. Adam.
  22. The rifle is still for sale, I am now asking £1200
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