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  3. Due to mobility issues, I have reluctantly decided to sell me right handed Bleiker Challenger set in a beautiful majestic Red coloured Gemini FR 703. Briefly, the complete rifle set up consists, besides the two above items- 2150mm long Bleiker Tube (Medium sized length) Bleiker Bore guide Gold coloured bolt protector to compliment the gold coloured bolt. Bleiker Hard carry Case Gemini 100mm size pistol grip( Large) but I do have a spare pistol grip that can be altered to fit by a new owner. Matching red Gemini Buttplate Gemini Offset plate for the buttplate Gemini long legged bipod Anschutz 7002 Rear Sight Gehmann iris with coloured lens Grunig and Elmiger adapter for the rear sight to enable it to fit the Bleiker rear sight rail (Allows the sight to cant) Anschutz trigger blade Handstop, with sling loop, unsure of make, either Anschutz or Gehmann I think (Not the Anschutz one shown in the picture) The condition of the rifle is excellent. It is exceptionally rare for one of these rifles to come on the open market, let alone one in the the condition it is in. Please only contact me if you are genuinely interested and HAVE a space on your FAC, and I can provide more photographs and hopefully answer any questions you may have. Collection by face to face transaction preferred. Located Jct 39 M1 West Yorkshire. Thank you for your interest. Please send me a P.M in the first instance. Price £3700.00 I
  4. Just giving this a gentle nudge, for those who haven't seen the thread. Still looking. 🙃
  5. For you, Tim, I'm sure I'll be happy to make it a job lot with only one set of postage! ITEM NOW SOLD PENDING PAYMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Took me a little while to work out how to send a message on this board, but one on its way to you now. 🙂
  7. ITEM NOW SOLD!!!!! Hi all, This was the original trigger from my 1973 Anschutz Match 54. See photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6kngea01xwycq1n/AACAvpcw6NSJ0oDO47hJFeWFa?dl=0 It functions; I did upgrade at the time (and sold a 5071 trigger with that rifle). However, if someone wants this trigger please let me know. You will need your own fitment screws for it, however, as I needed these for the new 5071 trigger I fitted. I've taped the spring in place so it doesn't disappear in transit!!! Tape sticky residue comes off with a bit of Hoppes. Not quite sure on value, but would take £50 given it is in working order. Any questions, please ask. Thanks, Chris
  8. ITEMS ALL NOW SOLD PENDING PAYMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi all, I have 3 firing pin springs for the older match 54. Mine was from 1973. Something for servicing a few older club rifles, or an old favourite sitting in the back of the cabinet! These are new, original Anschutz springs. This is for the bolt with the flat/rounded end, not the longer tapered end. There's a photo in the Dropbox folder to show which one (not sure if it will fit others - it CERTAINLY won't fit the more modern bolt, which works with 1813/1913/2013.) Photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3gtubh49dn7x8u1/AACHTnGEk8MAQUfevYgU6-V_a?dl=0 £8 per spring plus £2.00 postage. I have 3. When they're gone they're gone! Feel free to ask questions! Chris
  9. More pictures uploaded via Google Drive
  10. Sorry Mike, 'trshooter' has pipped you to the post. Clearly I should have put it on for more!
  11. Yes please to rear iris if available.
  12. Hi all, I no longer need a couple of my sighting parts due to upgrades. I have the following for sale: Gehmann 520 18mm Type C (adjustable 2.9mm-4.9mm) - complete with box and spanner. £70 Gehmann basic 510 adjustable rear iris - £20 --- SOLD Neither item especially used. Both in perfect working order. Please let me know if you are interested! Happy to post at cost to buyer or deliver locally (SW London) or to Bisley. Cash or BACS.
  13. I’ve decided against buying the stock, as per my email, but thank you for your time and good luck with the sale.
  14. Anschutz Kneeling Roll and a kneeling Pad both for £25 plus £7 p&p
  15. Sauer shooting Boots eur 42 UK size 8-9 £120 incudes postage
  16. Hi, I would be interested in the stock please, but can’t pm. Email davidlequesne at hotmail.com please. Thank you.
  17. System Gemini Fullbore Stock Selling due to changing to a wooden stock. In very good condition as seen by the pictures (more can be sent on request). Originally had an RPA Quadlock action in. Spare cheekpiece available either together or separately. Looking for £1000 ono with spare cheekpiece or £950 ono without & £125 for spare cheekpiece + Postage Can either ship or meet at Bisley. More pictures (click to view)
  18. Walther KK300 .22 Rifle for Prone and 3P. Silver Walther KK300 rifle right handed comes with two butt plates and two sets of sights Walther and Gehmann 2 foresights , used for 3 position and prone . Has pink bolt end and comes with extension black barrel and centra hand stop. Comes in Walther hard case and with a box of cleaning items and rod and some batch tested ammo. £1500 Daughter has decided to retire and so will be selling separately boots, sling, stand and once rifle has sold we will be sellling a metal rifle cabinet and a metal ammo cabinet
  19. Hi, it’s not one of their F class bipods if that what’s you mean. This is just a basic folding bipod to keep your TR upright and muzzle out of the dirt. It’s under TR accessories on their website.
  20. Hi what's the full spec on this and which model?
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