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  1. Brunel Uni RC have interest from over 250 students in shooting from their freshers fair! after 2 years of no activity thats a fantastic result. Over the last 2-3 years the kit has denuded, lost, broken & they are missing some bits - can anyone help? - cheap or donations or bits to fix or ID where to get them cheap etc : 20 guns socks (a bulk order) - all the rifles had surface rust after 2y in store. Quick detach sling loops (42mm) for those ESE hand stops - 4 off. ESE slings or similar. Gloves - any. Bipods - the simple black ones that lock in the rail, not fold up. Scops stands or bits of them to make ones that work....... 22 cleaning kit - jags, points, brushes & patches. Spare parts for Rhom twinmaster pneumatic air pistols. Older stroke pneumatic air rifles or 177 break back air rifles. (student proof ones). A Walther hand stop sling loop. - famously different from all the rest! Simple adjustable rear sight irises for their competition guns. Odd 22 ammo - leftovers, ends of box/batch, abandoned etc for freshers to shoot off. Can anyone help? if so please message me or contact me I'm on FB, shooting forums etc. There are other Uni clubs & possibly near you - after 2 years of generating no shooters their current club members were 1st years when lockdown prevented them from learning to shoot! they need help to survive & regroup - if you can spare time coaching, helping, supervising, fixing kit then they need it & now especially this year. In the last 4 years we lost - Reading, Glasgow, Coventry & Uni London uni shooting clubs. Others are struggling to reestablish so if you love this sport now is the time to help!
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  2. jamesgutteridge

    Scope and Stand

    If you're looking for affordable scopes for juniors starting out I'd suggest looking at the more budget Opticron ranges. Perfectly adequate for indoor smallbore ranges.
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  3. rox

    Wanted: 7.62 Target Rifle

    I have a Paramount available at £1400, complete with sights, quality gunslip, 3 cleaning rods and full set of cleaning kit, additional adjustable-height foresight and various irises, spares and accessories; the stock has been freshly refinished. The rifle belonged to a retiring club member who was a Royal Marine; when I received it I was able to remove practically no carbon or copper from the barrel whatsoever - it was probably the cleanest barrel I'd ever seen, so I'm sure it has been very well looked-after. The barrel was recently inspected by a well-known TR gunsmith. I'd describe it as 'middle-aged'. The bore was in reasonable condition with no sign of any significant break-up of the lands that might suggest it's close to the end of its useful life, but it was also clear that more of its life is behind it than lies ahead. I've always used second-hand rifles myself, at up-to Commonwealth Games level, and I only feel that a rifle is truly mine once it's had a new barrel; your budget more than accommodates the price of a brand new barrel when the need arises, but that need does not appear to be imminent. The rifle is being sold by a national fullbore rifle association. The rifle is currently located at Bisley and I can meet you there at any time to view (complete with a borescope). I'll take some photos and post a for sale listing, hopefully later today.
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  4. Last I heard, both David Crispin at Hut60 and John Binder-Swash had second hand Barnard Ps they were selling on behalf of someone else. Both needed new barrels, so would set you back £2500 at most, but were full “packages” otherwise.
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  5. Great sight. I hope someone buys soon. Excellent piece of kit!!
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  6. Peli cases now sold - thanks to bnhall and ClarKXCVI for making the process so painless
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  7. Hi Phil, Glove, bipod, and a few cleaning bits on the way. Tim
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  8. tim s

    1807 stock

    If you already have stock, could anyone at help club fit hardware? There is a chap making copies of the old Anschutz 1413-1813 adjustable gubbins: https://www.warrenedwards.co.uk/shop.php?cat=3 Might be cheaper than a complete new stock. And it will be easier to use than the 1807, with it's UIT Standard compliant wedge and screw system.
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  9. cismpete


    And I can strongly recommend David for general gunsmithery..........he's re-barrelled a couple of target rifles for me, and his work is first class. C/pete
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  10. I have a lot of kit for sale, mainly mine, some of my husband's - he gave 2 years ago. We both shot prone, my husband then did bench rest briefly. There's too much to list individually, 3 rifles FWB 2700, Anschutz mod 54 set up for bench rest, lightweight BSA Mk2 (no sights), 2 spotting scopes, Duguid sight, other sights (not BSA!) including scope for bench rest, various scope stands, Gemini buttplate for FWB, jackets, shooting 'vests', gloves, lots of bits and pieces. PM for photos and more details.
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