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    tim s


    If you're at Bisley, or can get to the meeting, there were a couple of 1813s listed on the sale boards. Not sure on price though. Does it have to be an 1813? The 1913 is mechanically the same; the differences are in the foresight mount, and stock. The 1613s and 1413s can shoot too; spare parts are the only issue. The 1413 trigger isn't as adjustable as the 1813/1913, but not bad.
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    Bleiker 6mm br CISM

    Bleiker 6mm br cism, please see photos, round count 350, fclass has become my discipline of choice and this gets used too rarely. Please message for specific info or more pics. £1900 bank transfer or cash on collection
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    Bolt Protectors-Anschutz

    Patent No.: PCT/AU2007/000035
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    Received FAC today

    Should be a few on notice board in Bisley from 10th -17th...usually is
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    Bleiker 6mm br CISM

    I do also agree that is a good price and well worth the price, the barrel count is fine, but just to correct, 6 mmBR accurate barrel life is 2500 -3000 certainly for shooting on tight targets such as 300 m and F class. Also 6 mmBR shoots very well at 500 and 600 yds, my wife uses her spare 6 mmBR at 600 very successfully to practice wind, (and that's using our soft loaded 300 m loads), shoots flatter and handles wind very similar to 7.62 because the Ballistic Coefficient (BC) is better, and they will also go out to 1000 with no problems. For 300 m use, the CISM has a 1500gm trigger, but the free trigger can be fitted, and the rifle shoots very well at 300 m (what its designed for), agree on ammo, factory Norma or Lapua is silly expensive, we reload top level ammo, works out about 60p a pop using 107 gn SIerra MK's. Both you and Nick are welcome to come to the gb300m dates to shoot the real thing! I'd have bought it at that price if I'd had a space on my ticket! So get it quick before I'm tempted to get a variation! I'm surprised its still there!
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    Bleiker 6mm br CISM

    Jo, I have one of these rifles, which I use to shoot F-Class at 200 and 500 yards, and if I lived 200 miles closer to Bisley, I'd probably use for 300m as well... Pro: That's a very good price for the rifle if it includes the sights as per the picture! As the rifle is designed for 300m shooting you shouldn't have any problems using it for that, and the 6BR round is pretty accurate out to that distance. 350 is a decent round count, the usual estimates for a 6BR are 5-6000 rounds out of a barrel. Cons (all minor, really): It'll do you fine for short range F-Class, *if* you replace the rearsight dovetail rail with a longer one. The one fitted by Bleiker is about 1/2 the length of the top of the action, and is not long enough to sensibly mount a scope on; if you look at the picture above you can just about see rail being only just longer than the fitted sights! The good news is that it's a simple enough engineering job to manufacture a replacement - I got Barry Nesom on the job for mine. Use Loctite on the two bolts when you put them back in, otherwise they will fall out again after a few boxes of ammo The stock isn't the greatest in terms of shape and adjustment - you'll probably want to upgrade to a better one in time. The 6BR round starts to fade a bit at 500 yards, so it gets affected by the wind more than the larger F-Class calibres. You'll not be using it at 1000 yards either Factory ammunition (Norma DIamond Line is pretty much the only choice) is CRIPPLINGLY expensive, so expect to reload them! I'd say "yes, buy it", but by all means have a word with your mate first
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