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  1. Might help if you provided a bit more info - round count, age, etc.
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  2. dog box

    Holme Prone Rifle Jacket

    The one i have for sale is a Euro 58....it is similar to the basic shultz jacket that intershoot sell { i have a suspicion they could be made by the same factory } therefore try sizing gude on intershoot
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  3. Klf


    Selling my Feinwerkbau 800x, good condition, serviced last year, any questions message me £1250
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  4. Hi all thank you for your interest over the past week I have had numerous requests for various scope stands and have been sourcing the materials so I can hopefully produce the the required items in modular format as and when required in shortest turnaround so far only the paramount m6 might be a potential problem firstly in tracking down one in use and secondly the drilling of the core production for Freeland and tucker should hopefully start this week after some testing with new materials apologies for the delay I would rather get it right first time rather than dissatisfaction
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  5. RobinC

    Walther LPM-1

    They are superb, but rare in the UK, I have one and a friend also, both came from Germany, but neither are going anywhere, better to advertise on AirgunBBS forum. Best of luck Robin
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  6. 2006 Barnard Model P in .308 with a thumbhole laminate stock. It's had around 3000-3500 rds through the barrel. Side-mounted Higginbotham sights on the rear and 18mm ladder on the front. Includes a .223 extractor so you just need the barrel to convert it.... should you wish to join the Darkside! It shoots beautifully and is in excellent condition; I'm only selling it as I have moved to a Barnard Model S and a tube stock. Happy to send more photos as the website limits the amount/quality somewhat!
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