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  1. What's a Air pistol got to do with someone selling a .22 rifle 🙄
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  2. I agree, but also needs control on access to the wanted as that's the prime target for scammers.
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  3. Sad to say but I think you're bang on with this. There seems to have been an influx of scams and something needs done. What about a minimum number of posts before anyone can access the for sale section?
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  4. On searching his email address on #'1 post, that email address has already been flagged to a previous post of fraud on here. Copy to original Thread Fraud Alert - Please Read - Page 2 - For Sale - Target Shooting Forum :: Stirton.com
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  5. acormack

    TEC-HRO front sight

    Still for sale Colin?
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  6. I'm sorry for you Katanga, but it does seem that you have been done over. I hadn't paid any attention to this thread before as I'm not in the market for anything these days, but there are a number of quite good indicators that would suggest anyone should proceed with caution. Maybe it's time we had a guide to SCAM detection? In this case: 1. Seller's first post. 2. No location given. 3. The description and language would seem to indicate the seller is outside UK\Europe 4. The photos are a bit odd, appearing to have been cropped and the final one has been edited. What
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  7. This gentlman offer mi one Walther CP3 Air pistol I payed and I waiting to recive I asking for the traking number and not recive aswer.
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