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    Anschutz 54 - 1913 model Super Match in very good condition - barrel bore-scoped and can be shown to buyer with the following Anschutz standard sites and elements, and eagle eye. Everything shown in the photos attached, including the twice worn size 52 Gehmann jacket, and Opticron spotting scope and stand, as well as a new small bore matt bought from the small bore shop at Bisley. Hard case is included. An exceptionally accurate rifle with no pitting in the bore. Sold as a bundle at a Non Neg price of £950.
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    Freeland Handstop

    Hi Tim I think I have one somewhere. let- me have a dig around and see what I turn up. Mark
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    Either way, we 3D print for fun and to help anyone looking for bits and pieces they otherwise cannot get hold of! None of this is to generate profit.
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