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    Wanted - Small-bore Buttplate

    Still looking 👀😀
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    WANTED - Left Hand Rearsight

    Looking for a left handed rearsight for one of our club rifles, basic and inexpensive would be preferable! Thanks in advance!
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    2 x Megalink 4K187 PC based targets for sale. One target remaining These have integral LED lighting and come complete with stand, pellet catcher, all cables and adaptors and MLShoot software. All that is required is a windows PC or Laptop. (not included) Collection preferred but pickup at Bisley might be possible £1500 each - contact Holwell Rifle Club: holwellrc@hotmail.co.uk Additional information The targets were acquired for use at 10m but prospective buyers might wish to note that the Edinkillie website now states: Rutty
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    John, I think G&E stocks are machined for G&E actions, but they sell adaptors for round actions. Hopefully the combination of an alu stock and ultra-short action should be balance well.
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    This one 😁 https://www.gunstar.co.uk/grunig-elmiger-racer-world-champion-bolt-action-22-rifles/rifles/1059274?utm_source=emailWebsite&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=contact_confirmation_email&utm_term=_&email_stats_id=11794764
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