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  1. RobinC

    Mec Duplex

    Hi Neale replied on email Robin One left
  2. RobinC

    Mec Duplex

    Noticed some recent enquiries on Duplex's so have bumped this to the top, Robin
  3. RobinC

    Anschutz 1913 & 54:30 for sale - PRICE DROP

    I presume right handed? I'm looking for a lefty for club member. Robin
  4. RobinC

    Bleiker 6mm br CISM

    I do also agree that is a good price and well worth the price, the barrel count is fine, but just to correct, 6 mmBR accurate barrel life is 2500 -3000 certainly for shooting on tight targets such as 300 m and F class. Also 6 mmBR shoots very well at 500 and 600 yds, my wife uses her spare 6 mmBR at 600 very successfully to practice wind, (and that's using our soft loaded 300 m loads), shoots flatter and handles wind very similar to 7.62 because the Ballistic Coefficient (BC) is better, and they will also go out to 1000 with no problems. For 300 m use, the CISM has a 1500gm trigger, but the free trigger can be fitted, and the rifle shoots very well at 300 m (what its designed for), agree on ammo, factory Norma or Lapua is silly expensive, we reload top level ammo, works out about 60p a pop using 107 gn SIerra MK's. Both you and Nick are welcome to come to the gb300m dates to shoot the real thing! I'd have bought it at that price if I'd had a space on my ticket! So get it quick before I'm tempted to get a variation! I'm surprised its still there!
  5. RobinC

    .22 rifle for sale.

    Right or left handed? Pictures?
  6. RobinC

    Centra Vibrake

    The KK500 one is purely a sight raiser and also a rail over the port, although on the KK500 there is also a full rail over the port on the action. The sight line is so low that I've never seen any one who shoots with out it on. The KK500 on also works nicely on a KK300 for any one who wants the sights a long way forward.
  7. RobinC

    SWING parts

    Thanks Adrian, That's perfect, many thanks, Robin
  8. RobinC

    SWING parts

    Any one have or know a source of any SWING parts? I'm after a new or good condition bolt retaining thingy for a Mark three, the button and the spring. Thanks Robin
  9. RobinC

    Wanted10m PCP target pistol

    This is the for sale, you may have more luck in the WANTED, or if its advice you want try the GENERAL Best of luck
  10. RobinC

    Anschutz Target Rifle Wanted South-East

    Also off topic, but then this is also a Wanted in the sales! Flat top cheek pieces are a doddle to make, I make all mine for all mine and my wife's rifles that don't come with them, email me for pics
  11. RobinC

    rear sight required

    Cheap sights, you get what you pay for, a cheap sight!!! And Gamo are rubbish. The best budget sight is the Gehmann 590 compact, they are top level quality at budget money, we have used them for air, small bore, and my wife is currently using one on her 300 metre rifle, excellent sights for budget money of around £140 new, and they will fit any dovetail. Have Fun Robin
  12. RobinC

    Leftie Smallbore wanted

    I looking for leftie Small bore for a club member, any one have any thing,?
  13. Thanks, Sorry I should have cancelled this, managed to get the complete item from Walther, so all sorted now. Thanks Robin
  14. RobinC

    7.62 Sportco for sale

    This is now taking up wanted space in my cabinets!! I'm having to top and tail to fit them in, its an excellent 7.62 TR rifle, make me a sensible offer? or even a Silly one!!! Have Fun and a merry Xmas Robin
  15. RobinC

    7.62 Swing

    Now withdrawn, due to being messed about by a supplier on my new one, doing what I should have done in the first place after spending a fortune on it. I'm having it in a new stock with new sights, so now its only:- A Walther UIT Walnut stock, bedded for a Mk 3 Swing, complete with Walther rail and sling swivel, Gehmann but plate and adjustable cheek piece. £100 ONO plus postage. Still have the Sportco cluttering up my cabinet, advertised at the same time if any one is interested in making a silly offer? Have Fun Robin