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  1. Hi, I'm looking for 22 mm High ends, Ideally Crystal's , but ordinary ones will do at a pinch, any thickness, dia 4.4, 4.5? Have fun Robin
  2. Thanks Colin Perfect, we are going to Bisley for 300 mt next week end! Have Fun Robin
  3. Thanks Colin Yes I have one coming now, BUT if you have a spare it would be much appreciated, as I'm initially changing my small bore one, but yes please, as I also want to change from the 0.5 to a 0.3 on my 300 mt sight as well. I've been testing and its been difficult finding the compromise from a better picture with the 0.5, and the blur problem I get when my eyes tire which is less with the 0.3 shooting 60 shot matches. Its a b****r getting old! Have Fun Robin
  4. Thanks now Sorted!! Have Fun Robin
  5. As above anyone have a spare 0.3 eagle eye 22 mm, ideally a crystal, but the ordinary one will do. Have Fun Robin
  6. John Difficult to accurately assess when its not in front of you, but that sounds like its rim thickness on the snap caps, there is a mania with some people for setting head space down as tight as it can go, so maybe that's been done in the past by a previous owner. Walthers have always set that to work on a range of ammo, and having had them from GX1's (same action as yours) though KK300's, and now KK500's, and they shoot superbly with the factory setting with most good ammo, we have always used RWS R50, and generally unless a special request Walther testing is done with it. Have Fun Robin
  7. Hi John, No no else has asked so I will!!! Why do you want a firing pin just for dry firing? Sounds like a lot of hassle changing it just to dry fire? And then presumably change back to the "shooting one"? Just use the normal bolt and pin for dry firing, and use snap caps, or empty cases to protect the pin. Also KK Match parts are are as rare as rocking horse excrement! Have Fun Robin
  8. Final chance!!! This rifle is eligible for TR with the spare TR sight and trigger it comes with, and is also competitive in 300 mt with the Gehmann sight and the Bix'n Andy trigger, if you want to just shoot, any thing else its eligible even F class or non comp fun shooting. Its as new, yes, the gold dust rare, Bartlein barrel is only just run in!! Like most .223 rem calibre rifles its a joy to shoot. Final silly price, £1850, a fraction of what it cost to build with all top level components, its cluttering up my cabinet!! If you are interested I'll take it to Bisley on the 28th April! robin.carter80@ntlworld.com Have Fun Robin
  9. This is a new built rifle, with a new just run in Bartlein barrel, (any one here tried to order a new Bartlein, they are on a year waiting list!!), it comes with two sets of sights and two triggers making it eligible (and very competitive), for 300 mt, TR, bench rest, F class, even plinking!! If you are looking at going into any of the full bore disciplines this is a perfect and competitive rifle, for any one new or experienced. Just buy an Anschutz adapter and you can also put your .22rf Annie in the same stock, one rifle for all your shooting! The parts alone, barrel, stock, sights, butt plate, total a lot more than I'm asking! I was asking £2500, I've now built my bucket list rifle, and this is cluttering up my cabinet, the first offer of £2000 gets it, or in fact any sensible offer? email me on robin.carter80@ntlworld.com for more detail pics. Have Fun Robin
  10. Its not a 300mt rifle as such, That's the stock they supplied them with when they were sold in the UK as a TR,and at that time, late 70's and 80's thumb holes were illegal in TR, they also came with the 1407 stock, they were technically Standard rifles with out a mag, in 7.62 X 51, a great action, I knew several people who had those in their day shooting TR, , and they shot very well indeed, I think Andrew Tucker used one for while, that looks like its got a more modern stainless barrel, a very good cheap buy for some one! Have Fun Merry Xmas Robin
  11. The pressure is now off, after a dramatic modification to improve the weight distribution on her rifle, the wife is now happy with it! BUT, I do fancy building another full bore special in that stock, so if any one has a KK500 Alutec stock only, I'm interested and it will keep me amused over winter! Have Fun Robin
  12. Here we go again, I got one (new!) and built my special rifle, but, my big mistake, I let the wife try it, now she wants one!! Does any one have a Walther KK500 Alutec stock only please! I really don't want to have to buy another new one!!! robin.carter80@ntlworld.com Have Fun Robin
  13. Andrew Both the wife and I have used Walther's with tubes for years and they are the same screw used on KK300's and KK500's tubes. And I hold spares (with our tubes), I will have spares, usually stainless pointed ones, they locate in the location indent just the same, just PM me your address, and I'll send you a set. I get them from my local fastener company and they cost pennies, I use them on other things so I always have a stock And the next question I'll answer before you ask! Do they strip? The last person that asked that, having just bought his new KK500 and was concerned, I said no of course not, not if they are done up carefully and with just a sensible pinch. Then a week later my wife stripped both screws on her KK500 and she's had it for 8 years, and a KK 300 before, and a girl we work with, did hers on her KK300 the same week!!!! Strong women huh!!!!! But, its simple to then tap out to 5 mm, which also fit the location indent, and yes I hold those 5 mm grub screws as well! Have Fun Robin
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