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  1. Thanks Rob Now edited as I really only want the Anschutz Precise sights, I've emailed but if I change my mind I'll get back to you. Thanks, Have Fun Robin
  2. I'm looking for some Anschutz Precise sights, these are my preference, Thanks, but not interested in other sights. I'm too mean to pay new price, so sensible offers on S/H will be considered! Edited to remove the Spy sights, I really only want a Precise. Have Fun Robin
  3. The problem is , its not so much the scammers selling on the sales, as them answering the wanted's, as the most recent ones have been, and I think that would be very difficult or impractical to police? it would involve new members being banned from replying to wanted's, or PM'ing, before they have done thread contributions, is that possible or practical? When you sort that, can you stop me being phoned 5 times a day with scamms! Take care and Have fun Robin
  4. Hi Guy Hope you are well, what about Sierra Matchking 80gn .223, but must be the new super pointed ones. Have Fun Robin
  5. Sorry to the guys who have contacted me its sold!!! Obviously did not ask enough! Have Fun Robin
  6. I am selling my Barnard 7.62/308, built end of 2017 for 2018, fitted with a genuine (old stock) Kolbe border barrel, 1 in 13 twist, 25 in, all in a special Dolphin alloy stock made specifically for me, with a Walther KK300 grip, and an adjustable cheek piece with a folding top so it can be in the right place, and swings to allow the bolt opening. The Stock is highly polished alloy, (very bling!) , is adjustable for length, and with a Morgan (USA) TR butt plate. The action has a Dolphin polished stainless bolt lever, the trigger is a three lever Barnard match trigger, set and tested at 1500 gram, but I also have a set of lighter springs to set it down to 150 gram. The sights are, rear, RPA Trakker in metric rotation (the same as small bore) specially made as 8 clicks per minute, with a Gehmann iris, sight is mounted onto the action via a Nesika dovetail so can be adjusted for eye relief. The front sight is an 18 mm Anschutz tunnel with a metal element, and an 0.5 eagle eye. The barrel has a mirage band. The barrel is logged accurately at 250 rounds from new, the rifle shoots superbly at 300, 500, 600 and 900, and has recorded possibles or 49's at all distances, as well as shooting well on ISSF 300 mt. Its a beautifully balanced rifle that shoots superbly at all distances in TR, so why am I selling it? The last shoot in 2018 at 600 yds was a possible, and shortly after the shoot I had a serious eye issue that my consultant thought was recoil related, and advised against shooting 7.62 any more. Price is £2000, no offers or haggling, serious enquiries to robin.carter80@ntlworld.com for pictures SORRY GUYS IT'S SOLD! Have fun Robin
  7. 150 Rounds X PPU 75 gn Match HPBT in boxes of 20 £60 per 100 (list £83) 44 Rounds X GGG 69 gn Match HPBT in boxes of 20 £60 per 100 (list £80 something) 95 Rounds X GGG 77 gn Match HPBT in boxes of 50 £69 per 100 (list £80 something) All good stuff, but not as good as my hand loads, cheaper though! Obviously face to face (I'm in Norfolk), or I will be at Bisley W/E of 12th/13th September Robin SOLD
  8. PM sent, I will take the stock Robin
  9. Does any one have 1500 gm TR trigger test weight they don't want please? The NRA put me in contact with the guy who makes theirs, so I now have one! Have Fun Robin
  10. Cost and postage please? email to robin.carter80@ntlworld.com please rather than PM Have Fun Robin
  11. Looking for a sight mounted lens holder, any make or size considered. Have Fun Robin
  12. RobinC

    Centra Spy

    Sorry Wesley! I'll leave it to you! Robin
  13. RobinC

    Centra Spy

    The odds of some wanting to buy a Spy with a Duplex and a Monocle is rare, but all individually are highly sellable, I'd be interested in the Spy if the price was right. Robin
  14. RobinC

    Centra Spy

    And a price for just the Centra Spy, no iris, monocle, or Duplex? Robin
  15. For those who know me, my rifles and kit, show a slight bias towards orange. But NO, it was not me who ordered it!!! They could have done the grip orange though like mine are! Does look good though!
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