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  1. Hi if your anything like me. You might find FWB and Walther have the most comfortable grips out there. I have owned virtually every match pistol out there with the exception of the new MORINI 200. If your Right handed with a large hand I have a very comfortable MORINI 162ei grip you could try. It’s not pretty. But it works. I tend to buy Rink grips for just about every pistol I buy. Have about 10! At £200 a grip. That’s a few bobs worth. Rink grips I find arnt quite perfect. But with a little bit of work I can get them to fit better. Then I re-stipple and varnish. I always remove wood. Never found the need to add filler.
  2. £1450 and about 6 months old. I own two identical EVO10e pistols. But only really need the one. Much Wenlock. Shropshire.
  3. May be a bit more specialised than your after. I have a Steyr EVO10e for sale. It’s a UK supplied pistol in mint condition. Silver with silver cylinders x 2. Supplied with left or right unaltered factory grip. Save £500 off the new price.
  4. Yes. Two cylinders. Both in mint condition.
  5. Yes. Have pictures. Price is £950 for gun with either grip not both Pistol is about 3-4 years old can email pictures if you pm me your email address.
  6. Have a Pardini K12 for sale if that’s of any interest. Mint condition. Cased with all the bits. Right or left hand Rink grip. Fantastic gun. Lovely trigger and totally recoiless. Not too far away. Shoot at Aldersley Wolverhampton.
  7. nick marshall

    Target pistol

    What’s your budget les? are you looking for a compressed air, co2 or something old that you cock. Right or left handed?
  8. ***SOLD*** Steyr EVO 10 for sale. Full size in Black with black cylinders. UK supplied and engraved Steyr UK cased with two black cylinders, fill adaptor, tools, pellet tin holder plus owners handbook.
  9. Sorry but there are lots of different Feinwerkbau grips made. Rifle or pistol if pistol What model?
  10. Sorry. Sold about two years ago. As well as a P8X that followed it.
  11. Have you tried it? It doesn't work. ;0)
  12. As you are aware. You can get one from Iqbal. If you don't get a reply. Just email Morini direct. They have always been very helpful.
  13. pistol now sold. Also have a full size silver cylinder for sale. Steyr UK supplied. £80.
  14. Selling a couple of my .177 target air pistols starting with.. Steyr LP10 in silver. Full size. Just over one year old and has had very little use. Fully boxed Steyr UK supplied. Inc. spare cylinder, tools, pellet tin holder, fill adaptor, test group and Steyr owners booklet. Condition is as close to new as it gets. Grip is a unmodded Steyr Right hand factory medium grip. Can substitute for a Steyr left hand grip if preferred. £975. Happy to post at buyers expense and risk. Or you can collect. Live in Shropshire. Shoot at Aldersley in Wolverhampton. Photo may follow. It's on Gunstar at the moment. Also happy to email pictures.
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