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  1. tim s

    Still looking for a Left handed .22 rifle

    Roger, This one? https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/rifles/anschutz/bolt-action/22-lr/1807l-181121100327552 It's an 1809 rather than an 1807; the barrel is the same, so it's an easy mistake. Those deep ISU fore-end can be modified on a bandsaw. My club sliced 2cm off a 1410 to drop the barrel for prone. £400 is not a bad price for a lefty.
  2. tim s

    Still looking for a Left handed .22 rifle

    Victoria, A Martini with an ambidextrous stock would probably be a 1940s 12/15. These used the motion of the breech to eject. The later BSA Internationals had spring-powered ejector that work very well; my Club Mk 2 will throw a live cartridge 15 feet! The Internationals have dedicated RH or LH stocks, sights, and breeches. A Mk 4 would be a good choice. These have the lighter barrel(C 10-11lb total weight) and an alloy fore-end bracket with a proper handstop rail. Be wary of the heavy Mk 2 rifles; these have a very heavy 29in barrel. BSA butts tend to be quite long to the grip, but it's not difficult to have a slice cut off the back.
  3. tim s

    Target Shooting Jacket

    I think he means a 44in rather than a continental size 44, hence the reference to you wearing an extra jumper.
  4. Ah a 50, that's a standard fit UK men's 40in.
  5. Garry, Are you sure that's a 20? I can't see a 20 listed on Thune's size chart.
  6. tim s


    That's good to hear. A 1978 Supermatch stock (with a 4760 butt) is functionally the same as a 1990 1913, bar the bedding bolts. There's often some nice walnut under the brown factory finish.
  7. tim s

    1813 Barrel & Action

    Roger, I think the Kelly is a little crisper, and holds adjustment better. My Anschutz 5018s occasionally needed a tweak. Both can be set scary light. Adjustment is a little simpler as there is only one weight screw.
  8. tim s

    Walther KK300 Anatomic for Sale - SOLD!

    It might help to state the age, and known "mileage". I can read the proof marks, but I'm a geek. Knowing how old it is may help a potential buyer work out a fair asking price. Good luck with the sale.
  9. tim s


    If you're at Bisley, or can get to the meeting, there were a couple of 1813s listed on the sale boards. Not sure on price though. Does it have to be an 1813? The 1913 is mechanically the same; the differences are in the foresight mount, and stock. The 1613s and 1413s can shoot too; spare parts are the only issue. The 1413 trigger isn't as adjustable as the 1813/1913, but not bad.
  10. tim s

    Various Shooting Kit - Stocks, sights, jacket

    Ooh ooh grip attachment please!
  11. tim s


    That's a Mk 4 or 5 I think, so the up-down alloy butt is correct. I'd say the wood has been shortened, so the metal now stands proud.
  12. tim s

    Bolt Protectors-Anschutz

    The front portion of the bolt didn't change until the mid-'80s, and even then Anschutz only switched from the shallow groove clearing the ejector to a slighter broader and shallower rib. The lug geometry appears the same. The firing pin and cocking cams did change, but that may not matter.
  13. tim s

    Anschutz foresight

    Jonts, Stonehenge is in Wiltshire. Our weird hippies congregate around Glastonbury. I think the issue we have gatecrashed is a 1913 foresight on a Match 54 barrel that has maxed out the rearsight for elevation.
  14. tim s

    Anschutz foresight

    The eventual recipient of the tunnel I think.
  15. tim s

    Anschutz foresight

  16. tim s

    Anti glare tube for a 6805

    Doesn't the 6805 have an integral anti-glare tube? The older 6705 doesn't, but it's not threaded at the front for a tube, like the 6702 and 6802 are, nor is the 6805 come to think of it.
  17. tim s

    Centra block speed front and rear

    Simon, Are these for Anschutz 54 or 1913 mounts?
  18. tim s

    Centra Vibrake

    I think mine was flared left and right, but only open on the right. The left side could probably be machined into an opening.
  19. tim s

    Kit clear out

    If you're willing to post, I'd take the sling and glove. Postage would obviously go on the asking price.
  20. tim s

    Centra Vibrake

    Aren't all Vibrakes closed on one side? Glad you found one though.
  21. tim s

    Centra Vibrake

    The KK500 appears to be quite a lot stiffer than an Anschutz 54, especially in vertical axis. Is the raiser really a stiffener, or a bridge to compensate for the short action and double loading port for rearsight position?
  22. tim s

    Kurt Thune Prone 600

    Bump, now over £400 new, save money and a six week wait.
  23. tim s

    Kurt Thune Prone 600

    For sale, a KT Prone 600, size 98 (38in chest long) in blue/grey. Bought in June, but only worn to test fit. Top two buttons have been moved, but the jacket is otherwise as new. Sadly I'm not a standard size, and Pippa Taylor is unable to tweak it as planned. I'm looking for £300. Buyer can collect from Taunton, or I'll post. Photos on request
  24. tim s

    Metal Screw in JACKET BUTTONS

    Finally found the right tin, but alas only two metal. I've got 5 on an unwanted KT jacket, but those need to stay there.
  25. tim s

    Metal Screw in JACKET BUTTONS

    I think I have some. I know that I have some plastic Monads, but I swear there are some metal too. How many do you need?