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  1. Roger, I'm envisaging a collar with a bar hanging off the bottom. The collar is clamped between the face of the receiver and the shoulder of the barrel. Luke mentioned setting back the shoulder for the collar. Clamping a a fore-end cantilever in a Mk 2 would be tricky even if it was longer, as the barrel is threaded.
  2. Luke, I've seen Mk 2s with rubber bedding pads, and one with a bracket soldered/brazed onto the barrel to hang the fore-end onto, but the only way to fully free-float the barrel would be a single piece stock.
  3. Luke, If you didn't put it in your email, you need to specify whether you have a light or heavy barrel. Jim Hallam should ask, but remember the barrel was not free-floated. So you need a fore1end that's the same contour as your barrel, unless you want to hand fit it, or epoxy bed.
  4. Roger, A barrel marked Match 54 and that bolt/trigger would be a 1607. The breeching nut us visible, so it's the lighter xx07 pattern.
  5. Be wary of the pricing on Guntrader, and other sales/auction sites. The pricing can be extremely optimistic. Some sellers don't know m what they have, and assume that all rifles are worth the same. The last ride in Pippin's list is a good example; it's a 1970s vintage 1407, the entry level match 54, and IMO is not worth £450. The barrel may be excellent, but the stock has almost no adjustment to fit the shooter.
  6. I'm not a potential buyer, but you may get more interest if you state a price and where you are. It would also help to state which Walther the stock was made for: KKM, KK200/300,or KK500? Is the stock the FR703 or the older Ultra, as Nibbs has made both for KK300s? Is a buttplate included?
  7. tim s

    M18 Hi-End

    Does anyone have a spare M18 (standard Anschutz) hi-end, in 4.0mm or 4.1mm? If it's a 1.4mm ring all the better, but I'll take a thinner ring.
  8. I'll try, but I never had a copy myself, and domestic harmony mandated a slight rationalisation of my collection.
  9. Does anyone have a stash of Target Gun magazines from the '90s. Back in' 95-'97 the magazine ran a series on RPA, and covered a prototype 0.22 rifle. That's the one I want. If your copy is too precious to part with, a scan would be much appreciated.
  10. tim s

    Items for sale.

    Does the 1411 have bedding bolts, and will it still take the usual plastic butt? BTW, your 1810 ISU stock is a very late 1807 or early 1907. The 1810 is a thumbhole job 1813 behind the trigger, 1807 in front.
  11. tim s

    Freeland Handstop

    Does anyone have a Freeland handstop (the polished alu anatomical jobs) going spare? I'd be interested in the smaller Jensen version too.
  12. Yes, Barry makes headspace gauges. He did quote me a price, but I can't remember now. Search the forum under his name for his phone no. Headspace shims go between the handle and the bolt body. Undo the end cap and slide out the firing pin and handle. The shim will be on the body, or stuck to the handle with oil/grease. If the bolt is tight to close I would suspect cleanliness before insufficient headspace. Bullet engagement with the rifling is 2-3mm vs a few thousands of an inch for headspace. Give the chamber a good scrub with a bronze brush and solvent, and clean the breech and bolt; pay attention to the claws and their recesses in the barrel. The trigger "timing" can also make the bolt rather tight. See the recent posts in the "Cleaning and Maintenance" section for details. I have no issues with a headspace of 0.041in and Eley EPS; Lapua and RWS seem to have fractionally thicker rims, and would be slightly harder.
  13. tim s


    Fulton's sell a zip-up sweater with padded elbows. It's cotton material, so may not be as breathable as knitted cardigans (Sauer, Mouche, Anschutz, KT, Truttmann). The Hitex technical shirts that Tenpointnine sell are excellent, and well worth the money.
  14. On a smartphone, tap the symbol in the top right corner. It should have a red dot as I've quoted your post. The tap the envelope symbol.
  15. The action was early 1980s, and the barrel proofed in 1994, possibly a Border or Maddco.
  16. tim s

    Kurt Thune Prone 600

    Hi John, Occasionally, but not regularly.
  17. John, My club might be interested in that. Chest is approx 32-34in? Sorry, I'm looking at the photos on my phone!
  18. Sorry, didn't spot the link. I'm tempted, as my old Tasco has always disappointed. I do have barrel blocks (probably actual American ones).
  19. Rutty, How much does the Unertl weigh? Tim
  20. Any Anschutz dealer/retailer should be able to order the rubber butt. The base isn't so simple. The plastic base of a 4709 won't fit an 1813, and the old 1813 base hasn't been made in 35 years. These come up on eBay. For BR shooting would removing the hook not do?
  21. Is the current buttplate the 4672 - hook plate with 5 Allen bolts up the side? If so, there's not a simple bolt on replacement. I think the base plate from an older 1813 butt 2oyld fit the carrier (black in-out bit) and then you can put a standard 4709 rubber Anschutz buttplate on that.
  22. Warwick, Shoot n C targets have a layer of dayglo yellow under the black to highlight the torn edge of the shot hole. These stickers are just repair stickers for the centre of NSRA 1989 100 yd targets, so you can re-use shot cards for practise.
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