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  1. George, 'fraid the bolts aren't M5. These are M6 Fine (0.75mm pitch). These aren't available in the big DIY shops, at least around me. Some of the UK target shooting equipment carry bolts. I've also bought some from J & P in the US; excellent quality but after HMRC demanded their pound of flesh, not cheap.
  2. John, I think G&E stocks are machined for G&E actions, but they sell adaptors for round actions. Hopefully the combination of an alu stock and ultra-short action should be balance well.
  3. Hi Dave, Taunton is looking for a Match 64. Whereabouts are you? Tim
  4. Congratulations! May we ask what it is?
  5. PM me your email, and I'll send some.
  6. I've got one in the cupboard bedded for a Match 54, 1413 butt carrier (no plate) and Anschutz spring loaded cheekpiece. Not Anschutz, but a pretty piece of walnut. Does £75 + postage seem reasonable?
  7. Neil, If you're prepared to split, I'm after April '83.
  8. This one? https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/rifles/anschutz The price is good considering the new butt and handstop. I wouldn't be too hasty in saying it's a 1613. I've seen a few early LH 1800s with 1600 barrel/receivers. You have to see the bolt and trigger to be sure. The SN is a little low for an early 1800 mind. The model aside, this is a heavy barrel, and will weight 13lb-ish.
  9. Roger, This one? https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/rifles/anschutz/bolt-action/22-lr/1807l-181121100327552 It's an 1809 rather than an 1807; the barrel is the same, so it's an easy mistake. Those deep ISU fore-end can be modified on a bandsaw. My club sliced 2cm off a 1410 to drop the barrel for prone. £400 is not a bad price for a lefty.
  10. Victoria, A Martini with an ambidextrous stock would probably be a 1940s 12/15. These used the motion of the breech to eject. The later BSA Internationals had spring-powered ejector that work very well; my Club Mk 2 will throw a live cartridge 15 feet! The Internationals have dedicated RH or LH stocks, sights, and breeches. A Mk 4 would be a good choice. These have the lighter barrel(C 10-11lb total weight) and an alloy fore-end bracket with a proper handstop rail. Be wary of the heavy Mk 2 rifles; these have a very heavy 29in barrel. BSA butts tend to be quite long to the grip, but it's not difficult to have a slice cut off the back.
  11. I think he means a 44in rather than a continental size 44, hence the reference to you wearing an extra jumper.
  12. Ah a 50, that's a standard fit UK men's 40in.
  13. Garry, Are you sure that's a 20? I can't see a 20 listed on Thune's size chart.
  14. tim s


    That's good to hear. A 1978 Supermatch stock (with a 4760 butt) is functionally the same as a 1990 1913, bar the bedding bolts. There's often some nice walnut under the brown factory finish.
  15. Roger, I think the Kelly is a little crisper, and holds adjustment better. My Anschutz 5018s occasionally needed a tweak. Both can be set scary light. Adjustment is a little simpler as there is only one weight screw.
  16. It might help to state the age, and known "mileage". I can read the proof marks, but I'm a geek. Knowing how old it is may help a potential buyer work out a fair asking price. Good luck with the sale.
  17. tim s


    If you're at Bisley, or can get to the meeting, there were a couple of 1813s listed on the sale boards. Not sure on price though. Does it have to be an 1813? The 1913 is mechanically the same; the differences are in the foresight mount, and stock. The 1613s and 1413s can shoot too; spare parts are the only issue. The 1413 trigger isn't as adjustable as the 1813/1913, but not bad.
  18. tim s


    That's a Mk 4 or 5 I think, so the up-down alloy butt is correct. I'd say the wood has been shortened, so the metal now stands proud.
  19. The front portion of the bolt didn't change until the mid-'80s, and even then Anschutz only switched from the shallow groove clearing the ejector to a slighter broader and shallower rib. The lug geometry appears the same. The firing pin and cocking cams did change, but that may not matter.
  20. tim s

    Anschutz foresight

    Jonts, Stonehenge is in Wiltshire. Our weird hippies congregate around Glastonbury. I think the issue we have gatecrashed is a 1913 foresight on a Match 54 barrel that has maxed out the rearsight for elevation.
  21. tim s

    Anschutz foresight

    The eventual recipient of the tunnel I think.
  22. Doesn't the 6805 have an integral anti-glare tube? The older 6705 doesn't, but it's not threaded at the front for a tube, like the 6702 and 6802 are, nor is the 6805 come to think of it.
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