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  1. Glasses arrived safe and sound in perfect working order. Thanks Matt
  2. As per messages, I agree to buy the Olympic glasses. Pm sent. Matt
  3. MattH

    Shooting glasses.

    Not thought of that will take s look, thanks. Matt
  4. MattH

    Shooting glasses.

    Prefer champion olympic or super olympic if you have any available???? Matt
  5. MattH

    Shooting glasses.

    I am enjoying shooting two different disciplines, 10m air and rifle Chatting to a coach he said get two sets of glasses one for each discipline...so am looking for some champion shooting glasses. So what have you available? Matt
  6. Wanted morini 162ei XL grip unmodified, modern twin battery version, either original or Rink in walnut. Matt
  7. MattH

    Steyr LP10

    Wish I was closer as would have this - dont suppose you know anyone who could bring it to any of the sts target shoots as I'm planning on going to the one in January. Matt
  8. Hi Graeme, Thanks for the offer but after trying a Morini thats the one I want. Matt
  9. Mike, When was the pistol last serviced, which type is the circuit board is it the newer type? How much were you looking for it? Matt
  10. Hi, Thanks for the reply, I'll google the FAS 6004. Matt
  11. Am looking for a match pistol to have a play about with at my local club. Thinking of a Morini 162EI or a Pardini K12 if anyone has one they're thinking of moving on - looking for a RH Large or XL grip - not quite sure on sizes. regards, Matt
  12. What inserts does the foresight come with? Matt
  13. Item 10 on the list, which model stand is it? Matt
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