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  1. Looking for a scatt MX-W2. I have a MX-02 so looking to upgrade.
  2. Did you ever sell this?
  3. Picture pixels to large probably why you can't upload the picture, downsize the pic and try again
  4. Yes still for sale I'll PM you both his number
  5. No 2 he said Mike, he had a go and didn't take to pistol so he's sticking with rifle the wimp lol.
  6. Selling for a friend who is packing in pistol. Friend has decided to part with his LP200 as he is more into rifle. £300, all the usual stuff with it, left and right hand grips, he even has a good quantity of pellets and targets. Lives in the Burnley area, I'll forward his contact details if interested.
  7. Selling for a friend who is packing in pistol. Olympic Champion glasses with full set of filters, probably needs a new blind. I will put you in contact if interested, he lives in the Burnley area £100.
  8. Large right handed Steyr Evo 10E, fits evo 10e compact and LP10E complete with metal insert and grip bolt. Warrington, buyer collects or pays postage.
  9. You still got this Mark?
  10. Sent a PM, got someone who'll have that.
  11. SOLD.........Steyr Evo10E compact, tubes in date till 2026 excellent condition, medium Rink laminated grip £1500 or Steyr Large grip £1400, or both grips £1600. All the usual Case, tools, manual, comes with a 3.5mm front sight blade and a 4mm sight blade, Lottes SE putter trigger and original trigger, 2 x Best fitting quick fill probes. North west England.
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