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  1. What size range are you looking for? I have a collection from the days when I experimented with a long tube.
  2. Hiya. The older sight has the number engraved underneath, but the newer one only has the number marked on the box. I’ll pm you with my details.
  3. Here are links to images of the two rear sights. One is of the original type, serial number 114, that I bought second hand. This one has a taller Perspex rear post, so that my 100yd zero was centred closer to the middle of the adjustment range, rather than at the top. The second sight is of the more recent type, serial number 217, bought from Bedford Target Supplies, with a slightly different bearing on the upright post, and larger windage knob. if you are willing to pay £240 for the pair, I’ll pay for the postage. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0Jfq8MFkJCLI7jAuTEzL-84Ww
  4. I have a couple that I no longer use. I’ll take some photos tomorrow when I’m at the range.
  5. I'll take the palm shelf from you.
  6. bruce

    Scatt Wanted

    Ken? I've got a Noptel that you can use.
  7. I've been using the MEC sling for at least four years, and haven't had to replace any parts.
  8. bruce

    High Ends In 22M

    Ooops. Forgot. I'll check on Friday
  9. bruce

    High Ends In 22M

    I might have something close to that. I'll check tonight and get back to you.
  10. Pricing seems slightly optimistic.
  11. As I recall, the Heriot Watt Uni club is no more, as the membership dropped below the level deemed worthy of support by the AU.
  12. bruce

    Viewing On An iPhone

    I'm using the client just now. It seems a little bit faster than using a browser.
  13. bruce

    Viewing On An iPhone

    I'll give it a try. I've already downloaded Tapatalk, but I've not had the time to play with it yet
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