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  1. Still looking ... thanks. Jason
  2. If anyone has moved from wood to aluminum -- or is thinking of making the switch -- and has either of these stocks, please reach out to me at nwoshooter at gmail dot com. I'm looking for one in good, used condition for a 300 metre/fullbore rifle project. 1913 1912 It doesn't matter if it's been bedded and I don't need a buttplate. Even the cheekpiece is optional but I do want a trigger guard. Thanks! Jason
  3. Yes, I'm looking to sell my 560. I have really awful vision (-9.75R, -10.5L) and suffer from periodic blurriness. I thought the 560 would help but it turned out that I just needed a more accurate prescription for my shooting glasses. The 560 needs a short sight radius, so if you have a standard length barrel (26"-27") you'll be fine. You'll need to open your rear iris -- I went from a 1.1 to a 1.5 -- as the Fresnel lens eat up some of the light. Many service rifle shooters in the U.S. using AR-15s and a 20" barrel found the 560 to really help but I don't think it's found as much favour with small or fullbore shooters. But if you want to give it a try, make me a reasonable offer -- the worst I can do is pass. Jason
  4. This is an older version with only one windage knob but tracks true with solid, 1/8 minute clicks. It was my prone sight for several years but I've switched to a Central 10-50 rearsight and this is now surplus. $SOLD including shipping from Canada. Payment by EMT or PayPal only. Rearsight will be shipped in its original foam-lined box inside a cardboard box.
  5. This is a hard to find in silver SKP buttplate ideal for DCRA/NRA/Palma target shooting. Adjustable wings allow you to create an ideal curve for your shoulder and it rotates laterally for offset. Requires an Anschutz mounting column. $SPF Payment by EMT or PayPal only. Buttplate will be bubble-wrapped and shipped in a padded envelope.
  6. JasonJ

    Bleiker ....

    Wow! I really like my wood-stocked 1913 but that's one sexy rifle. . . . Jason
  7. Thanks! I just sent him an email. Jason
  8. Is Barry still making his flip-over front sights? I tried to find a picture of one online but no luck. I'd like to give 100 yards a try this summer but don't fancy mucking around with my cheekpiece. I'd appreciate it if someone could send me his email address, or at least confirm his phone number. I'm across the pond so calling is a bit of a hassle, and I'm not sure if he'd be willing to ship overseas. Thanks! Jason
  9. Congrats on selling your rifle so quickly -- it's a beaut. But in a non-related aside, what kind of sights are those? I don't recognize them. Jason
  10. Ah yes, droll British humour . . . no wonder I can't stand Coronation Street. Jason
  11. Whose rearsights are you looking at? I looked them over very closely and they're pristine -- no worries from the colonies on this one. Jason
  12. I just wanted to publicly thank Rob for being such a great seller and for quickly shipping me the rearsight all the way over to almost the center of Canada. It arrived the other day in great shape and looks fabulous on top of my rifle: Now I just have to wait until the two feet of snow on my lawn goes away and we're on the plus side of zero so I can shoot outside again! Jason
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