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  1. MODS, one for the General section! Now, back on topic. If the scope is not mechanically centred, and you've run out of clicks, you have two choices: re-centre, or aim off. If you want to keep your Tier One rings, but don't want to shim, you would need an angled rail to tilt the scope down (pointing the barrel up). I've not seen one of these with a dovetail though, only picatinney. If you aren't wedded to the rings, how about this? https://www.bkltech.com/BKL-4-inch-Long-Cantilver-Dovetail-Mount-p/bkl-254d7.htm 24 MoA tilt, and clamps straight onto an 1813 receiver.
  2. Yes it would. Anschutz 14/16 (X barrels)/18/19 and the latest 54.30 are largely interchangeable in terms of stocks. There are some specific caveats, but none that apply to a 16xx and a Tec-Hro stock. The 1613 in the For Sale section isn't the cheapest mind you, especially as there are no sights (budget a couple of hundred for these). Althouhh you could sell the wood stock to offset some of the cost.
  3. I think he means a trigger blade that's 5mm wide at the front.
  4. Chris, Looks to be a replacement carrier (in-out bit) for an Anschutz wood stock, w/o the centre threaded rod. I'd say it allows easy removal for storage/cleaning without moving the plate.
  5. Hi Phil, Glove, bipod, and a few cleaning bits on the way. Tim
  6. tim s

    FWB P70

    Jimlad, I'm afraid forum rules don't allow asking for for prices in the sales section. You need to state a price with the ad.
  7. tim s

    1807 stock

    If you already have stock, could anyone at help club fit hardware? There is a chap making copies of the old Anschutz 1413-1813 adjustable gubbins: https://www.warrenedwards.co.uk/shop.php?cat=3 Might be cheaper than a complete new stock. And it will be easier to use than the 1807, with it's UIT Standard compliant wedge and screw system.
  8. tim s

    Foresight 22mm

    That looks more like an Anschutz 9740 than a Centra Vario. Didn't know those came in M22 size.
  9. Mike, What fitting is the score tunnel? I think you mean foresight elements. Irises are the screw-in adjustable type, not the drop-in single aperture elements.
  10. The Freeland Stand is not a Tucker knock off, it's more convergent evolution (or Tucker knocking-off Freeland). Al(bin) Freeland was in business from the 1930s, a good 30 years before Andrew Tucker. I think he was at least 70, when Tucker started making the X-Ring stand.
  11. Norland Malcom Tucker? That sounds like a mashup of Freeland and Andrew Tucker, possibly with Malcolm Cooper thrown in.
  12. tim s

    Cheap Butt Plate

    Pippin, Have a look at the Bisley brand plates. There are usually some on eBay for about £20. Those adjust for height and cant. The curvature should be with the 20mm NRA maximum.
  13. Think it's your browser/device Coiln, as I can.
  14. Ranter, forum rules stipulate that you state a price. BTW, the Match 54 is a 1407 in particular.
  15. Spotting telescope, or telescopic sight?
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