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  1. Wayne, Do you gave a budget? A club member was selling one that size. It's a neatly new Ten Point Nine bespoke, so I'd expect an asking price over £400. I'll check on the sizing and price. Everything went on hold with lockdown.
  2. You might want to specify what make of rifle you want to put these on. Most German rifles have an 11mm dovetail for the rearsight that's close enough, but foresight mounts are nowhere near interchangeable.
  3. tim s

    Shooting cardigan

    Thank you Anne, but the Thune I found did fit. Sorry to hear you're retiring.
  4. Alastair, Out of interest, are the firing pins visible through the bottoms of the bolts? Anschutz stopped making true 16 series rifles in 1980. Unless the rifles sat on the shelf for a couple of years, I wonder if these were early 18 series built on 16 series X marked receivers. Apologies for the tangent.
  5. It's a 16 series, which means it was made between 1977 and 1980. It has a curved bolt handle, not straight; that suggests it's not early production. So best guess is 1978 or '79.
  6. The 54.30 is Anschutz's new model (as of about 2015). As far as I know the barrel is the same nominal diameter as a 1907. Yes, Centra bore the tube for an individual barrel. But Anschutz don't machine the profile by eye. If Centra bored it as a very tight fit, then it might be too tight for some 54.30/1907, but should be ok for others. A machinist could open up the collar if needed, and you'd still be cheaper than a new one. I suspect some tolerance in size is OK. After all I doubt any of the factory fitted tubes are bored for individual barrels. I shimmed a tube with micropore tape
  7. I think he meant what barrel is it bored for. 24mm sounds like a 1907.
  8. tim s

    Anschutz sight knobs

    I think the 7002 has the same turrets as the 6805, 6804, and 6802. I've never seen blingy replacements for the 6700, 6702, and 6705. Isn't there a little Allen-head grubscrew at the side?
  9. Vic, My 1813-spec Nesom dovetail is 12mm at the top, 9mm at the base, and a bit under 5mm deep. A 19/2013 dovetail would be 11mm at the top.
  10. Hi Vic, I'll take it if it's an Anschutz dovetail (old or new, doesn't matter). Tim
  11. tim s

    Shooting cardigan

    Hi Raine, Thank you. I was after a cardigan without a collar. My jacket has shrunk and it's to go over a Hitex top, so two collars get in the way. I have a Thune Jersey to try, but might get back to you if that doesn't fit.
  12. tim s

    Shooting cardigan

    Good afternoon all, Does anyone have an unwanted cardigan, (the knitted zip-up type) in a medium size? I'm not bothered about the brand; Mouche, Anschutz, Thune, Sauer, or Truttman are all OK.
  13. tim s

    Trigger Shoes

    By trigger shoe, does mean an attachment to make an existing blade wider, or a replacement blade? I had an SE Sensitive somewhere.
  14. Unless there was a recent change to the 1913, every one I've seen has a rounded receiver/receiver dovetail. The action is identical to later 1813s*. Anschutz only changed the foresight dovetail with the 1913, from a deep flat top to AFAIK the same 11mm as at the receiver. EDIT : recently made raisers seem to have a flat-topped dovetail at the bottom, for the receiver. I don't know if this is for ease of machining, or for compatibility with 2013/other makes. These happily fit 1913 and older Anschutz dovetails, just only contacting at 12 o'clock (and the sides). The 54.30 may have a f
  15. Aren't all Match 54 receivers rounded? I've switched the same rear raiser between 14, 16, 18, and 19xx actions with no issues. I think the square 2013 has a flat topped dovetail.
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