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  1. Anyone know of a source for new Twiddly Things other than Bedford Target Supplies, as their website shows them to be out if stock?
  2. Yes, that's an Anschutz. It was replaced 40+ years ago by the ball end swivel they still use on the 4751.
  3. tim s

    Please Read!

    Remember these are private sales, offered by (mostly) strangers on the Internet. Yes it's annoying when sellers remove an item from sale just by deleting the post. A post formally withrawing the item would be polite, but it's strangers on the internet. I don't think Neil, or any of the mods, have the power, or the time, to enforce any greater courtesy.
  4. Jonty, I like Tuckers, used one at uni (when I could get it). Then there was a DJR; excellent, very sturdy, but not enough ground clearance for lumps on the firing point, like carpet beading. However, I now have a Freeland. If you're offering a Tucker for the cost of a twiddly bit, I'll have it, and Robin can buy my Freeland (very reasonable price).
  5. As the title says,does anyone have a twiddly thing for a Freeland stand that needs a new home?
  6. Mike, if your barrel is marked "Anschutz Modell Match 54" or "Anschutz mod 1813 Super-Match", or is a stainless with a screw-on foresight block, the standard foresight tunnel won't fit the Hammershark. The Hammershark will fit the barrel, but the tunnel won't. Anschutz changed the foresight dovetail for the 19xx rifles (1987-88 time), to be the same 11mm as the receiver. The new dovetail is about the same width at the top, but the new one is much shallower, so compatibility is one way. As an aside 19/20xx foresights will sit a bit high on a 14/16/18xx barrel, high enough that one often needs a 4mm raiser to shoot at 100yds.
  7. Kirsty, You might want to re-post this in the For-Sale section. That gets way more traffic than here. Also I'd suggest stating the make/model of the jacket, so potential buyers know what they're looking at, and whether it's good value.
  8. I don't think that's correct. The current TR701/2 and FR703 System Gemini stocks came out in 2004 while Nibbs was part of HPS, but the concept pre-dates his involvement. Nibbs started making his System Gemini Ultra stocks in the early 1990s (after the short lived Extra Match rifles) under the SG&N name. But, he only joined John Carmichael, who was already trading as HPS Target Rifle, around 2001/2002.
  9. I think I have one in my spares box. £5 + postage seem fair?
  10. It can't be a Mk 3 (or a Mk 4 or 5). These all had the handstop rail cut into the aluminium hanger/cantilever beam (Mk 3) or spar (Mk 4/5) that provided the fore-end. The wood was cosmetic, rather than structural. The Mk 1 and 2 had a plate screwed into the wood. Suspect someone stripped the threads in another rifle at some point and scavenged parts.
  11. Iain, Missing or not fitted? Before the International series BSA didn't fit any mounting points for a handstop. The International Mk 1 and 2 only had the screw-hole plate.
  12. tim s

    Walther KK

    Dual welding Rambo style?
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