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  1. Dan, You might want to specify which stock the rifle has, and the age. Anschutz started making the 1913 in 1987/88, so potential buyers don't know if yours is nearly new or 30+. Is the stock wood or metal? If it's wood is it the early type with a simple height adjustable cheekpiece, a later '90s with the 4-way cheekpiece, or newer still. If the stock is alu, is it the cast 2213,the Precise, or a Gemini/MEC etc?
  2. This is a bit of a long shot, but does anyone have a spare copy of the April 1983 Rifleman and/or the May/June/July 1985 editions of Target Gun?
  3. Steve, There are often a few BR stocks on eBay*. However, those are more for US/unlimited Benchrest Shooting free recoil from front and rear rests and don't have adjustable bits. You're shooting NSRA benchrest? You'll have more luck on getting an adjustable Prone/Supermatch stock and adding a flat fore-end plate if you want to make it wider. *Just checked, and wouldn't you know there are none. Just one for a 1417 - Match 64 sporter - not Match 54 compatible.
  4. Does anyone have a Nesom 22mm tunnel for an Anschutz 1913 going spare? It's for a standard-ish sightbase, so one marked 1 or 2 on the inner tunnel.
  5. Have you thought of lens holders that attach to the rearsight? Much cheaper than shooting frames, and even let you dwap the lens between sights.
  6. Roger, I'm envisaging a collar with a bar hanging off the bottom. The collar is clamped between the face of the receiver and the shoulder of the barrel. Luke mentioned setting back the shoulder for the collar. Clamping a a fore-end cantilever in a Mk 2 would be tricky even if it was longer, as the barrel is threaded.
  7. Luke, I've seen Mk 2s with rubber bedding pads, and one with a bracket soldered/brazed onto the barrel to hang the fore-end onto, but the only way to fully free-float the barrel would be a single piece stock.
  8. Luke, If you didn't put it in your email, you need to specify whether you have a light or heavy barrel. Jim Hallam should ask, but remember the barrel was not free-floated. So you need a fore1end that's the same contour as your barrel, unless you want to hand fit it, or epoxy bed.
  9. Roger, A barrel marked Match 54 and that bolt/trigger would be a 1607. The breeching nut us visible, so it's the lighter xx07 pattern.
  10. Be wary of the pricing on Guntrader, and other sales/auction sites. The pricing can be extremely optimistic. Some sellers don't know m what they have, and assume that all rifles are worth the same. The last ride in Pippin's list is a good example; it's a 1970s vintage 1407, the entry level match 54, and IMO is not worth £450. The barrel may be excellent, but the stock has almost no adjustment to fit the shooter.
  11. I'm not a potential buyer, but you may get more interest if you state a price and where you are. It would also help to state which Walther the stock was made for: KKM, KK200/300,or KK500? Is the stock the FR703 or the older Ultra, as Nibbs has made both for KK300s? Is a buttplate included?
  12. tim s

    M18 Hi-End

    Does anyone have a spare M18 (standard Anschutz) hi-end, in 4.0mm or 4.1mm? If it's a 1.4mm ring all the better, but I'll take a thinner ring.
  13. I'll try, but I never had a copy myself, and domestic harmony mandated a slight rationalisation of my collection.
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