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  1. The action was early 1980s, and the barrel proofed in 1994, possibly a Border or Maddco.
  2. tim s

    Kurt Thune Prone 600

    Hi John, Occasionally, but not regularly.
  3. John, My club might be interested in that. Chest is approx 32-34in? Sorry, I'm looking at the photos on my phone!
  4. Sorry, didn't spot the link. I'm tempted, as my old Tasco has always disappointed. I do have barrel blocks (probably actual American ones).
  5. Rutty, How much does the Unertl weigh? Tim
  6. Any Anschutz dealer/retailer should be able to order the rubber butt. The base isn't so simple. The plastic base of a 4709 won't fit an 1813, and the old 1813 base hasn't been made in 35 years. These come up on eBay. For BR shooting would removing the hook not do?
  7. Is the current buttplate the 4672 - hook plate with 5 Allen bolts up the side? If so, there's not a simple bolt on replacement. I think the base plate from an older 1813 butt 2oyld fit the carrier (black in-out bit) and then you can put a standard 4709 rubber Anschutz buttplate on that.
  8. Warwick, Shoot n C targets have a layer of dayglo yellow under the black to highlight the torn edge of the shot hole. These stickers are just repair stickers for the centre of NSRA 1989 100 yd targets, so you can re-use shot cards for practise.
  9. tim s

    Kit for sale

    Thank you. I'd hoped for a 1 or 2. No 4 is the one for a long tube.
  10. tim s

    Kit for sale

    What's the number on the Nesom tunnel - was it bought for a standard barrel or a long tube?
  11. tim s

    .22 rifle sights

    An 1813 foresight won't fit a 1907. The dovetail in the 1813 is too deep and narrow at the base. The rearsight dovetail is identical though.
  12. Most Match 54 target rifles extract and eject well, even if a bit grubby. Ejection isn't as forceful as a BSA International, but few rifles are. Match 54s made before 1965 can be trickier, as these have a single claw, and cases can pop out before reaching the ejector. The left hand claw (properly a cartridge holder) helps to retain the case. Dirt can gum up the claws, and springs underneath, so these don't release cases promptly. I don't know of springs being replaced, but it must happen. The extractor (right hand) claw sometimes needs shaping with a stone; I'd guess when Anschutz adjusted headspace during assembly by relieving the bolt face.
  13. Yep, the ejector is the little blade in the loading tray. It sticks out under the receiver and is held in place with a spring. Over time and many thousands of impacts, the front can wear. I'd also give the extractor claws a very thorough clean to ensure it pings back smartly. You can remove these fairly easily with a small screwdriver. There are instructions on the cleaning section. It won't hurt to clean the relief slots in the barrel so the claws can snap over the rim. A toothpick and a few cotton buds with 009 (or other cleaning fluid) will do the job.
  14. Very nice, a late model 1813 I think. That should fit better in Prone than the 1811.
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