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  1. Hi Jason, By length I mean the length of the extension tube on the barrel. Barry adjusts the eccentricity of the inner diameter to suit the sight base; longer sight bases need a greater height differential between the 50 and 100 positions. He makes four (?) variations, and marks this on the front of the inner tunnel. I have a no 4 tunnel to suit a 45in sight base (6in action + 27in barrel + 12in tube), so the differential is too much for my current 36in sight base. When I flip it to 100 it moves my group into the 8/9 ring at 12 o'clock. Your tunnel would do much the same, as it was made for a standard barrel +long tube (ca 43in sight base). The length of the foresight tunnel varies a bit, but I'm not worried about that.
  2. Hi Jason, Thank you, but that would be a 4 or maybe a 3. The number for the sightbase are stamped on the front of the inner tunnel. I have a 4, and it overcompensates on my rifle Still looking for a tunnel for a standard sightbase/standard + short tube.
  3. Does anyone have a Nesom flip-over tunnel, 22mm size with spirit level? I want a no 1 or 2, to suit a standard sightbase/standard +short tube. Anschutz fitting, 1813 or 1913.
  4. I have one in black. £12 + postage.
  5. tim s

    Anschutz Fast Clamp

    M6 Fine. I've yet to find a source locally.
  6. tim s

    Small canvas jacket

    Hi Mike, Thank you. Sorry, meant to say smaller is good. His current jacket is too big (and stretchy). 42cm doesn't sound far off what he needs. I'll contact his dad. Tim
  7. tim s

    Small canvas jacket

    Hi Mike, Thank you, a 164 is probably smaller than his current jacket. How much did you want?
  8. tim s

    Small canvas jacket

    Evening, A club member is looking for a small canvas jacket to fit a skinny teenager (28-30in chest). Does anyone have anything lurking in a cupboard?
  9. Can I have one please?
  10. tim s

    Centra Eye Clamp

    For sale, a Centra Eye Clamp set, adjustable outrigger for Right shoulder - left eye shooting. The set was made for an Anschutz 1407 (22mm-ish barrel), although there looks to be enough meat in the front band that it could be bored for a heavier barrel. One careful lady owner (really). Photos on request. £125 + postage (1st class recorded) and packing. Bank Transfer or cheque. Available to collect from Taunton if you're down this way.
  11. Hi John, I have a Centra Score tunnel in my spare gubbins tin. There is a bubble and an anti-glare tube too. Would £40 (and postage) for the tunnel alone seem fair?
  12. tim s

    Anschutz Match 64

    Thank you, but I think that would be a little expensive for us with transfer fees etc.
  13. tim s

    Anschutz Match 64

    Taunton are looking for a 64. Does your member have a price in mind, and would he transfer to an RFD?
  14. You may want to specify which action you want the stock to fit.
  15. George, 'fraid the bolts aren't M5. These are M6 Fine (0.75mm pitch). These aren't available in the big DIY shops, at least around me. Some of the UK target shooting equipment carry bolts. I've also bought some from J & P in the US; excellent quality but after HMRC demanded their pound of flesh, not cheap.
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