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  1. tim s

    Kit for sale

    Thank you. I'd hoped for a 1 or 2. No 4 is the one for a long tube.
  2. tim s

    Kit for sale

    What's the number on the Nesom tunnel - was it bought for a standard barrel or a long tube?
  3. tim s

    .22 rifle sights

    An 1813 foresight won't fit a 1907. The dovetail in the 1813 is too deep and narrow at the base. The rearsight dovetail is identical though.
  4. Most Match 54 target rifles extract and eject well, even if a bit grubby. Ejection isn't as forceful as a BSA International, but few rifles are. Match 54s made before 1965 can be trickier, as these have a single claw, and cases can pop out before reaching the ejector. The left hand claw (properly a cartridge holder) helps to retain the case. Dirt can gum up the claws, and springs underneath, so these don't release cases promptly. I don't know of springs being replaced, but it must happen. The extractor (right hand) claw sometimes needs shaping with a stone; I'd guess when Anschutz adjusted headspace during assembly by relieving the bolt face.
  5. Yep, the ejector is the little blade in the loading tray. It sticks out under the receiver and is held in place with a spring. Over time and many thousands of impacts, the front can wear. I'd also give the extractor claws a very thorough clean to ensure it pings back smartly. You can remove these fairly easily with a small screwdriver. There are instructions on the cleaning section. It won't hurt to clean the relief slots in the barrel so the claws can snap over the rim. A toothpick and a few cotton buds with 009 (or other cleaning fluid) will do the job.
  6. Very nice, a late model 1813 I think. That should fit better in Prone than the 1811.
  7. In some ways that's an enviable situation. The Supermatch will work better for NSRA BR than the BR will work for Prone. If you'll shoot Prone regularly, the 1613 is ready to go. But, if you'll only shoot Prone once in a blue moon, would a club rifle do?
  8. I only shoot Prone, so it's a no brainer for me. If you're shooting NSRA benchrest (front rest only, and butt on the shoulder) and prone, I'd pick something that works for both. That's unless one is in far better condition, or the price of the BR-stocked rifle leaves room for a second stock and sights. Functionally a 1613 and an 1813/1913 are almost identical.
  9. Warwick, If it helps, parts for the 1813 are still readily available. The bolt, firing pin, springs, and trigger are the same as the 1913. The trigger is the same as the 54.30. The "Transitional" Supermatch is a 1613. These are a transition (missing link) between the old Match 54 and 1813/1913. The bolt and trigger are superficially similar to the 1813/1913 but certain critical parts are different, and not interchangeable. Anschutz do not make 2613 bolt parts and triggers, and parts are drying up.
  10. Stress on the action would be my guess. The 2013 has two pairs, so tension could be lateral not just in line with the barrel. I've not shot a 2013, only the round-square adaptor, and that with a torque driver.
  11. What's a Lapua barrel? Lapua is a brand of ammunition (the 0.22 stuff being made in Germany nowadays). Do you mean a barrel specifically chambered for Lapua?
  12. I'll take the Opticron scope if you're willing to post. Obviously not expecting p&p to be included in the asking price. If you're at Long Ashton at any point I can collect (except this week when I'm in Sussex!).
  13. Yes, a 1907 will drop straight into that 2213 cast alu stock. This was designed for the 1907 and 1913. Pm to follow.
  14. That depends on the stock, and exactly which Match 54 you have. All Match 54s* have the same diameter receiver, and bedding bolt size/location. However 14xx rifles can be narrower in the tang than 18/19xx rifles; the tang is the sticky-out-bit at the back where the trigger attaches. The 5018 trigger fitted to this 1907 is larger than the 1407/1411 triggers commonly found on 14xx rifles from the 1960s and '70s. The 5018 also has a safety catch at the side. If your Match 54 is in a newer stock, like a 1918 Precise, a System Gemini, or even a 1980s 1813, a 1907 barrel/action will drop straight in. Just torque up the bolts and you're good to go. However, if you have an original 1960/70s stock, you'll need to relieve the wood a little around the tang, trigger, and safety. You can remove the safety entirely; the trigger still functions, although overtravel is long. According to those who have done it, the work isn't difficult or lengthy. One caveat, if you have a wood stock that was epoxy bedded for a heavy barrel, and the epoxy extends under the barrel, you'll need to relieve the epoxy. The breeching nut (the tapered bit at back of the barrel) on a 1907 is slightly wider than a xx13 heavy barrel. It takes about 5min with sand paper. * Models 1407, 1408, 1409, 1410, 1411, 1413, 1607, 1609, 1610, 1611, 1613, 1807, 1809, 1810, 1811, 1813, 1907, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914. Sporting Match 54 rifles do not interchange with target models.
  15. Hi Jason, By length I mean the length of the extension tube on the barrel. Barry adjusts the eccentricity of the inner diameter to suit the sight base; longer sight bases need a greater height differential between the 50 and 100 positions. He makes four (?) variations, and marks this on the front of the inner tunnel. I have a no 4 tunnel to suit a 45in sight base (6in action + 27in barrel + 12in tube), so the differential is too much for my current 36in sight base. When I flip it to 100 it moves my group into the 8/9 ring at 12 o'clock. Your tunnel would do much the same, as it was made for a standard barrel +long tube (ca 43in sight base). The length of the foresight tunnel varies a bit, but I'm not worried about that.
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