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  1. tim s

    Bolt Protectors-Anschutz

    The front portion of the bolt didn't change until the mid-'80s, and even then Anschutz only switched from the shallow groove clearing the ejector to a slighter broader and shallower rib. The lug geometry appears the same. The firing pin and cocking cams did change, but that may not matter.
  2. tim s

    Anschutz foresight

    Jonts, Stonehenge is in Wiltshire. Our weird hippies congregate around Glastonbury. I think the issue we have gatecrashed is a 1913 foresight on a Match 54 barrel that has maxed out the rearsight for elevation.
  3. tim s

    Anschutz foresight

    The eventual recipient of the tunnel I think.
  4. tim s

    Anschutz foresight

  5. tim s

    Anti glare tube for a 6805

    Doesn't the 6805 have an integral anti-glare tube? The older 6705 doesn't, but it's not threaded at the front for a tube, like the 6702 and 6802 are, nor is the 6805 come to think of it.
  6. tim s

    Centra block speed front and rear

    Simon, Are these for Anschutz 54 or 1913 mounts?
  7. tim s

    Centra Vibrake

    I think mine was flared left and right, but only open on the right. The left side could probably be machined into an opening.
  8. tim s

    Kit clear out

    If you're willing to post, I'd take the sling and glove. Postage would obviously go on the asking price.
  9. tim s

    Centra Vibrake

    Aren't all Vibrakes closed on one side? Glad you found one though.
  10. tim s

    Centra Vibrake

    The KK500 appears to be quite a lot stiffer than an Anschutz 54, especially in vertical axis. Is the raiser really a stiffener, or a bridge to compensate for the short action and double loading port for rearsight position?
  11. tim s

    Kurt Thune Prone 600

    Bump, now over £400 new, save money and a six week wait.
  12. tim s

    Metal Screw in JACKET BUTTONS

    Finally found the right tin, but alas only two metal. I've got 5 on an unwanted KT jacket, but those need to stay there.
  13. tim s

    Metal Screw in JACKET BUTTONS

    I think I have some. I know that I have some plastic Monads, but I swear there are some metal too. How many do you need?
  14. tim s

    Anschutz Target Rifle Wanted South-East

    Slightly off topic, but why not make your own cheekpiece? On an 1813* the wood is held onto the metal bracket with two wood screws. It's a doddle to remove it, and screw on a piece of softwood that''s about the right size and shape. Cut or sand that to shape and call your uncle Robert. You even get lateral adjustment by how far across the bracket you screw on the new wood. *And any Supermatch using that spring-loaded cheekpiece - 1413 (from 1972/3), 1613, 1813, and 1913 (until at least 93), and the 11 series of Prone-only rifles.