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  1. Because we sold out of right-handed ones, sorry!
  2. Mac

    Full bore rifle

    Not an essential service as you well know, but mail order was permitted - I was shipping orders every single week during lockdown - and transfer of a firearm to a customer who was another RFD was fine. We have only started with face to face firearms and ammunition transactions two days ago.
  3. Mac

    Full bore rifle

    There's no problem for RFDs shipping firearms, provide they are open. It's been going on throughout lockdown!
  4. Hi Phil This is one of Seonaid's old ones - it has the closed end, as opposed to the open end that you see on the latest versions: http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/grunig-elmiger-butt-plate-ratchet-open-p-1414.html?cPath=11_13_75 Cheers Mac
  5. The new ones are open at the end, and made of steel. The older ones I have are closed at the and and probably alloy of some kind. Will have a hunt and get back to you. Cheers Mac
  6. Hi Phil, we will have some kicking about somewhere - the older versions if that will work. I think I have one, if not then Seonaid surely will.
  7. Don't do it. Get a pair of shooting glasses, or a monocle attachement for the rearsight, with a prescription lens instead. Diopter units nothing but trouble.
  8. These really should be fitted by a gunsmith as even if you buy one, it could be a slightly different length to the old one and that is potentially dangerous. We recommend against simply buying one and fitting it yourself...
  9. Hi Ross, I probably have a pair kicking about at home somewhere. Give me a shout when I’m home from Korea.
  10. Looks remarkably like a copy of the product designed and developed years ago by Lowey Products in Australia.
  11. Pretty sure I have some of the older versions kicking around Dave. You are welcome to whatever you need.
  12. I have a pair of Sauer rifle shooting boots, size UK 12 / EU 47, for sale. These are about five years old, came with squared-off soles which have been trimmed by hand. Seen hardly any use, no more than a dozen times. New these would cost £180 from Edinkillie, happy to let them go to a good home for £90.
  13. Another rifle for sale - this one a factory-selected Anschütz 1907 barrelled action in a Grünig+Elmiger RS III Stock. I selected this barrel as part of a batch in 2013, used by Seonaid at the 2014 World Championships and 2016 European U21 Championships (1st in Qualification; 4th in Final of 3x20). New this would be over £3,500 - looking for £2,000.
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