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    Melton Mowbray Leicestershire
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    All from of target shooting, I shoot air rifles / pistols, shotguns clay pigeons, FAC rifles, muzzle loading shotguns and rifles

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  1. Hi Phil I will take the glasses and pellet box if you can post them? Let me have the cost inc postage and how I can pay you by PM please Keith
  2. Hi Hector have sent PM
  3. Left Hand Stock to fit Anschutz Super Match 1813, made I think in 1983
  4. Hi I am interested in your 18MM Anshutz Centra Score Tunnel BLACK £30 +pp Unfortunately I do not have access to the PM system, I don't know if I can receive a PM then reply to it, perhaps you could try and send me 1 so we could try to get in touch. Regards Keith
  5. KeithH

    FWB P70

    Just as a matter of interest which section would you ask a question like this?
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