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  1. Hello, I must apologise to you. I did not pick up on your post. It would have been perfect. Still looking. Thank you anyway for your assistance. Jonty
  2. jonty

    Anschutz sight knobs

    A bit of an update. The 7002 turret is larger on the diameter of the knurled part at the top than the 6805. The diameter with the 1-0 markings for the clicks is the same. But I would definately say they are interchangeable. Now for the Part 2 of your C&G exam. How do you remove the rear shroud on the 7002? It was that I could not work out, not the knobs. Memory sometimes fad.....s😉
  3. jonty

    Anschutz sight knobs

    Just as an aside, are the Anschutz knobs inter-changeable i.e will the knobs on the 7002 fit on the older type rear sights? And secondly, how do you remove them. I once tried and gave up.
  4. I am still looking for a folding leg bipod. I would consider most makes and models. Please send me a P.M if you have one. Thank You
  5. jonty

    Scatt USB

    Have you checked out the 'For sale' section. There are a number for sale on there. Jonty
  6. I am still looking for a Bipod. If you have one, drop me a P.M. please
  7. Im looking for a MEC/Centra alloy bipod. If you have one or know someone who has and want to sell it please send me a P.M. Thank You Jonty
  8. I am still looking for one. Surely some-one has one in the bottom of a box. Regards J
  9. I am still trying to source a palm rest rail. I have attached a photo of one, but the one I want is 22mm wide unlike this one. If you have one, please send me a P.M. Thank You
  10. Hah, It may be over in the Isle of Wight (Tier 1) but in sunny West Yorkshire its still 'Stay home, Lock your doors, paint a cross on your door, and ring a bell in front of you if you do escape through a window'. (Tier 3). Its very boring. However, there is a glimpse of light. Our club has two side by side ranges and it is permissible to have one person shoot in each range as long as no contact. (This is besides people who are in a bubble who can shoot together). We are thankful for small mercies. I am sure things will pick up in the New Year. Lovely rifle though.
  11. Hi. I am looking for a palm shelf accessory rail that fits an 18 or 19 series Supermatch thumbhole grip wooden stock. I think it is the one that is about 20mm wide, and the small palm shelves they sometimes come with slides into it. If you have one in the bottom of a box or know someone who has, please send me a P.M. Thank You
  12. Well spotted Phil. I sometimes look but dont see!
  13. Hi Mark, Ive sent you a P.M regarding your rifle. Thank you Jonty
  14. Im surprised no one is buying your rifle. The stock is worth that alone. Why dont you upload a photo. Instructions are on this site how to reduce it so it can be posted. Or ask someone how to do it. You know the saying, 'A pictures worth.................' Jonty
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