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  1. Hello, Which shooting club are you a member of. Regards Jonty
  2. Hi, Which shooting club are you a member of. Thanks Jonty
  3. Wesley Could you contact me on 07884424275 about the shooting jumper please. Thank You
  4. jonty

    ADMIN ,Scammer alert

    Good Post. This guy contacts people looking for items giving details of who to contact. It has previously been aired on here and sadly some have fallen victim. The same person is using the same M.O on sites in the U.S. Be careful, stay alert has a new meaning. Jonty
  5. After over 6 years! Good luck with that.
  6. jonty

    Handstop Wanted

    Ive told you, we will try to get you some professional medical treatment. But seriously, thats come down in price. Im surprised you dont buy another as a spare or for when you wear the one you have out. I was thinking of something exciting like the G &E Spyder, but theres so many different models of that, so I am sure to get the wrong one. Maybe someone else has got the wrong one and wants to sell it to me!
  7. Is it possible to identify from his email address or activity whether he/she is in the UK. I gathered from his language that he was american. Morty, have you contacted Paypal, I appreciate confidentiallity, but they may have a file in the fraud department, it seems that how this person operates. It worth an email to them.
  8. Do you have any additional evidence that may be of use?
  9. Hi, Ive sent you a P.M. Jonty
  10. jonty

    Handstop Wanted

    Yes, Ive had a couple. OK but a bit basic. Certainly better than some Ive had.
  11. jonty

    Handstop Wanted

    When we get back to being able to shoot again, I thought I might like to try a different type of Handstop. I currently use an Anschutz where then 'Bobbin' is adjustable side to side and can be canted downwards, I dont know the model number. I do like it, but, well, time to try something different. I would be interested in a G&E Spyder or a Gemini, or maybe something I have not thought of. In anticipation- Jonty
  12. Would that prevent genuine shooters becoming aware of these problems. I would suggest all new 'members' need to provide genuine evidence as to who they are before they can post or look at messages.
  13. Carter Klaus as sent me his address as Unit 223 The Tea Factory, 82 Wood St, Liverpool L1 4DQ. Google street search shows a 96 but no 82. Mike, how did you check on the email addresses to see they are spam?
  14. Yep, hes come back to me. Ive asked for his address so I can go collect and pay CASH. Hes no longer on this site. That doesnt mean he may join under another name or as a guest?
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