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  1. I am looking for a Duo Glass foresight tunnel in 22mm diameter, BUT, to fit the old Anschutz vee block. Ideally, one with the lower range of adjustability. If you have one or know someone who has, please send me a P.M.
  2. jonty

    Found - Still looking for a Left handed .22 rifle

    If you find it too large for you, seek advice, probably on here, I NEVER advocate cutting or chopping stocks down. It may be that the RSIII stock comes with an adapter to take the G&E action, if so, this would make it much easier to sell on as other action makes could be made to go into it. Maybe Tim S knows the answer to this? Jonty
  3. jonty

    Found - Still looking for a Left handed .22 rifle

    WOW. Fantastic, What a superb rifle for you. I am sure you will get many, many hours of enjoyment from it. Everytime you look at it it will give you a buzz. Far better than putting your money in an old lump of iron that you will struggle to improve with. Everything comes to she who waits! Well Done
  4. jonty

    BORROW Rear sight iris spanner new style

    Not seen anything like that before. Plumbers pipe grips are thinner than standard grips, they may fit in the gap and you can apply plenty of pressure. As perthe hairdryer, I had a screw in a barrel that refused to come out, Applying heat allowed to to be freed. Look around your shooting colleagues, find one with some hair and make the big ask!
  5. jonty

    BORROW Rear sight iris spanner new style

    Isnt that ring screwed onto the threaded shaft that goes into the rear sight, and the purpose of the ring is to act a a lock-nut. If the iris threaded part has flats upon it, try using a small appropriate sized spanner to turn it anti clockwise. Sometimes the whole unit will then unscrew, failing that, I think I have one or two different sized c spanners that are for those rings. Try aiming the heat from a hair dryer onto the ring, once warm it should come off, careful not to damage the sight or set fire to your hair! Jonty
  6. jonty

    Size 44 Gehmann Jacket

    When you say 44, is this the Euro size. It doesnt look like a UK 44"? If you fasten it and lay it down flat, then measure side to side under the arm pits, you will get a more useful guide as to it size. Jonty
  7. jonty

    BSA MK1 extractor claw wanted

    You ought to have advertised it on here to see if anyone wanted it rather than scrap it! There are people who collect such things as this and i would imagine would have willingly taken it off you. Jonty
  8. jonty

    BSA MK1 extractor claw wanted

    Hi Omega1, Could you upload a photo of the broken part. with a measure at the side of it for comparison. Jonty
  9. jonty

    BSA MK1 extractor claw wanted

    Have you thought about having one made, or, see if you can have the part welded. Modern technology should make it possible, and being an ejector claw it is not under any great stress or strain. Should at least put you on until you do find one. (A model maker should be able to machine you one from the broken ones dimensions.) Jonty
  10. jonty

    Centra Iris Aperture 1.8 Competition - SOLD!

    Click on the little envelope at the top right if the screen. it should also show you have a PM and make a bleep when you access the screen.
  11. jonty

    Walther KK300 Anatomic for Sale - SOLD!

    Hi Garry, But your still not conforming to Forum rules which state the seller must state a price they are looking for. People will only pay what they think its worth, and most people do like to get a bargain. Its really all about supply and demand.
  12. jonty

    AHG Anschutz Hitex Evotop Jacket

    Sadly too big for me, but well done for losing so much weight. You can only feel much better, and a new jacket is small money compared to your health benefits. I would advise that you are sure your weight has stabalised before getting yourself a new jacket. Once again, Well Done. Jonty
  13. jonty

    Bolt Protectors-Anschutz

    My view. is that if someone takes the time and effort to produce some product, then it is unacceptable to use their design. I have had a number of Lowey bolt protectors and they are an extremely well made item. I am sure if someone had taken to copying your hard work, then you would be the first to call foul. An old saying for you, 'Buy cheap, buy twice'.
  14. jonty

    Bolt Protectors-Anschutz

    Perfectly true but Aldi are coming under pressure to change their packaging, it is probably more to do with the contents, they are copying recipes of chefs that are making items for the original customer. The package is to catch the eye, and make them similar to the original. Anyway, whats Aldi, is it a German car maker? Is it like Waitrose? J
  15. jonty

    Bolt Protectors-Anschutz

    My colleagues and I were thinking the same thing. It may be that the 'intellectual rights' of Lowey may have been compromised. Let alone if Lowey products are subject of copyright. Its one thing to make one on a 3D printer for your self, but to generate them for sale is another issue. That is of course if the items on sale here are copied from a Lowey product. Looking at the pictures, and comparing them with Lowey products I have, I would suggest this may be the case. Solicitors can make a lot of money from such cases! Jonty