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  1. Due to mobility issues, I have reluctantly decided to sell me right handed Bleiker Challenger set in a beautiful majestic Red coloured Gemini FR 703. Briefly, the complete rifle set up consists, besides the two above items- 2150mm long Bleiker Tube (Medium sized length) Bleiker Bore guide Gold coloured bolt protector to compliment the gold coloured bolt. Bleiker Hard carry Case Gemini 100mm size pistol grip( Large) but I do have a spare pistol grip that can be altered to fit by a new owner. Matching red Gemini Buttplate Gemini Offset plate for the buttplate Gemini long legged bipod Anschutz 7002 Rear Sight Gehmann iris with coloured lens Grunig and Elmiger adapter for the rear sight to enable it to fit the Bleiker rear sight rail (Allows the sight to cant) Anschutz trigger blade Handstop, with sling loop, unsure of make, either Anschutz or Gehmann I think (Not the Anschutz one shown in the picture) The condition of the rifle is excellent. It is exceptionally rare for one of these rifles to come on the open market, let alone one in the the condition it is in. Please only contact me if you are genuinely interested and HAVE a space on your FAC, and I can provide more photographs and hopefully answer any questions you may have. Collection by face to face transaction preferred. Located Jct 39 M1 West Yorkshire. Thank you for your interest. Please send me a P.M in the first instance. Price £3700.00 I
  2. Hi Mark, Ive sent you a message. Jonty
  3. Had you thought about 3D printing some, or someone doing it for you? I would have thought trying to get 3X cheekpieces would be a big ask.
  4. Im sure Tim S will have the answer. I will measure mine next week when I go to the range. Meanwhile, if you offer the rear sight up to the rifle vee you should be able to see why it wont go on. Does the wide part of the vee on the sight measure more than 11mm? It should do.
  5. Thats strange. I use a Gehmann Lockable now but have used Anschutz 7002 among others previously, with no probs. Can you upload a photo of the rail, also measure it across the top accurately and might as well measure the wide part of the vee on your rear sights. There is plenty of advice on here how to 'reduce' your photo so it will fit on this site. Jonty
  6. All Anschutz sights that fit the 19 series onwards will fit your rifle. The Anschutz 18 series and earlier foresights are a different size vee. Jonty
  7. jonty

    Torque wrench

    I dont know why people use Amazon. Theyve tried to almost destroy all private shops. A lot of these small businesses now however sell on Amazon but if you find their site, it is usually cheaper to buy direct and not give you money to these huge companies.
  8. I suppose they were mainly used in the fantastic Tucker stands, where they are held in place in a Vee cradle with a large Jubilee clip. Also the Opticron simple basic stand. With imagination, it is easy to clamp a camera mount block to the scope if need be. These stands have been in use for many years and still operable, how many other scopes have that honour. I recently bought a 2nd hand Opticron modern scope which had more fungus in it than the local mushroom farm. I had it serviced by Opticron, but they said it may come back. (Thats OK, I like mushrooms) I have a x30 eyepiece in my bits box. I will never part with it. rarer than hens teeth. You can also get sheepskin covers for the scopes which are excellent. Jonty
  9. There are a number of different 'names' added to these scopes, among them, Opticron, Rhino, GreenKat, Anschutz et al. It seems they could just have their name placed on the scope as being their brand. They are a very reliable and easily operated scope that will go out to 100 yards maybe more. One of the best things is that you can dismantle and clean them yourself if you have a bit of aptitude. Always fit the objective (large) lens in place after use to protect the threaded rim of the aluminium scope body. There are a number of them for sale on eBay presently and all for more than this one. An excellent starter scope. Jonty
  10. Yes, I thought that may be the case. Best use it best you can, or look and admire it and love it, and consider whether buying a rear site that probably costs more than what the rifle is worth is good economics. It may be that one turns up at sometime and it would be nice if someone would lend you one as you asked for, so you could make your mind up. Could I suggest some detective work with the club committee and members to ask why they have no rear sights? it could be someone has them for safe keeping. Jonty
  11. Ian, Could I suggest you try shooting with an Anschutz or similar. I know that some people shoot with BSA's to good effect, but they really are last century. The more modern rifles usually will come with sights, buttplates etc, and you can then add/improve on them if you wish. Does the club have a modern rifle, or is there someone you know who could let you have use of a modern(ish) bolt action rifle? Jonty
  12. Thanks for that. I will bear them in mind. I still fancy an Anschutz or similar at this stage. Regards Jonty
  13. I dont know how Ive missed that. I would prefer something red or maybe gold colour, but failing that, I will have a black one. Thanks for your sharp eyes. Jonty
  14. BUMP Im still looking for an Anschutz bolt knob. Thank You Jonty
  15. Im looking for a bolt knob to fit and Anschutz bolt. I believe the thread is 8mm. I am open to most colours including Black. Send me any info via a P.M. Thank You
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