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  1. I am looking for a Gehmann optical cylindrical 579, the one with the two small levers. Ideally the 2% model. If you have one, or now someone who has, please send me a P.M. Thank You Jonty
  2. Now Im not sure, but I think the vertical rod is upside down. The bottom looks like the male thread and the knob you previously pictured should screw onto it. The original stand would have had a part that screws into the bottom of the rod.
  3. As Ms Travis suggested, if you put up a picture of the stand, then you should get confirmation of its make.
  4. That was a good Google Rutty. I was looking for something similar a while back and ended up getting something poor from a far away foreign land. Of course they are Metric and Tuckers (If thats what it is) are Imperial. so a measurement would need to be taken of the thread on the rod and identify the thread, then get a knob that could be drilled out and the same thread as the rod put into it. Unless one would be luck enough to get the Metric thread to go onto the threaded rod and glue it in position. Not ideal, but a result of sorts. Jonty
  5. I must be getting old. Why did I put a wanted ad in the for sale section? I have cleared my inbox and sent you a message Mary.
  6. I am looking for a MEC Stop Handstop for a colleague. He has tried mine and likes it and would like to buy one. If you have one or know someone who has, please send me a P.M. Thank You
  7. I dont want to sound suspicious, but has anyone done one of those reverse image searches on this item! Jonty
  8. Hi, Before someone else brings it up, Cumbrian pointed out on your other advert that the rules of this forum are that you have to state a price for the article you have for sale. You may wish to tell any interested parties more about it, year, shot numbers, condition, owners etc. Would you advertise a car just saying, 'For sale, Ford Escort'. Regards Jonty
  9. Of course they are. Its so long ago since I had a FWB I had forgot. Doh
  10. Isnt that an 18mm? The Alchemist is seeking a 22mm.
  11. You may wish to say whether it is 18 or 22mm diameter. Jonty
  12. Hello, I must apologise to you. I did not pick up on your post. It would have been perfect. Still looking. Thank you anyway for your assistance. Jonty
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