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  1. Match 54 barrelled action

    PM sent.
  2. Stainless 1913 barrel and action

    PM Sent.
  3. For Sale: System Gemini Buttplate

    System Gemini ACTIV Buttplate with carrier plate for sale. Moderately used but only for prone so only cosmetic wear and tear. Bolts were replaced recently. Selling as I've recently changed to a Grunig buttplate. Looking for £220 O.N.O. Photos available on request. Happy to post out at your cost but am also at the Scottish Meeting at Lauder all this week.
  4. Anschutz Target Sight.

    Again, why do you think "no scammers" would stop untrustworthy and dishonest people? It just winds people up and it doesn't achieve anything.
  5. Andrew Tucker Scope Stand

    Got my doubts that any potential con artists will be dissuaded by a polite request...
  6. Sold Grunig + Elmiger Xrs Stock

    Any idea if this stock would fit an Anchutz 2013 action Mike?
  7. Anchutz 1407 Rifle Stock For Match 54 For Sale.

    Could have been a 1407 barrel in a different stock perhaps?
  8. Rifle Valuation

    A 4 year old barrel could be shot out or a 25 year old barrel could still shoot good tens all day long. Age of the barrel is an indicator maybe but not a guarantee.
  9. Rifle Valuation

    Don't forget the value of all the accessories though.
  10. Rifle Valuation

    I'd always assumed the issue was with soliciting a value and then selling on here Tim, obviously because of the potential for arguments, etc... My brother bought a similar rifle (same stock, handstop, foresight and buttplate but with a 2013 barrel and action and Hammerli rearsight) for £1000. That was an exceptionally good deal though, so I'd say somewhere in the region of £1000 doesn't sound unfair. It does depend on the level of usage of the barrel and the condition it's been kept in though.
  11. [Sold] Offset Sight Plates

    If they'll fit a 1913 I don't think they'll fit an 18 series. I had to get specific sight raisers for my 1813 as I couldn't use those from a 1913.
  12. Jacket And Mat For Sale.

    Are you wanting them collected or are you willing to post?
  13. Champion Olympic Shooting Frames

    You won't get them new any cheaper than Edinkillie or Intershoot but nothing wrong with second hand.
  14. .22 Rifle Ammo Haul

    Honestly mate, if you're planning on doing some proper training you're better picking an ammo your rifle likes and sticking with it rather than mixing and matching with different batches and brands.
  15. Anschutz 4765 Buttplate For Sale

    After sitting on my desk as a very expensive paperweight for roughly a year since I bought myself a shiny new Gemini, I'm finally selling my old Anschutz buttplate. As pictured, it is missing the hook as this was damaged beyond repair at the Scottish Meeting a couple of years ago. As a consequence of this, there is also some cosmetic damage to the bottom of the central rod where the hook attached. I used the buttplate without the hook for a year after quite happily but a replacement can be sourced for around £40. RRP £200 new. Looking for £80 + postage ONO.
  16. Anschutz 4765 Buttplate For Sale

  17. Shooting Glasses

    If anyone is selling a pair or knows of some being sold please let me know details, cheers!
  18. Shooting Glasses

    Cheers Robin. I'm actually asking on my brother's behalf but I'll pass that on to him to look into. Out of curiosity, how long did those frames take to arrive after being ordered?
  19. Shooting Glasses

    Any chance you could email a photo Nick? Will PM you my email.
  20. Gloves For Sale

    Our club is clearing out old kit as we're looking to upgrade the standard of club kit. We've thrown out a fair bit that had heavy use but have been left with a fair few gloves that have seen pretty minimal use but aren't much use to us. Ideally we're hoping to get enough money back to purchase a few new decent gloves in smaller sizes but also we'd like to pass these on to people who could make good use of them. Because of this we're open to offers so feel free to offer what you feel is reasonable by PM and we can discuss it. Will post pictures ASAP.
  21. Gloves For Sale

    Couple of gloves, will upload other photos when I can get the image down to the required size.
  22. Anschutz 1913

    Hi, our club is looking for just this kind of rifle. I'll speak to the club committee but provisionally we'd be interested.
  23. Anschutz Action In Adjustable Alu Stock

    Our club is looking to replace a club rifle with a new action and an adjustable alu stock. If anyone is selling one or knows of one for sale then please let me know!
  24. Anschutz Action In Adjustable Alu Stock

    Probably a bit out of our price range!
  25. Bleeker Wooden Stock

    If that was the case would it not be "Blyker"? 😂