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  1. That must have been one hell of a detail >12months 😉
  2. Have you checked the for sale section on this site, there's one there right now
  3. No but to buy a new one they have.
  4. Milliput is probably your best bet, it will allow you more time to shape before it go's hard and smooth down by wetting with water, that way you don't need to sand it down so much when hard Davids P38 will work but you'll have less time to shape it before it gos off and it can be messy to use.
  5. Yes it's a supermarket for people who aren't trying to be something their not 😉
  6. Depends if Lowey put a copyright in for the design, of a patent for the bolt protector.Lots of things get copied but differ slightly, have a look at Aldi supermarket and their packaging of stuff
  7. Forgot to say it's not a club rifle as such, it was left to the club when the lady gave up target shooting


  8. Let me check at the club, we have a stock like the one at the bottom on a 1907 in very good nick, the one you have would be better for adjustment for us

    The stock we have, the colour is more like yours though

  9. Let me check at the club, we have one like the bottom, but more like the colour of the one at the top Colin
  10. Looks to be a good price, any pictures
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