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  1. BSA Mk3 True Left Hand Rifle, with LH vernier sights for sale by Club - £200 + case. (or hard case +£30). Our local range access closed so we are divesting of target rifles to buy gallery rifles that can be used at Bisley. It's the middle rifle of the 3 in the picture. The other two are also for sale but to unis only & are being considered £250 each - complete with sights etc This is a very good gun, shoots well & is in vgc. Can be sent RFD at buyers cost or collected Bisley or poss meet on a business trip? (i am regular to S wales & Lancs), Unis can obtain via RFD network for the price of a pint.
  2. Shame, the Unique was excellent I looked up the bore & it was very good, the true LH Ghemann rearsight was worth 50% the cost of the gun alone.
  3. Hitchphil

    Forum Blocked

    I am advising that if you use TalkTalk Home-safe service then this forum is blocked under the section 'weapons & violence' - you can express your dismay here : concerns@talktalkplc.com Home safe was applied on my account by mistake it blocked the site but not 'the fullbore forum nor gunstar!
  4. Hitchphil

    7.62 Swing

    a 12/28" would be a good long range gun, & a 13/30" a good all range :-) & the stock sounds interesting :-) Border haven't made barrels for ~3-4 years i think so the pedigree of it would be good to know. I have a member tres interested so Hi its for a mate - pictures will probably convince them to sell; the wife, motorbike or other gun ...............am indeed down then & can have a look, why dont you come to the NRA 100 Sunday afternoon 29th - 4 & 10 prone, standing & kneeling at 300yds with it :-) £24 & any ammo............. even mixed types standing is fine! (I have RCO/SSC/NRA..etc). am shooting my Anschutz 22 at 300 & 400 yds Sat pm so will wander over after say hello. Re bolt bit early Mk 3 the bolt retaining lug is a plug on a leaf spring, later & Mk 4 a round piston in a block - its the thing u pull out to get the bolt out of it....... rest of the description sounds good, am trying to build a minds eye picture - thumb-hole or pistol grip Walther?
  5. Hitchphil

    7.62 Swing

    Hi do you have some pics & does it have an adjustable foresight?, front rear irises? a vented TR stock? also what type of bolt retaining lug the block or spring version? also if a new barrel the make / length / twist & who fitted it? Many thanks Phil
  6. I have a LH precise stock, rear-sight, & std ambidextrous duo foresight etc If you find a workable LH match 45/round action................
  7. Get the 308 first ;-) they are much much much harder to find. See HPS website for one, I have looked at this gun its got a very good bore, it is a Swing 5 -Paramount 1 (yes it has both makes engraved on it). You can buy a LH 22 almost any time (there are 2 on gunstar now) & any day of the week if new, but a LH 308 TR is a rare beast . I have a LH Precise stock vgc but no action or barrel, I have a LH rear-sight & spare duo foresight so if you get an action & barrel you are ready to go with in effect a new gun. See Beds target supplies for (reasonably?) priced barrels & actions.
  8. yes. about 4 of them .................
  9. Plastic Hard Cases - £5 each, good for sights, tools & 'shooting bits' all proceeds go to Scout Shooting. Can be collected Bisley, by network or or PP extra at ~£3 or at cost. Have ~30 can bundle them. Foam in one side. PM me to buy. Also on Facebay.
  10. LEFT HANDED Jacket, Trousers & Boots £160 + PP at cost. Location Hitchin but can be delivered to Cardiff or Bisley Size 34-38 buttoned Canvas & suede leather trim 3P shooting jacket. Size 34-38 waist shooting trousers (Left or Right handed.) Size 38 (Uk 6-7?) shooting boots Blue Black leather. All have passed equipment control NSRA JI etc 2015 & have those tags. Advertised on FacbayBisley & similar.
  11. I have one of them for sale but not the sling loop .............................
  12. Great with mine you can become left handed too...............?
  13. will check shed later this week & see what length i have but i think I got ones with a 30mm un-threaded shank & threaded that, so poss cant do 42mm.
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