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  1. They are wrong - almost everybody does it as 7.62mm/308Win so they are equivalent as they are. I have 3x FAC's with that on it. They are just being difficult - a few areas used to just do it as 30cal!, same deal for 0.44"/0.45" pistol - get ur NGO legal person to write to them. If they get away with rubbish like this they will be specifying the bullet weight next! The more people who agree to stuff like this, the more they take the pi$$ & that is then transferred on to the rest of us too.
  2. For BYSA, Uni & jnr shooting clubs to get a pile of rifles working properly & for fullbore ranges where they are really needed. If anyone has upgraded to 22mm or drainpipe's or has any old units in one of those many boxes of bits we all accumulate then please pm me & offer, we can buy them & cover PP for a moderate price depending on what they are, age & condition. Thanks in anticipation of your help.
  3. Fits the underside of any railed rifle for 3P etc I just cant believe what folks are charging for what is in effect a bit of wood & a spacer that fits between hand & rifle! but £50 +pp~£6
  4. Fit the older Anschutz cast metal stocks, hardly used & as new but no original packaging. NB these dont fit Precise. One has a clamp to fit them to older wooden stocks +£40 or same on its own +pp £80 each +pp~£5-8 for all 3, or meet me at Bisley etc
  5. Hitchphil

    2 of Them

    2x Older Sling clip wotsits £20+£2pp?
  6. Left Hand Small Grip for the older cast Alloy Anschutz metal stocks - complete with mount bolt, trigger guard etc as per pic. As New - only used to trial fit. £60 Post ~£5-8, meet Bisley or Pass via network.
  7. why so long - possibly becuse - made for fullbore that adopts a more right shoulder back position vs smallbore thats more right shoulder fwd & up a bit. 308 recoil in that position is harsh I know i did it for awhile when transitioning over! Yep its a bargain & one buyer is looking at it soon but who knows it might not go in one? Got pics of your stock?
  8. no idea if it or not? but there are significant differences between them - this is the dolphin.
  9. update it looks like its the HPS stock..........
  10. 2007 Black RPA Quadlock Hex Right Hand Action with original Madco Barrel with a verified less than 1500 rnds shot thru it = so 3-4k life. In excellent condition, cleaned after every use. Fitted to a Dolphin Stock with a NRA Rule compliant curved buttplate & there is an optional 2nd flat rubber pad butt plate too - £75 Hand stop, bipod, Trakker 1/4 rearsight with irises & RPA 18mm foresight with irises etc. Good Zeros of RG/HL & HPS. There is a optional Anschutz Round action bedding block too so the stock can be used for both FB & SBR by swapping the bedding block assembly(takes 2 mns) - £100 Case, Bolt tool & a few other bits £2900 ono but the seller isnt pushed to sell & silly offers will be ignored. This is a rifle that can take you to a final & last a lifetime. pm / mail to reply & be introduced.
  11. Also sold as DNar & i have seen one with Barr & Stroud (now Thales) on it! Std magnification is x22 but you can buy x30 eyepieces - there is someone on fleabay selling 3-4 of them but for lots. Their main problem is you need some form of a clamp they have no threaded camera mount/lug.....sketches..... bit o ally....40c thread ....I could nock one up for ~£10..
  12. Knob on top moves the vertically fitted thread & that is elevation, not windage. Is it clockwise up? (CW the sight rises) if so any RH thread part will fit & replace the defective part. So a LH unit isn't needed as a donor. If not.......... chances of a LH unit for a reasonable price are 'limited'............. probs best to just get another gun : LH BSA Mk 2-3 £100-£200
  13. When its £15 for that inc pp, vs £15 +£4pp for one of those little generic bipods...... you know someone somewhere is making a killing from them! I recon they cost ~£1 material 15x20mm bar, 5-6mm rod, 1 cheese head screw & 2 poly balls, the production ops are 2 milled slots & a cut, 1 thru hole & 1 tapped hole, 1 cut rod, bent twice & threaded on the ends to fit a poly ball, 1 insertion & a weld. ........... I may have just talked myself into making some! 🙂
  14. Thanks to all we have 6 off. That resurrects 4 Match 64s & another 2 Match54 for Scout use & lets us pass on the Vostock & BSA's to an emerging Scout club for free. Now - anyone got any of those little black bipods? 😉 Cheers to all Phil
  15. U learn somit new every day! 🙂 - I was under the impression that the many old M54's in a thumbhole stock, but a solid butt hook were the precursor 'M54 Thumbhole'- they dont have the words Supermatch on them. My rifle says "1813 Supermatch", cant say i have ever noticed such a rifle called 1813 without Supermatch being added though? But yes there are many flavours & most work well. Kids struggle with the single claw extractors as they often simply turn the case round on the loading tray vs eject & shorter arms struggle to fish them out. I have noted the mk1 bolts tend to not lock as reliably as the newer versions too but that might just be wear.
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