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  1. Neilj62

    Club kit needed

    Can’t manage any double canvas jackets but I do have a TenPointNine leather with canvas lining up for sale - it’s a LARGE sized one, probably fit a 46-48” chest, Pippa made it for me before I lost 30kgs so it’s just a tad big for me now😀. I originally advertised it at £300 as it’s only about 12 to 18 months old, and cost nearly £1000 new. PM me if your interested or would like to see a picture👍
  2. Has anyone got a very small 22mm foresight element kicking around somewhere? I am looking for something like a 2.5 - 2.8mm to fit in my 22mm Turnover foresight. It may be an odd requirement, but I've put my name down for a disk shoot, and am finding it difficult to centralise the disk (50mm at 100Yds) in my normal foresight!! So I just wondered if anyone has a small element they would be willing to part with? Thanks
  3. Have you tried the FB group - Bisley Caravans to rent? It worked for both myself and another club member for Smallbore week?
  4. Neilj62

    Rifle scope

    X-Fire 6-24 x 40 rifle scope in excellent condition Comes with mounts for the standard Anschutz dovetail, and front & rear lens covers Fine cross hair, with 1/8 min clicks Looking for £75 (plus p&p) I do have other photos, but can only upload the 1 here (files too big), so PM me your email if you’d like to see the others👍
  5. I have for sale a Centra Spy rear-sight with a Centra Tiny iris. Having recently invested in a turn-over foresight I find I no longer need one rear sight for 50M and another for 100 Yds, hence the sale. Any questions please PM me. £400 or near offer please.
  6. I have for sale an Anschutz Precise with an 1813 barrel which has fired approximately 60k rounds. Last time I tested at Eley this barrel returned a 16.5mm consolidated 40 shot group As you can see the rifle comes with a Mec Hand-stop, Anschutz adjustable butt-plate and a folding bi-pod. Face to face transaction preferred, otherwise RFD fees will have to apply (approximately £50 shipping) £1500 or near offer
  7. Okey dokey, no problem, thought I’d let you know though just in case👍 Thanks for getting back to me though 😀
  8. Hi Stewart, I do have an 1813, and a 1913 Barrel and Action up for sale at the moment (both advertised on the For Sale section here) if either of those would be of any use please PM me. I appreciate you said 18/1907 rather than the 18/1913 version, but they may be of interest? Neil.
  9. Hi Roger, As Tim so eloquently said the Kelly trigger is far crisper than the Anschutz tiger, and has only 3 moving parts. The sears in them are (as far as I understand it) far less susceptible to wear than the Kenyon (which I am pretty sure was John's 'template' for his trigger), but I have used a these triggers on my Anschutz barrels since John made them for me (probably 30 years ago now) and they have never let me down. They also adjust to less weight than the Anschutz (mine was pulling just 42 grams) Hope this helps Neil.
  10. I am looking to sell 2 1813 barrels that are now surplus to requirement - having upgraded to a Grunig R3acer 3 years ago. The one that has has the Blueing removed is a Selected Barrel (or so I am told, as I bought it second-hand from a club member who sadly passed away, and he had it from new) and has fired no more than 25K rounds. As you can see it is fitted with a singe stage Kelly trigger, and currently has an adaptor for a Neesom extension tube. The other has fired around 50K rounds, and also has a Neesom tube adaptor (which I can either leave on, or remove whatever your preference). I am looking for around £350 for the selected Barrel and £300 for the other. Obviously the transaction would need to be Face to Face (FAC holder with a slot on your ticket!) or through an RFD - my local RFD charges about £50 for his time and shipping, so I would add this to the cost should it be necessary. Both barrels have been well maintained (I clean them after every shoot) and returned decent test groups at Eley, the selected one around 16.5mm and the other closer to 17mm Happy to answer any questions one either or both.
  11. I have for sale my old Leather TenPointNine shooting jacket, which I am selling due to loosing about 27Kgs in weight, so it is rather too big for me now!! It will fit a 48" chest, and bear in mind that I am just over 6' tall, so the sleeves etc are in proportion. I used this jacket for about 18 months, before my diet, and in 2017 I was using this when I came 4th in A Class at Bisley, made the Home Countries team, and got through to the Final of the Roberts. The New Almond Shooting Jacket from Pippa at TenPointNine retails for £850 so grab a bargain with this one (the prototype) as I am looking for £350 ono - make me a sensible offer (postage, if required, would be extra, as it is of course quite heavy to send)
  12. Neilj62

    1813 Anschutz

    I have for sale an Anschutz 1813 barrel and action in a 1413 stock - the stock belonged to my Dad and he had it from new (although it is clearly a bit dated now!!) however, it comes with both a prone and hook plate, and I have added a sling swivel and bi-pod as you can see in the pictures. The barrel has shot somewhere in the region of 60k rounds, and last time I batch tested at Eley it returned a very credible 16.8mm consolidated 40 shot group. The barrel is fitted with a single stage Kelly trigger. As you can see the stock is showing its age a little, but this is the Rifle my Dad won a CSF Silver medal with, so it does have some provenance! As you can see in the picture it has been bedded, and there is a small repair around the Thumb-hole. I am looking for £500 ono, but of course any sale will either have to be face to face, or arranged through an RFD - my local RFD charges me £50 or there about to cover his time, and shipping costs; and for a remote sale I would add this to the cost.
  13. Hi Richard, I do have an 1813 with a Boarder barrel which has only shot about 7,500 rounds, and am looking for £1200 as it comes complete with sights, handstop and bipod - PM me if you’re interested. I did post some pictures of it a while ago on the For Sale section if you want to trawl back and find it though cheers Neil.
  14. After much thought I am looking to sell my Anschutz 1813. It has an almost brand new Border Barrel (fitted by Geoff Kolbe) which has fired about 7,000 rounds only. The stock is a standard 1813 thumbhole stock (see photo) - right hand - with the adjustable cheek-piece, 2 piece hook plate, and the “hand-shelf” for the trigger hand. (I have other photos that I can’t upload due to the size limit, so if you want to see more let me have an email address and I will send them on) Reason behind the sale - upgraded to a Grunig R3, so this is now surplus to requirements. The Kelly tube sight, and turn-over foresight are included in the price, as is the bi-pod, but I am willing to split if necessary, Given the ‘newness’ of the barrel and the condition of the stock I am looking for offers in the region of £1200; but happy to discuss anything sensible; and would take £100 less for the rifle without the sights. Delivery is likely to cost in the region of £50 as it has to be RFD to RFD transfer, unless of course its collection in person.
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