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  1. If this is still available I’ll take it please - PM me with your bank details and I’ll do a transfer👍 Thanks Neil
  2. Hi Neil,

    Can we do a deal on your match 54 spring? Thanks,


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    2. swift16


      Hi Neil,

      Just off to the range today, so will hold off until the postman has been 🙂

      Thank you very much.


    3. swift16


      Hi Neil,

      The spring got here today, just (it was almost bust out the paper letter.

      Hopefully it will stop the light strikes.



    4. Neilj62


      Hi Rob, 

      Oops, maybe I should have popped it in a padded envelope rather than an standard one, but at least you’ve got it now.

      Do let me know if it cures the issue.

      One of my club mates went to see the Anschutz guy at Bisley a week or so ago, and Mateus took the firing pin out, looked at it and smacked it with a big hammer, and the. Said, “yes much better”😀 The look on my colleague’s face was priceless Lol😀😀, apparently (according to Mateus it’s always good to make sure the firing pin is completely straight😱)

      Good shooting 



  3. I’ve just put the Centra equivalent up for sale on here if that would fit your requirements? It’s the Centra Combi Optik and I am looking for £150 Ono?
  4. Hi Mark, I’ve sent you a PM 👍
  5. Following on from my clear out of kit, I also have a pair of Champion Olympic frames that did not work for me, so I am hoping they will suit someone else! They are in superb condition, given that I tried them out a few times and just couldn’t get on with them, so as you can see they come with the tool thingy, and the blinder as in the picture I am looking for £120 including postage, bit of a bargain against the new price!!
  6. A bit of a clear out of kit, and I find I have a Centra Combi iris that is surplus’s to requirement, it’s the one with the dual polariser, 6 coloured filters and the diopter. Currently retails at £240 so grab a bargain at £150 posted signed for delivery. Photo attached
  7. Neilj62

    Club kit needed

    Can’t manage any double canvas jackets but I do have a TenPointNine leather with canvas lining up for sale - it’s a LARGE sized one, probably fit a 46-48” chest, Pippa made it for me before I lost 30kgs so it’s just a tad big for me now😀. I originally advertised it at £300 as it’s only about 12 to 18 months old, and cost nearly £1000 new. PM me if your interested or would like to see a picture👍
  8. Has anyone got a very small 22mm foresight element kicking around somewhere? I am looking for something like a 2.5 - 2.8mm to fit in my 22mm Turnover foresight. It may be an odd requirement, but I've put my name down for a disk shoot, and am finding it difficult to centralise the disk (50mm at 100Yds) in my normal foresight!! So I just wondered if anyone has a small element they would be willing to part with? Thanks
  9. Have you tried the FB group - Bisley Caravans to rent? It worked for both myself and another club member for Smallbore week?
  10. Neilj62

    Rifle scope

    X-Fire 6-24 x 40 rifle scope in excellent condition Comes with mounts for the standard Anschutz dovetail, and front & rear lens covers Fine cross hair, with 1/8 min clicks Looking for £75 (plus p&p) I do have other photos, but can only upload the 1 here (files too big), so PM me your email if you’d like to see the others👍
  11. I have for sale a Centra Spy rear-sight with a Centra Tiny iris. Having recently invested in a turn-over foresight I find I no longer need one rear sight for 50M and another for 100 Yds, hence the sale. Any questions please PM me. £400 or near offer please.
  12. I have for sale an Anschutz Precise with an 1813 barrel which has fired approximately 60k rounds. Last time I tested at Eley this barrel returned a 16.5mm consolidated 40 shot group As you can see the rifle comes with a Mec Hand-stop, Anschutz adjustable butt-plate and a folding bi-pod. Face to face transaction preferred, otherwise RFD fees will have to apply (approximately £50 shipping) £1500 or near offer
  13. Okey dokey, no problem, thought I’d let you know though just in case👍 Thanks for getting back to me though 😀
  14. Hi Stewart, I do have an 1813, and a 1913 Barrel and Action up for sale at the moment (both advertised on the For Sale section here) if either of those would be of any use please PM me. I appreciate you said 18/1907 rather than the 18/1913 version, but they may be of interest? Neil.
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