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  1. Thanks Adrian - I’ll check with him👍👍
  2. Bit of a long shot really, but does anyone have a set of .22 head-space gauges that they’d like to find a new home for? Thanks Neil
  3. Hi Graham, Just wondering if you’d consider selling the stand separately from the scope? If so how much would you be looking for? Thanks Neil.
  4. Anyone got a decent (but cheap ish) Scope stand they want to get rid of? I have a club mate (only been shooting a couple of years) who has just bought a scope rather than using the Club ones but the stand with it was pretty pants, so a better one would be really helpful 😄 TIA Neil👍
  5. Hi Vesa, Sorry it has now been sold, and actually your message will prompt me to update it as such Cheers
  6. Hi Jerry Did Mike manage to sort you out as I have just put one up for sale Message me if you’re still in the market for one👍 Neil
  7. I have for sale a Centra 1.8 Tiny Iris in its original box all working perfectly well. I am just looking to rationalise my kit so given that they currently retail at £185 (Intershoot) Now £120 plus postage (of £5.50 - Signed for) Any questions please ask
  8. Does anyone have one of the Centra 4mm front riser blocks (as per picture) kicking around in a draw or kitbag that they don’t want? If so please let me know👍 Neil
  9. Hi James, By palm rest do you mean the little ‘shelf’ that fits on the pistol grip, or the 3P rest that fits on the rail for standing shooting? I ask because I think I may well have both in amongst some kit I inherited from my Dad. Feel free to PM me Neil.
  10. Hi Dave, Just sent a PM re your Centra Spy 😀😀
  11. Neilj62

    Centra Duplex

    Hi Jerry, I do have a Vario for sale on the forum, I know you said non-adjustable, but thought I’d just let you know😀 Looking for £170? Neil.
  12. Neilj62

    Too many pictures

    Thanks everyone for all your excellent advice, most helpful indeed - having deleted a load of posts in the For Sale forum I was able to post my new item, and have freed up loads of space🤙 Happy Bunny 😀
  13. Having recently swapped my Duplex for the larger size version (3.8 to 4.8) I now have the original for sale. This is the 3.4 to 4.4 version, in its original box with both original allen keys. They currently retail at £225 01/07/2023 - Reduced to £170 including UK postage
  14. Neilj62

    Too many pictures

    Hopefully someone will be able to help me with this: I was about to post a new item for sale, and find that I am 'out of space' for more photos, so I'd like to just delete all the old pictures of stuff I've advertised before and sold, but can't see anyway of doing this 😒 Can anyone help please? Thnaks Neil.
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