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  1. Added a set of the TEC-HRO offset sight raisers to the original post, suitable for Anschutz 1813/Match 54 barrels.
  2. I think Phil's point is that your friend can likely find a very good deal on Anschutz rifles because they're so commonly used, so worth not just going for the first one you're offered.
  3. Selling my TEC-HRO Fanatic stock as now surplus to requirements. Had approx 1.5 years relatively light use and been stored in a padded case since. Comes with adaptor for Anschutz 1813 or Match 54 actions. Particularly good for 3P, although only used for prone, as the rear end of the stock is detachable allowing for quick changeover between positions. Asking £750 including p+p. Photos can be supplied on request.
  4. Little bump on this and price drops on all the remaining accessories.
  5. Yes, now that it has been edited to include the price subsequent to the two posts asking...
  6. Iris now sold! Still open to sensible offers on all other items.
  7. You can upload photos to PostImages and then post a link to the gallery of photos. Gets around the file size limits.
  8. Hopefully now a working link to photos of all of the items for sale - https://postimg.cc/gallery/pVgYVFJ
  9. Selling off a number of accessories that I've either not got on with or upgraded over the years that have been sitting in my rifle case for too long now. Anschutz Hook Buttplate + Carrier Plate - Very good condition, some signs of use but all screws and fixings are in perfect working order. RRP new £270, looking for £140+pp. Anschutz Rearsight - very good condition, some signs of wear on the dials but this is purely cosmetic and has no effect on the operation of the sights. RRP new £239, looking for £100+pp. SOLD - TEC-HRO System 2.0 Sight Raisers - Good condition, lightly used for approx 1.5 years. These are the sight raisers that can be offset horizontally. These are for Anschutz 1813/Match 54 barrel dovetails. RRP £67, looking for £35+pp. SOLD - Anschutz Rearsight Iris - good condition, well used but well looked after. This is an older rearsight iris but has an adjustable aperture and six different colour filters like many newer models. No idea on RRP but looking for £30+pp. Open to sensible offers on any of the above and happy to discuss or send photos on request.
  10. If you find someone with a decent Anschutz round action barrel for sale I'll have a TEC-HRO Fanatic aluminium stock up for sale at some point in the near future. Worth about £1200 new but would be asking comfortably under £1k when I eventually rescue it from the range and get it up for sale.
  11. If you're looking for affordable scopes for juniors starting out I'd suggest looking at the more budget Opticron ranges. Perfectly adequate for indoor smallbore ranges.
  12. Tried to drop you a PM as I've a few bits and pieces that might be useful but forum says you can't receive any more PMs. Feel free to drop me a message to discuss!
  13. Bear in mind it also protects the seller. "How much is my barely used Precise stock worth?" Oh I'll take that off your hands for the very good price of £120...
  14. Thanks, investigating a couple of other options but will drop you a message if they fall through.
  15. Might help if you included an estimate of how many rounds it has been through.
  16. Clearing out some old kit during this enforced break from the range. Rhino Spotting Scope - had this for a while but well looked after. Not sure of the exact specifics but perfectly good for shooting upto 100 yards. Comes with the original caps for the eyepiece and the lens, as well as a lined, padded cover. £30 + postage ONO. Opticron Bipod Scope Stand - Has a few marks from use but in perfect working order. £30 + postage ONO.
  17. Original poster last looked at the forum in September 2019 and has only posted 3 times. Suspect you might struggle for a response here.
  18. As long as they know what adjustments to make from your prescription so that the lens is shooting specific then no reason they can't make perfectly good lenses for you. I got my eyes checked at my local optician and sent a print out of the prescription to Stewards but that's was mostly due to my local optician not being particularly helpful.
  19. Correct Tim. My brother has an Anschutz barrel in a G&E stock, just required an adaptor which is widely sold.
  20. jamesgutteridge


    Neil, a few months isn't a long time to be shooting with a club rifle. Unless there's some major defect with the club rifle or no rifle is available that is a remotely good fit for her then she'd be as well continuing with a club gun and investing in a well fitting shooting jacket if she is serious about keeping up the sport. Particularly if her average is "creeping into the 90s", there's no need to have your own rifle at that stage and having something entirely adjustable may well prove to be a hindrance rather than a help.
  21. Believe it is these ones - https://www.opticron.co.uk/our-products/tripods-and-mounts/bipods/bipod-for-spottingscopes
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