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  1. Sorry mate, long gone! Aaaand that's the buttplate and rearsight sold too.
  2. Prices on the buttplate+carrier and rearsight now reduced, looking to get rid of these!
  3. 😂 best explanation yet, get your cards done in half the time.
  4. Are you still on the look out for a stock? Can point you in the direction of a couple of options if that would be of interest.
  5. I have to question why a RH shooter would be interested in a LH stock?
  6. Ed, is it a right handed action? May also be helpful to give a rough budget.
  7. @HitchphilEdinburgh University have an absurd surplus of the bipods, imagine they would be happy to let a number go for a very reasonable price. Feel free to drop me a message if that would be of interest.
  8. Added a set of the TEC-HRO offset sight raisers to the original post, suitable for Anschutz 1813/Match 54 barrels.
  9. I think Phil's point is that your friend can likely find a very good deal on Anschutz rifles because they're so commonly used, so worth not just going for the first one you're offered.
  10. Selling my TEC-HRO Fanatic stock as now surplus to requirements. Had approx 1.5 years relatively light use and been stored in a padded case since. Comes with adaptor for Anschutz 1813 or Match 54 actions. Particularly good for 3P, although only used for prone, as the rear end of the stock is detachable allowing for quick changeover between positions. Asking £750 including p+p. Photos can be supplied on request.
  11. Little bump on this and price drops on all the remaining accessories.
  12. Yes, now that it has been edited to include the price subsequent to the two posts asking...
  13. Iris now sold! Still open to sensible offers on all other items.
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