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  1. jamesgutteridge

    Scope stands & SCATT for sale

    Believe it is these ones - https://www.opticron.co.uk/our-products/tripods-and-mounts/bipods/bipod-for-spottingscopes
  2. jamesgutteridge

    Forum Security

    Ever messaged someone your bank details while selling something on here? That data. Ever sent someone your address when buying? That data. Ever used your name when arranging to meet someone at Bisley in a PM? That data. It's easier than you think to steal valuable data via online profiles.
  3. jamesgutteridge

    Forum Security

    2FA as an optional account security measure doesn't make it any more difficult to sign up. Even if it's mandatory, it's an extra minute and a half on your phone typing in a few strings of characters.
  4. jamesgutteridge

    Looking for target rifle

    Are you looking for just a stock for a Match 54 action or an entire rifle? Might also help to give a rough idea of your budget.
  5. jamesgutteridge

    Anschutz Target Rifle Wanted South-East

    You'd be doing well to get a full rifle with all the attachments and an alu stock for not much over £1000 Richard. How much adjustability are you wanting in the cheekpiece? If it's just height you want to adjust then a Supermatch stock will do you nicely as a newbie.
  6. jamesgutteridge

    Kit for sale - remaining few items

    Will take the bipod off you.
  7. jamesgutteridge

    Around £1000 to spend on a .22 rifle

    Anschutz 1813, Supermatch stock. Even reasonably lightly used you shouldn't pay more than £1000.
  8. jamesgutteridge

    SOLD: Anschutz 1913

    Sorry gentlemen, I've already bought this rifle from Matt!
  9. jamesgutteridge

    Match 54 barrelled action

    PM sent.
  10. jamesgutteridge

    Stainless 1913 barrel and action

    PM Sent.
  11. jamesgutteridge

    For Sale: System Gemini Buttplate

    System Gemini ACTIV Buttplate with carrier plate for sale. Moderately used but only for prone so only cosmetic wear and tear. Bolts were replaced recently. Selling as I've recently changed to a Grunig buttplate. Looking for £220 O.N.O. Photos available on request. Happy to post out at your cost but am also at the Scottish Meeting at Lauder all this week.
  12. jamesgutteridge

    Anschutz Target Sight.

    Again, why do you think "no scammers" would stop untrustworthy and dishonest people? It just winds people up and it doesn't achieve anything.
  13. jamesgutteridge

    Andrew Tucker Scope Stand

    Got my doubts that any potential con artists will be dissuaded by a polite request...
  14. jamesgutteridge

    Sold Grunig + Elmiger Xrs Stock

    Any idea if this stock would fit an Anchutz 2013 action Mike?