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  1. If you are unsure of buyer or seller's credentials, PayPal - but not the friends&family option - is a good choice. For sellers, make sure to keep records of postage and I would recommend tracked delivery.
  2. Black ESE sling with push-button attachment. £15+pp. Have included photo of area where small amount of material was cut away to allow sling to sit properly on the jacket buckle. No effect on usability of sling but priced to reflect this. Photos: https://postimg.cc/gallery/gLQrsqp
  3. I use postimages, generates an easy link to either a photo or gallery of photos.
  4. Edit the topic, three dots at the top right of your original post. Change the title to reflect it is sold.
  5. May also be useful to state things like an estimated round count, when the rifle was originally purchased and what specific accessories you are including with it.
  6. Sling paid for yesterday afternoon and arrived this morning, @Wesley92your mate might have Amazon asking for tips on delivery speed at that rate 😂 cheers!
  7. Sorry mate, long gone! Aaaand that's the buttplate and rearsight sold too.
  8. Prices on the buttplate+carrier and rearsight now reduced, looking to get rid of these!
  9. 😂 best explanation yet, get your cards done in half the time.
  10. Are you still on the look out for a stock? Can point you in the direction of a couple of options if that would be of interest.
  11. I have to question why a RH shooter would be interested in a LH stock?
  12. Ed, is it a right handed action? May also be helpful to give a rough budget.
  13. @HitchphilEdinburgh University have an absurd surplus of the bipods, imagine they would be happy to let a number go for a very reasonable price. Feel free to drop me a message if that would be of interest.
  14. Added a set of the TEC-HRO offset sight raisers to the original post, suitable for Anschutz 1813/Match 54 barrels.
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