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  1. I deleted the Mike112 account last Tue after digging and finding it was fraudulent
  2. Account has been deleted as too many nuggets leading up to spammer.
  3. Hi all, Denwood are looking to sell off the old paper electric target boxes. There are 18 of them, some in better shape than others. £25 per box OR £375 (3 free) for all 18. Must be able to collect, from Denwood, Aberdeen as will not entertain shipping. These boxes are old, some are in better condition than others and recommend that you're willing to test and spend time on these for your own/club's needs to get them back into good shape (hence the price).
  4. neil

    Upgrading The Forum

    @slug33ukuk The update applied is exactly for that reason, to keep it as secure as possible. Tbh, I would enfoce 2 Factor Authentication did I not think it might knock out quite a number of members but that is the way the technology world is going, just look at your online banking for example. I need to sort out that donation button again
  5. neil

    Upgrading The Forum

    Upgraded to the latest version.
  6. neil

    Bisley Trolley

    Anyone interested in a "Bisley trolley" ... it could do with a bit of TLC (rub down and spray paint), otherwise fine. £20 (Free collection or delivery at cost)
  7. I'm not that old guys It will be from late 90s/early 00s ... I'll dig them out but sounds like too new for you all.
  8. Would anyone be interested in many years of Riflemans? If yes, I'll get more details. Otherwise, they're get recycled. Free to a good home (postage would be expensive, so prefer pickup)
  9. Sorry guys, but I know Jason well and don't feel comfortable (implicitly) promoting what looks to be a copy of his design and that he relies upon to contribute towards his income. Don't you think that the rifle manufacturers would have made their own instead of going to Lowe products if they could (at least morally)? Topic closed, and link removed. Housey, it's up to you how you wish to proceed out with the forum but I've received complaints from a few sources and I'm afraid cannot allow the forum to continue to promote what may well be a patent infringement. Sorry if that seems harsh but at the end of the day, I run this forum for everyone, for free and whilst I explicitly state that content is the responsibility of the poster, and that I accept no liability, it would be remiss of me to turn a blind eye here. All the best Neil
  10. neil

    Forum Security

    As @Hemmers mentioned, Authy is an alternative to Google Authenticator, and it also supports multiple devices including iOS, Android and any desktop which runs Google Chrome web browser. I currently use Google Authenticator but the point is, there are many options out there for you to choose from.
  11. neil

    Forum Security

    If you're wanting to have the 2FA setup on multiple devices, don't use the QR code on screen. Instead, you'll need to take a note of the number (seed) which the server generates and manually setup a new 'account' within the Auth app on each device. Been a while since I coded in COBOL too
  12. neil

    Forum Security

    OK, so if you're formerly from the IT industry, then I can talk technical. A server, in this case my server, will give you seed data which you enter into the mobile app on your phone's Authentication app. There are two common algorightms used for then generating a unique code. Both your device and my server have to use the same algorithm (HOTP or TOTP - both open standards) so that the server will be able to take the seed data, apply the alogorith at the time you submit your data and check if what you've supplied matches what it has calculated. i.e. your device can be offline, as the generation of your code is done purely by a mathematical alogrithm, and only your device + server know the 'seed' Many sense? Some reading for you - https://pthree.org/2014/04/15/time-based-one-time-passwords-how-it-works/
  13. neil

    Forum Security

    Hi Peter Regarding your question of accessing the forum when on holiday, if you use your phone as the "One Time Password" generator using Google Authenticator, Authy, LastPass Authenticator (the list of options goes on....) then you would: Go to the local library Browse to https://forum.stirton.com Login with your normal username and password Using your mobile, open the authenticator app and when asked by the forum, enter the 6 digit number that shows on your screen. You're logged in
  14. neil

    Forum Security

    Probably not even that long, especially when you live in Authenticator apps all day, every day, for connecting to your various clients to support their environments Doing work for the banks has some of the strictest controls in place with needing to be on a VPN which uses 2FA to connect, requires device certificates on approved hardware only and then complex passwords to boot.... Data ex-filtration is their worst nightmare, and you only have to look at the Spanish company who bought TSB and the 'joys' they've been experiencing the past couple of weeks post migration work gone wrong!
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