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  1. Correct... There were 3 posts with content of nothing more than "ttt" in what looked like nothing more than trying to bump a post to the top of the listings
  2. Please refrain from posting random character posts just to try bump your post.
  3. neil

    Remain Vigilent

    The Membership is definitely the "first defence" but I try to do whatever possible to protect and keep things running smoothly
  4. Hi all, One of the reasons that the "delete" images was disabled was that it then leaves "broken links" in a post, unless you also go back and edit said post and remove the image you'd posted. I've enabled this feature now and we can see how it pans out over the coming months. Thanks Neil
  5. neil

    Private Messages

    Hi Graham, Yes, as we've had a number of new members who have had no interest in being part of our community and coming to try buy/sell with little input to our great sport Hopefully you're able to make 3 posts.
  6. neil

    Remain Vigilent

    Hi all, There's been someone who has joined the forum on what I believe is more than one occasion, filling out their profile with plausible info and posting enough to activate the PM facility but then acting suspiciously with other members. The latest example claimed to be from Bedford RC in their profile but then told other members different stories when trying to sell them things. We noticed that in one day, this individual had come on to the site via 20 different IP addresses, and not even from a reputable VPN provider but by what looked to be compromised devices of unsuspecting individuals. All we can really say is that if someone is offering something that appears too good to be true, it probably is and suggest that you exercise caution. If in doubt, reach out and we'll look at some patterns behind the scenes. All the best, and thanks for using the forum responsibly Neil
  7. neil

    Creating Wanted Topics

    Hi @Mr_G You should be able to post with an approved account, which yours has been for a few days. You cannot Private Message (PM) straight away as Tim has said to prevent spammers which we've seen in the past. Any issues, post back here and we'll help you. Thanks Neil
  8. neil

    Upgrading The Forum

    Finally got around to sorting out the donation button ... and contributions much appreciated towards the cost of running the forum. Thanks
  9. Hi @Hitchphil As Colin has mentioned, you seem to have managed to upload a photo to this post OK? If you can detail out what you're attempting, I can have a look. Thanks Neil
  10. neil

    Too many pictures

    Sometimes if there's been a forum upgrade, and the server cache or user's browser cache can misbehave and needs cleared out. Glad you're sorted though.
  11. neil

    Login changes

    Hi all, As part of security hardening, we have removed the ability to login with your "Display Name" as this was publicly visible and therefore "harvestable". You should now use your email address (which is not publicly visible via the forum) as your username and your password remains the same. Thanks Neil
  12. neil


    Hi Ian, All the various password managers "do their best" with javascript/DOM manipulation to try and correctly fill in forms and submit them but they're not fool proof. Have you checked that you don't have 2 copies of the creds in the browser's password manager? I use LastPass and sometimes have issues with it on various sites if left to Autofill but if I right-click on the relevant field and then picking the correct site it works. I can't comment on each user's PC/setup I'm afraid ... sorry.
  13. Get posting P.S. you can reply to a PM someone else sends you, just not initiate a new PM until the threshold is reached
  14. Fingers crossed folks!! Stay vigilant and let me know if you still smell rats 😉
  15. Found a forum plugin to do just that. No new member can send PMs until they actively contribute to the forum with a minimum of 10 posts
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