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    Hi all, As part of security hardening, we have removed the ability to login with your "Display Name" as this was publicly visible and therefore "harvestable". You should now use your email address (which is not publicly visible via the forum) as your username and your password remains the same. Thanks Neil
  2. neil


    Hi Ian, All the various password managers "do their best" with javascript/DOM manipulation to try and correctly fill in forms and submit them but they're not fool proof. Have you checked that you don't have 2 copies of the creds in the browser's password manager? I use LastPass and sometimes have issues with it on various sites if left to Autofill but if I right-click on the relevant field and then picking the correct site it works. I can't comment on each user's PC/setup I'm afraid ... sorry.
  3. Get posting P.S. you can reply to a PM someone else sends you, just not initiate a new PM until the threshold is reached
  4. Fingers crossed folks!! Stay vigilant and let me know if you still smell rats šŸ˜‰
  5. Found a forum plugin to do just that. No new member can send PMs until they actively contribute to the forum with a minimum of 10 posts
  6. I'd actually put extra steps in for "Free" email accounts but I'm forever being asked by people to approve their accounts. Basically, there are more legitimate members with Hotmail, Google, Outlook (Free) accounts than not. Will have a look at this particular one but I cannot stress enough that whenever you are buying online you really need to adhere to safe purchasing practices. I may look at banning new members from posting in the For Sale section until they've contributed something to the forum in terms of posts/content to show that they are genuinely interested in our sport.
  7. Hi NeilĀ 

    Could you tell me how I go about selling my rifle on your website in particular the firearmĀ cert. bit of saleĀ Ā 


    Regards Frank Steven (Ducatoman)

  8. Thanks guys, as said above .. stay alert, and if something seems suspicious/too good to be true then it probably is!
  9. @Morty Do you have multiple emails from this scammer in your inbox? If they've any sense, they will have masked their IP address BUT you never know, if they're not that sophisticated, they may have left a trail in the email headers. Happy to have a look for you if you forward the FULL emails to me - neil@stirton.com
  10. I deleted the Mike112 account last Tue after digging and finding it was fraudulent
  11. Account has been deleted as too many nuggets leading up to spammer.
  12. Hi all, Denwood are looking to sell off the old paper electric target boxes. There are 18 of them, some in better shape than others. Ā£25 per box OR Ā£375 (3 free) for all 18. Must be able to collect, from Denwood, Aberdeen as will not entertain shipping. These boxes are old, some are in better condition than others and recommend that you're willing to test and spend time on these for your own/club's needs to get them back into good shape (hence the price).
  13. neil

    Upgrading The Forum

    @slug33ukuk The update applied is exactly for that reason, to keep it as secure as possible. Tbh, I would enfoce 2 Factor Authentication did I not think it might knock out quite a number of members but that is the way the technology world is going, just look at your online banking for example. I need to sort out that donation button again
  14. neil

    Upgrading The Forum

    Upgraded to the latest version.
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