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  1. neil

    Forum Security

    As @Hemmers mentioned, Authy is an alternative to Google Authenticator, and it also supports multiple devices including iOS, Android and any desktop which runs Google Chrome web browser. I currently use Google Authenticator but the point is, there are many options out there for you to choose from.
  2. neil

    Forum Security

    If you're wanting to have the 2FA setup on multiple devices, don't use the QR code on screen. Instead, you'll need to take a note of the number (seed) which the server generates and manually setup a new 'account' within the Auth app on each device. Been a while since I coded in COBOL too
  3. neil

    Forum Security

    OK, so if you're formerly from the IT industry, then I can talk technical. A server, in this case my server, will give you seed data which you enter into the mobile app on your phone's Authentication app. There are two common algorightms used for then generating a unique code. Both your device and my server have to use the same algorithm (HOTP or TOTP - both open standards) so that the server will be able to take the seed data, apply the alogorith at the time you submit your data and check if what you've supplied matches what it has calculated. i.e. your device can be offline, as the generation of your code is done purely by a mathematical alogrithm, and only your device + server know the 'seed' Many sense? Some reading for you - https://pthree.org/2014/04/15/time-based-one-time-passwords-how-it-works/
  4. neil

    Forum Security

    Hi Peter Regarding your question of accessing the forum when on holiday, if you use your phone as the "One Time Password" generator using Google Authenticator, Authy, LastPass Authenticator (the list of options goes on....) then you would: Go to the local library Browse to https://forum.stirton.com Login with your normal username and password Using your mobile, open the authenticator app and when asked by the forum, enter the 6 digit number that shows on your screen. You're logged in
  5. neil

    Forum Security

    Probably not even that long, especially when you live in Authenticator apps all day, every day, for connecting to your various clients to support their environments Doing work for the banks has some of the strictest controls in place with needing to be on a VPN which uses 2FA to connect, requires device certificates on approved hardware only and then complex passwords to boot.... Data ex-filtration is their worst nightmare, and you only have to look at the Spanish company who bought TSB and the 'joys' they've been experiencing the past couple of weeks post migration work gone wrong!
  6. neil

    Forum Security

    Hi Peter, I have to chuckle slightly in the irony in the other thread whereby there's all this discussion about GDPR and here you are saying " Making it even more difficult and you will continue to have sub forums that have not been posted in for many years." One of the key objectives behind GDPR is security of PII, and that includes but is not limited to "encryption in transit", "encryption at rest" and the security mechanisms in place for users accessing said information. The whole point of offering 2FA is to safeguard our users because let's face it, we all know someone who uses weak passwords and never changes them and therefore they are a prime target to have their account compromised. By enforcing 2FA, even if a member has a weak password then it is fairly useless to a hacker how obtains said password unless they also physically manage to get hold of the members' mobile/authentication device. I'm afraid that I need to protect the overall membership data, and myself, with the looming GDPR regulations coming into effect in 2 weeks on Friday, even if that means some unhappy campers ... you can thank the EU for these additional security measures which some may see as headaches
  7. neil

    Forum Blocked

    I tried contacting Talk Talk but they said that each customer would need to contact them and request to have the Home "Security" feature disabled to get around it .. they did not seem interested in listening about reclassification.
  8. neil

    Forum Security

    @tmiklas - thank you https and 2FA, both of which I should have done a long time ago but a few shooting competitions got in the way
  9. neil

    Forum Security

    Peter, the forum has been running for 16yrs, and when it was first started there were a number of people trying to join and advertise rubbish which was nothing to do with shooting. So yes, I put in the sign-up phase to try keep it to genuine shooting enthusiasts.
  10. neil

    Forum Security

    John, No mobile phone? You don't need to view the forum on your phone, it simple acts as a password generator and gives you a code - far easier on your mobile. Otherwise, there are a few options but you'd really need to Google "Google Authenticator Windows" and see which fits your needs best. At present, it's an optional security measure to prevent anyone logging in pretending to be you. Thanks Neil
  11. neil

    Forum Security

    In this case, 2FA isn't something which they're storing anything on you. It's a free tool which generates a code valid for 30/60s Sorry you feel like that but security of personal information is paramount to us.
  12. neil

    Login Insecure

    Hi @iRommel Apologies, I missed this post last year 😳 We've enabled https now which should address this. Thanks Neil
  13. neil

    Tabular vs Grid Layout

    That's the Tabular format (i.e. the previous format) ... thanks for confirming. @David Levene - When you get a chance, can you please confirm if you're seeing the old tabular or grid layout? Thanks both
  14. neil

    Forum Security

    Hi all, We've enabled what is called Two Factor Authentication (2FA). Some of you will have seen this in your online banking and other similar systems where by a username and password are 'complimented' with a One Time Password (OTP). Some systems will call you, some will send you an SMS to your mobile and you then enter a code into the website to complete the login. We've opted for Google Authenticator (you can use alternative similar Authenticator tools also) which is free for you to install on your mobile/tablet and there apps for your PC too. Why are we doing this? Sadly in the world we live in today, more and more crime is done online and these unscrupulous individuals are always looking for data on their victims which they can use against them. We want to ensure you continue to enjoy a safe environment on our forum, and make sure your account is as difficult as possible for someone to compromise. How do I enable 2FA on my stirton.com account? Go to your Settings and re-authenticate with your password Download Google Authenticator from the Android or Apple store on to your mobile device (preferred route, alternatively you can Google how to get it on to your PC/Mac/Linux device) When in Google Authenticator, the easiest way is to click on the + symbol and let your mobile device's camera take a picture of the square QR code on screen. This will automatically set up forum.stirton.com within the app, and will give you a 6 digit code. Enter the 6-digit code you see within Authenticator into the dialog box on the forum and "Verify Code" You should now have protected your account. Are we making this mandatory? At present, no. This is an optional security measure for those of you who wish to benefit from it. That's not to say that we won't make it compulsory in the future, depending on if we see any attempts on security from said aforementioned unscrupulous parties. Many thanks Neil
  15. neil

    Tabular vs Grid Layout

    Looks good to me Plus that's the actual thread, what about when you go up a level to where the topics are listed? Thanks