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  1. 10 Dots

    Centra Eye Clamp

    Hi Tim PM sent.
  2. 10 Dots

    Freeland stand rod

    That’s great! Please pm me details once you’ve found it.
  3. 10 Dots

    Freeland stand rod

    Thank you for your suggestion and link but the member prefers a genuine Freeland rod.
  4. A member of our club wants a 12 inch rod for their Freeland stand. Does anyone have a spare/unwanted one they'd consider selling?
  5. PM sent, awaiting your reply. Thanks.
  6. Ok, please keep me posted. I’ll buy scope too if you want to sell with stand.
  7. Assuming not sold as job lot can I have first option on Freeland stand?
  8. Hi Garry He's now said he'll buy it so please consider it sold pending and PM me with contact details. Thank you. Cheers 10 Dots
  9. Please pm me you contact details, as I have member interested. Thank you.
  10. 10 Dots

    Upgrading The Forum

    Just donned my hard hat so thought I'd add my opinion. Excellent forum, it serves it's purpose and more. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Don't assume that we are all social media FOMO addicts. Congratulations to Neil for doing such a good job in providing us this forum! 10 Dots
  11. http://www.intershoot.co.uk/acatalog/Freeland-Extension-Rod-527.html
  12. 10 Dots

    Match 64 Stock.

    Hi Alan I copied this from an old post a while ago, never tried but assume it works. Adding Photos to a Post You need to resize your photos to something like 800x600 or 1280x1024 pixels using a tool such as the free graphics tool IrfanView (on a PC as a Windows example). Adding them, you need to upload them into your forum post (easiest from a desktop computer) via the Attach Files button - you can add a number this way, then once uploaded, place the cursor somewhere in your edit, and press the Attach File button and it will add a link into your post to the uploaded photo at the cursor position. Cheers 10 Dots
  13. Hi Scooby You should be able to order direct through RUAG UK (http://www.ruag.co.uk) and send them the information in the format requested on the attached Anschutz snapshot. Alternatively you can submit a request via the Anschutz website (http://jga.anschuetz-sport.com/index.php5?menu=421&sprache=1) and RUAG will contact you. Cheers 10 Dots Ordering from Anschutz.pdf
  14. Hi Huey Thanks for the information, much appreciated. I'm hoping that maybe someone upgraded to the aluminium trigger guard and has the original sitting unwanted in their locker. 10 Dots
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