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  1. Thank you for that Walter, I hoped to see him at the Leeds shoot yesterday, but missed him I think. As for 0.046", I did a google search and found the old Border Barrels page detailing how to do it, and they recommended 0.046, but I bow to yoiur greater knowledge and will try for a 0.043". It just seems the type of tool the ordinary man would maybe use once or twice, and then locate safely at the bottom of a tool box for use in the next decade. John On this site, Border recommended 0.042 http://njshooting.tripod.com/FITTING%20A%20.22%20RIMFIRE%20BARREL.htm Colin
  2. wooden rifle barrel Colin
  3. http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/socket-cap-bolt-p-646.html ://http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalo...olt-p-646.html try here, Colin
  4. Coiln

    Anschutz Rear Sight

    you have a pm, Colin
  5. Coiln

    Wanted: Variable Forsight Iris M22

    it's a personal choice, what works for one may not for another.I use a variable one and find the thicker ring better, I can center the target better than with the thinner High end ones. Is anyone at your club using one that you could try, also what are you using at the moment, plastic or the metal foresight rings. Colin
  6. Coiln

    Avatars Not Displaying

    I'll go with David on this one the animated ones are a pain. Colin
  7. Coiln

    Bsa Mk 1 - Looking For A Good Home

    don't destroy it, these are sought after in America. Colin
  8. Coiln

    Anschutz 2002 Air Rifle

    is it the alloy stock one Graham. thanks colin
  9. Coiln

    System Gemini Fr703

    what action is it for, anschutz 19/20 series, feinwerkbau, walther ? thanks colin
  10. Coiln

    Fwb 2602 For Sale

    you have a pm thanks colin
  11. Coiln

    Fwb 2700 Alu Stock

    Shropshire, Colin
  12. Coiln

    Fwb 2700 Alu Stock

    Where are you located Vic, I know someone who's interested, Colin
  13. Coiln

    Promoting The Forum

    it's no problem Neil, I'm used to it now, and I've been called a lot worse in the past :D
  14. Coiln

    Promoting The Forum

    I'm not hiding behind mine, it's just someone spelt it wrong, Neil :D and I also don't know how to change it
  15. Coiln

    Gehmann 595 Rearsight

    Anschultz don't fit the older walther dovetails, but should fit the later fwb and walther rails, A Shooter at our club had the same problem with his older walther rifle, but another who has the kk300, the Anschutz sights fit
  16. Coiln

    Anschutz Stock

    Hi Chis, I have that one but with the later buttplate,really require the later one with the screw up cheekpiece,thanks anyway
  17. Coiln

    Anschutz Stock

    Does anyone know where I can get a Anschutz 1913-u4/2 wooden stock, or complete rifle ? thanks colin