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  1. Chassis, Sight and jacket price drop... 😕
  2. Hi all, Having a clear out and needing to pass on some of the kit that I have accumulated.. If your interested in any items, I do have higher Resolution pictures and will be at Bisley for the National meeting this August. 1 x System Gemini bare Chassis to fit Bleiker Challenger. - £495 (Brand new and unused.) 1 x System Gemini Chassis to fit Grunig & Elmiger R3, with custom cheek piece and fittings, butt plate ratchet adjuster - £570 (Setup and used once so I know my R3 does fit!) 1 x Anschutz Canting rear-sight - £195 (good working order, custom modified for shorter clamp and underside for smoother fit, with Red Knobs!) SOLD 1 x Sauer "Advantage Extra Semi" Custom made for me Circa 2014. i did have to modify some parts such as sleeve length and front button panel. More pics available if interested - £150 2 x Sauer "openair" gloves, logo's removed, Size Medium - £10.00 each (SOLD) 1 x Centra Lenshood II (used for short time) - £20.00 (SOLD) I x Grunig & Elmiger Grip "M" - £40.00 (sold) 1 x System Gemini Butt-plate attachment s - £45.00 1 x System Gemini grip attachement - £25.00 (Sold) 1 x Kurt Thune "coldwinner" top Size XL - £40 (Used but good condition) 1 x Kurt Thune "coldwinner" leggings size L - £25 (used, good condition except small hole on right thigh) 1 x pair System Gemini Rods - £20.00 (SOLD) 1 x Bag with System Gemini Butt Plate parts!! (see pictures) - £95 Any Interest please drop me a line on here or email me: davethechamp@hotmail.com
  3. Hi, Does anyone have a Grunig & Elmiger Butt plate Ratchet (long) sitting round that they would be tempted to part with? Preferably looking for the Open style, but the older ones will serve purpose, after some "modification" Just the part shown in picture is needed!! Cheers in advance Dave
  4. THis is still available for sale...
  5. yes it is!! Please drop me or Sheree an email Cheers Dave
  6. This advert is for Sheree.. SOLD - FEINWERKBAU Model 800 X With red air cylinder and spare silver air cylinder. Adapter and emptier. Standard FEINWERKBAU sights and carry case included. Last used For Glasgow Games 2014. £SOLD
  7. I have surplus to need a Gehmann Clearview rearsight for sale. It is in "As New" condition and as far as I know never been used. It comes with both the green and yellow filter, the three short tubes that I presume fit on the front of the rearsight?, one is orange Looking for £420.00 for the bundle - SOLD I will be at the British 50m at Bisley / Welsh 50m at Tondu Please see pics for condition and all that is included
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