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  1. Claus Carter driving licence is a fraudulent licence. Such a poor example and that’s without checking for the inbuilt security features.
  2. Looking for a square action LEFT HANDED Anschutz stock. So I can drop my 6mm rifle into it. I know it’s a lot to ask but if you don’t ask you don’t get
  3. Now SOLD I am selling on behalf of someone else Black FWB800X air rifle, right handed with 4 tins of selected pellets. The rifle has only shot the rest of this pack (Max 3000 pellets) In excellent condition, plus the palm raiser extension. £1500 I am located in Bisley If you want any photos please send me your email or mobile number and I can send you some photos. There are some other palm rests from his 3P, trousers, boots to get advertised later Remember don’t shoot the messenger, for those who know me I am LH 😉 Cheers Kev Now SOLD
  4. LH or RH The photo is of a LH version
  5. Does anyone have a spring to fit a 1969 Walther .22 rifle. 6mm across - have tried other springs all too wide.
  6. Hi, yes your total correct I was over the moon thinking someone had some of this batch left in excess. I did clear them out when I tested which was a year ago, so it was a bit of a long shot really just hoping. 12mm groups edge to edge as well and still performing well.
  7. Does anyone have any Lapua centre - X batch 28552/605142 It tested well in my rifle and looking for some more of that batch if anyone has excess in their safe so I can delay another batch testing session Thanks for looking 07875-333-471 drop me a text any time is best method
  8. 22mm foresight highends £11 each 3.3, 3.4 all 1.1 thickness 4.1, 4.3, 4.5, 4.7, 4.8, 5.0 all 1.4 thickness Contact preference via mobile 07875-333-472
  9. NOW SOLD 22mm iris foresight 1.8 - 4.3 / 1.6 thickness Having a clearout £75 07875-333-471
  10. bisley3x40

    Peli 1750

    Peli 1750 case - Wheels version (new approx £300) VGC I have included two sections of foam, one section required. We have two and most European trips will be with the car. Photos please contact me and I will send via email / mobile etc. I can bring it to competitions or can be collected at Bisley Any questions Kev 07875-333-471 £200 ono NOW SOLD
  11. bisley3x40

    Head space

    Wanted - Head space gauges or where can I obtain any. Thanks in advance
  12. Anschutz RH Alu stock powder coated white Match 54 action Sights, case, butt, handstop, glove etc See photo
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