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  1. I am selling on behalf of someone else Black FWB800X air rifle, right handed with 4 tins of selected pellets. The rifle has only shot the rest of this pack (Max 3000 pellets) In excellent condition, plus the palm raiser extension. £1500 I am located in Bisley If you want any photos please send me your email or mobile number and I can send you some photos. There are some other palm rests from his 3P, trousers, boots to get advertised later Remember don’t shoot the messenger, for those who know me I am LH 😉 Cheers Kev
  2. LH or RH The photo is of a LH version
  3. Does anyone have a spring to fit a 1969 Walther .22 rifle. 6mm across - have tried other springs all too wide.
  4. Hi, yes your total correct I was over the moon thinking someone had some of this batch left in excess. I did clear them out when I tested which was a year ago, so it was a bit of a long shot really just hoping. 12mm groups edge to edge as well and still performing well.
  5. Does anyone have any Lapua centre - X batch 28552/605142 It tested well in my rifle and looking for some more of that batch if anyone has excess in their safe so I can delay another batch testing session Thanks for looking 07875-333-471 drop me a text any time is best method
  6. 22mm foresight highends £11 each 3.3, 3.4 all 1.1 thickness 4.1, 4.3, 4.5, 4.7, 4.8, 5.0 all 1.4 thickness Contact preference via mobile 07875-333-472
  7. NOW SOLD 22mm iris foresight 1.8 - 4.3 / 1.6 thickness Having a clearout £75 07875-333-471
  8. bisley3x40

    Peli 1750

    Peli 1750 case - Wheels version (new approx £300) VGC I have included two sections of foam, one section required. We have two and most European trips will be with the car. Photos please contact me and I will send via email / mobile etc. I can bring it to competitions or can be collected at Bisley Any questions Kev 07875-333-471 £200 ono NOW SOLD
  9. bisley3x40

    Head space

    Wanted - Head space gauges or where can I obtain any. Thanks in advance
  10. Anschutz RH Alu stock powder coated white Match 54 action Sights, case, butt, handstop, glove etc See photo
  11. Left handed Anschutz match 54 (1967) very old style with over the top bolt. Even have the test card Needs new home, will be at Bisley meeting in the LRC. Price: Donation to Cancer research (I do not need to know how much that's up to you) Any more details 07875-333-471
  12. bisley3x40

    300M Rifle Lh

    the chances are ultra slim Does anyone know of a left handed 300m rifle or just the action for sale anywhere?
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