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  1. I am definitely interested and will be at the Scottish - going out now - will contact you when I get back Thanks John
  2. Is this still for sale please?
  3. Walther KKM for sale - good condition - about 30 years old. Owned from new and used by me and Jill, my wife. About 100,000 rounds through it. Jill now owner of shiny new FWB 2700. We will take it to the Scottish and Bisley if anybody wants to see it. £150. John Smith
  4. jvs

    Feinwerkbau 2602/2700

    Hi John, I know someone who wants to sell his alloy' stocked Walther, and will be at the L@M Meeting if your going ? it's a Wallther KK match in a kk200 stock. Colin Hi Colin We do plan to go - she fancies a Feinwerk because she has tried mine, but if she is not fixed up by then and can have a try, then its a possibility. Thanks for letting me know John
  5. jvs

    Feinwerkbau 2602/2700

    My wife Jill fancies a Feinwerk 2602/2700. Before going down the new rifle route (ouch!), does anyone want to sell one second hand please? John Smith
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