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  1. Hi Neil, l have been reloading for approx 5yrs...so not the font of all knowledge! Hope this might help: The key question to ask yourself IMHO : Do l want quantity or quality (waits to be shot down!!).... Single Stage presses are generally considered the best option for repeatable quality. To spend money once and buy well, l could happily recommend the Redding Big Boss ll press. I also have a Forster Co-Ax press, another excellent choice and a great bit of kit. Both very different and each have limitations / qualities over the other. If on a budget, some of the Lee offerings are good value for money but l have read of wear issues?? Dies : Redding, RCBS or Forster. I have found all to be excellent. Most shooters wanting accuracy / repeatability now use electronic measuring / dispensing scales. Mixed ‘luck’ with these, the RCBS, Lyman and Hornady offerings are popular (l use the RCBS model). The powder you select seems to have a marked effect on performance with all of these! Personally, l’d use a hand primer - Sinclair is as good as any IMHO. The Forster case trimmer is simple and trouble free and a hand ‘torpedo’ case rim tool (sets bevel on inner & outer case rim edge) is just fine. Buy a Wilson calibre specific case gauge and check resized & trimmed cases to ensure you are working within SAMMI specs. Micrometer seating dies are a real boon and well worth the investment IMHO and get yourself a good digital vernier and I have found the Hornady ‘Lock n Load’ OAL gauge invaluable! No knowledge of progressive presses l’m afraid. Others will have to advise! A science in it’s own right....and you will not get it all right with tools and equipment ‘first time’!! Best of luck....enjoy++ Rob
  2. No worries. If l hear nothing, l’ll assume all is well. cheers Rob
  3. Hi Scooby, ‘Any chance of a photo....might just have one, circa 1968! Photo to rpthorp@btinternet.com. If l can locate and it’s of use, it’s yours. cheers Rob
  4. Hi Ken, My mates rifle has indeed sold. If l hear of anything else, l’ll PM you. Best of luck in your search. cheers Rob
  5. Hi Ken, Seems like my mate already has a buyer! If things fall through, you will be first on my list. l’ll keep you posted. Thanks for your response. cheers Rob
  6. Hi, l know of a FWB 2602 in a MEC. Mk1 Ali stock. Left Handed with 24mm Dia. barrel. Not sure how it would suit you lady as possibly considered heavy? Despite it’s 20yrs ish age, very light use and well loved. Owned by a mate of mine who really looks after his gear! If you think this might suit, let me know and l’ll have a word to see where he is regards price. (Location Sussex). cheers. Rob
  7. Rob Thorp

    X2 target 22LR

    No worries at all. Best of luck in your search. Good shooting 😃
  8. Rob Thorp

    X2 target 22LR

    Sorry if l’ve missed it in the text. Can l ask, Left or Right handed? I assume if not stated....you are looking for RH? No intention to be perdantic, if LH.....might know of one that would suit. cheers. Rob
  9. Based on a Remington 40XBR (single shot) action. Right handed .223"Rem 'FTR' rifle. Built by Mik at Dolphin on a lightly used S/H action approx. 4yrs ago. 30" 1:7 twist Stainless Lilja barrel. No exact round count : bullet stocks suggest approx. 700 rounds fired since barrel fitted. Chambered to suit .224" 90gn Berger rounds. Fitted with CG/Centra two stage trigger (New when rifle built). Fitted with 20 MOA Picattiny rail for scope use. Adjustable cheekpiece (height), three tone plywood stock (blue / grey). NOT bedded - pillar or otherwise! NO safety lock on this trigger and bolt release via thumb screw on left side of action. Please Note : although listed as an 'FTR' rifle.....be aware that I cannot guarantee it strictly meets the weight requirements of this NRA discipline - never weighed complete with scope etc. Built as a 'bit of fun' project, 'fine weather only' rifle. In excellent used condition. Face to Face transaction - relevant FAC slot required. At Bisley by arrangement / West Sussex. Photo's via email. £1,500-00 OVNO Cheers
  10. Cheers Nick, Knowledge is power 😜 as always! Thanks for the clarity. Bleiker site seemed unclear to me and where l was looking made no mention of the magazine....that l have always seen on other CISM rifles from other Swiss manufacturers! Thus, l assumed l was wrong. As you say, seems Bleiker offer with / without. Rob
  11. Hi Jo.... Me again! Have done a little homework since posting the above: It appears the Bleiker CISM rifle does NOT have a magazine....many other makes of this discipline of rifle do! Appologies for the ‘bum steer’ in this regard. Please ignore the above magazine related guidance therefore 😳 Rob
  12. Hi Jo, Agree with everything above. Two points l feel compelled to make: 1) The CISM element of the above rifle means, l believe, that it has a magazine - are you aware of that? 2) I would suggest that to combine a 300M rifle with an F-Class ‘beast’ is a big ask. Can’t speak for the 300M element, but l believe, without exception, the F-Class boys will only ever use a single shot action, tailored for a round they know will give them outstanding accuracy at 1000yds. Barrel length and twist rate too are crucial considerations - not sure the 300M requirements would be the same as those for the 1000yds?? If using the magazine on this rifle, that will dictate the overall cartridge length for ammo.......F-Class boys ‘stoke’ their rounds high and require every possible available element of case capacity to get there.......chambers are tailored to allow bullets to be seated with minimum amounts being held by case neck. Very bespoke! Barrel length for 1000yds is commonly 30”! you must ask yourself one question IMHO.....are you intending to shoot both disciplines ‘for fun’ or are you ‘serious’? Either is fine 😜 but although l think the above rifle is superbly engineered....and a fantastic price......be sure it fits your expectations. If wanting to enter any comps. F-Class “open’ is, l believe, the only comp. you could enter with this calibre? All the above, from the perspective of a March Rifle shooter......so take from it what you will 😜 Sincere apologies if this upsets....only one opinion you understand!! Good luck with your project. Rob
  13. Found one! Thanks for looking. Rob
  14. Hi all, Anyone out there have an Anschutz walnut prone stock with adjustable cheek piece that they might like to part with? Tatty is fine as looking to completely refinish. cheers in anticipation Rob
  15. Cheers Bryan, all received and understood. Cogs still turning! Rob
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