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  1. Rob Thorp

    Bleiker 6mm br CISM

    Cheers Nick, Knowledge is power 😜 as always! Thanks for the clarity. Bleiker site seemed unclear to me and where l was looking made no mention of the magazine....that l have always seen on other CISM rifles from other Swiss manufacturers! Thus, l assumed l was wrong. As you say, seems Bleiker offer with / without. Rob
  2. Rob Thorp

    Bleiker 6mm br CISM

    Hi Jo.... Me again! Have done a little homework since posting the above: It appears the Bleiker CISM rifle does NOT have a magazine....many other makes of this discipline of rifle do! Appologies for the ‘bum steer’ in this regard. Please ignore the above magazine related guidance therefore 😳 Rob
  3. Rob Thorp

    Bleiker 6mm br CISM

    Hi Jo, Agree with everything above. Two points l feel compelled to make: 1) The CISM element of the above rifle means, l believe, that it has a magazine - are you aware of that? 2) I would suggest that to combine a 300M rifle with an F-Class ‘beast’ is a big ask. Can’t speak for the 300M element, but l believe, without exception, the F-Class boys will only ever use a single shot action, tailored for a round they know will give them outstanding accuracy at 1000yds. Barrel length and twist rate too are crucial considerations - not sure the 300M requirements would be the same as those for the 1000yds?? If using the magazine on this rifle, that will dictate the overall cartridge length for ammo.......F-Class boys ‘stoke’ their rounds high and require every possible available element of case capacity to get there.......chambers are tailored to allow bullets to be seated with minimum amounts being held by case neck. Very bespoke! Barrel length for 1000yds is commonly 30”! you must ask yourself one question IMHO.....are you intending to shoot both disciplines ‘for fun’ or are you ‘serious’? Either is fine 😜 but although l think the above rifle is superbly engineered....and a fantastic price......be sure it fits your expectations. If wanting to enter any comps. F-Class “open’ is, l believe, the only comp. you could enter with this calibre? All the above, from the perspective of a March Rifle shooter......so take from it what you will 😜 Sincere apologies if this upsets....only one opinion you understand!! Good luck with your project. Rob
  4. Rob Thorp

    Anschutz Prone Stock

    Found one! Thanks for looking. Rob
  5. Rob Thorp

    Anschutz Prone Stock

    Hi all, Anyone out there have an Anschutz walnut prone stock with adjustable cheek piece that they might like to part with? Tatty is fine as looking to completely refinish. cheers in anticipation Rob
  6. Rob Thorp

    Anschutz 54 Action with new stainless barrel

    Cheers Bryan, all received and understood. Cogs still turning! Rob
  7. Rob Thorp

    Anschutz 54 Action with new stainless barrel

    Cheers Bryan, Interesting...... Thanks for the response....cogs turning! Was seeking a 22mm ‘Standard’ rifle barrel & action....but like what you & Robert have done. Have made errors in the past with a ‘heavy barrel’. I will give it some honest thought. Thanks again. Rob
  8. Rob Thorp

    Anschutz 54 Action with new stainless barrel

    Hi, can l ask, is this still available....and what the external barrel diameter is? Thanks in anticipation. rob
  9. Rob Thorp

    Right Handed 19 Series Barrel & Action

    SOLD, subject to exchange of funds. Thanks for looking. Rob
  10. Rob Thorp

    Right Handed 19 Series Barrel & Action

    Hi Tim. PM'd Serial No. yes UK proofed. Yes Bolt...most definitely. Cheers Rob
  11. This action was bought 'in the white' direct from Anschutz, shipped out to the states, where the late 'great' Karl Kenyon (he of USAMU fame) fitted all components. 19 Series action and trigger unit. Stainless 'Schneider' barrel....no, I hadn't heard of them either! Things to note : Action NOT stamped as Anschutz, sent 'in the white', without factory markings and blued etc. in USA. Threaded (not pinned) SHORT 24mm barrel, with large 'boss' section seating against action face to increase stability (Approx 3 1/2" shorter than standard Anschutz barrel) Hardened bolt face 'Centa' Startline trigger shoe. Barry Neesom extension tube fitted (6")....can be increased by fitting any Neesom Tube to the barrel band coupling. Bought in 1991. Regular use for approx. 10 years, then largely a back-up barrel and action....So, used but never abused! More than capable of a double poss. at 100yds! No. of rounds fired difficult to assess... Shown in a 16 Series Free Rifle Stock (included) Please note, NO sights and NO Butt Hook....Sold as seen, WITHOUT HPS Bipod £550-00 with Approx. 1000 rounds of R50 to sweeten the deal! Any questions please ask. PM or rpthorp@btinternet.com FAC rules apply. Located in Midhurst Sussex, or Bisley meeting by arrangement. Thanks for looking. Rob
  12. Rob Thorp

    Centra Action Stabiliser

    Hi, For which action pleas? Cheers. Rob
  13. Rob Thorp

    System Gemini Fr703 Cheek Piece Mechanism

    Hi Demonloop, Can't PM you for some reason. Will you take £50 inc. P&P to Sussex? Please e-mail me: rpthorp@btinternet.com Cheers. Rob
  14. Rob Thorp

    System Gemini Fr703 Cheek Piece Mechanism

    I'll take it....pm to follow. Rob
  15. Rob Thorp

    Leupold 36X Bench Rest Scope

    Item SOLD, subject to funds. Thanks for looking. Rob