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  1. Yes, anything greyed out is sold I'm afraid. If it's still in white then it is available :)
  2. All PMs replied to. Still plenty of items available on the list folks, I'll do my best to keep it up to date - so if you see anything you fancy just drop me a message
  3. Grunig & Elmiger FT300 (chambered for 6mmBR, with fluted barrel) in CS300F stock. Shot at World Championships 2018 by Jen McIntosh OLY G&E butt-plate carrier, Black II cheek-piece and spacer included along with various accessories - mirage band, safety flag, dry-fire cap, cleaning rod guide etc. Fired approx 500 rounds. Some brass available for hand-loading if desired. Price £5,000 (RRP £6290) and can arrange shipping to local RFD.
  4. That's the list been updated again. Numbers etc correct as of this evening 👍
  5. Hi folks, Thanks for everyone's interest so far! I've just updated the PDF file to show what has sold so far/update quantities available. There's still plenty there, so if you are interested please just drop me a PM. Cheers Andrew
  6. Hi everyone, Having built up a ridiculous amount of spare kit over the years, the wife and I (Jen McIntosh) have decided to try and shift some of it on. It's better for it to go to good homes and get some use than just sit in a kitbag here in the house... It's quite a large list, so we've made a PDF of everything which can be viewed online here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nxs6skjrnah7ogu/Shooting Kit Sale 2020.pdf?dl=0 The majority of the items have been used by Jen - many at major events such as Olympics, Commonwealth Games, World Championships and numerous World Cups etc over the last 10 years. Descriptions and pictures are attached to each item, however if anyone wants any further info or pictures then please just ask and we'd be happy to oblige. Where multiples of the same item are listed, prices are for each one individually (not for the group). Postage is not included in prices listed and will be charged at cost via Royal Mail (or Parcelforce in the case of bulkier items). Jen has also listed these items for sale on Facebook and we'll do our best to update the PDF with comments as and when items sell. Should anyone wish to purchase anything, then please send me a private message here or message Jen via her Facebook page and we'll quote you postage costs and supply details for payment by online bank transfer or Paypal. Any questions then please just ask. All the best folks!
  7. If this is the same as the MEC adjustable sling currently under discussion in the TargetTalk forum, you might want to think again. Allegedly it is susceptible to breaking. I would dispute the claims that the MEC sling is prone to breaking. It is certainly true that the original models were made using a thinner fibre band and these often gave way over time. The new thicker bands are much more resilient and I haven't seen one break yet since they were introduced 2 to 3 years ago. This is despite some very heavy/ regular use by a number of different shooters all with varying degrees of tightness in their position. It's true that they are fancy and some may even say complicated but don't write it off until you've tried it. You might be pleasantly surprised....
  8. Correct. The set is called the 7020. The sight is called the 7002. There are two versions (left handed versions aside)... the 7002/10 which has 10 clicks per revolution and the 7002/20 which has 20. The sight changes the same amount per revolution, the 20 click version allowing less movement per click. 1mm per click for the 20, 2mm per click for the 10, @ 50m. Info here As a side note to this - Anschutz recently announced that they are discontinuing the supply of individual Left Handed 7002 rearsights. The only way they will be supplying them LH now is as the 7020 Set in 20 Click only. This is simply due to lack of demand for the LH 7002. However, they can be converted from 20 Click to 10 Click (and vice versa) fairly easily and a helpful dealer might also be able to split a set so they only supply the rearsight if absolutely necessary. Although they will no longer be available like this as standard.
  9. Rossi

    Gehmann 565 Iris

    Hi David, I've just sent you a PM
  10. Rossi

    Gehmann 565 Iris

    Hi, no of course not, this is a private sale so feel free to PM me directly. I only put the link up as reference to the item specs. Andrew
  11. For Sale: 1 x Gehmann 565 Rearsight Iris (6 Colour Filters, Twin Polariser, Adjustment from 0.5-3.0mm) - SOLD Iris is a couple of years old, been well looked after and recently professionally cleaned/ serviced. Will fit all standard thread rearsights. Special fixing/ clamping spanner is included! http://www.edinkilli...tml?cPath=44_45
  12. No worries. I'll stick an add up here soon for anyone else who might be interested.
  13. I have a Gehmann 565 that I was just about to stick up for sale. £80 if your interested? http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/gehmann-rearsight-iris-single-filter-twin-polariser-p-21.html?cPath=44_45
  14. Rossi

    Club Boots Wanted

    I have some size 43 (9) ahg Stenvaag boots for sale if your interested? - http://forum.stirton.com/index.php/topic/4696-ahg-anschutz-stenvaag-strong-boots/page__p__41361#entry41361
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