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  1. Coiln

    Pistol grip paste required

    Milliput is probably your best bet, it will allow you more time to shape before it go's hard and smooth down by wetting with water, that way you don't need to sand it down so much when hard Davids P38 will work but you'll have less time to shape it before it gos off and it can be messy to use.
  2. Coiln

    Bolt Protectors-Anschutz

    Yes it's a supermarket for people who aren't trying to be something their not 😉
  3. Coiln

    Bolt Protectors-Anschutz

    Depends if Lowey put a copyright in for the design, of a patent for the bolt protector.Lots of things get copied but differ slightly, have a look at Aldi supermarket and their packaging of stuff
  4. Forgot to say it's not a club rifle as such, it was left to the club when the lady gave up target shooting


  5. Let me check at the club, we have a stock like the one at the bottom on a 1907 in very good nick, the one you have would be better for adjustment for us

    The stock we have, the colour is more like yours though

  6. Coiln

    Walnut Anschutz 1907 stock for sale or px

    Let me check at the club, we have one like the bottom, but more like the colour of the one at the top Colin
  7. Coiln

    .22 rifle for sale.

    Looks to be a good price, any pictures
  8. Coiln

    Wanted-Adjustable rear iris

  9. Complete M22 foresight to fit Anchultz 1913 onwards rifle dove rails, although you can change the base on this one to fit other sizes Centra glass Iris size 2.8-4.8 1.6 £140 including Royal mail tracked UK mainland postage, bank transfer or paypal if you cover the 3.4% charges thanks
  10. How many rounds have been through the Action/barrel, and if it's been re-barreled whats the make Thanks
  11. Coiln

    Due To Illness Selling Up

    Would help to have prices for whats for sale
  12. Coiln

    Arson At Cornish Rifle Range

    Why won't the insurance cover the rebuild as a matter of interest
  13. Coiln

    Anschutz Target Sight.

    I see you have three items on this site for sale and so far none have sold, now as you seem intuitive doesn't this tell you that saying ' no scammers' is not helping you to sell Then again prehaps it's your way of not being scammed, as if you don't sell you can't be scammed Again, good luck with your sales
  14. Coiln

    Anschutz Target Sight.

    Good luck with the sale, another star for marketing, why do you keep trying to sell stuff if you think eveyone is a scammer
  15. Coiln

    Andrew Tucker Scope Stand

    Don't forget it's a two way street trust wise with buying and selling, your attitude may be putting people off buying
  16. Coiln

    Faber 7Ltr Diving Tank (Sold)

    It's ok Huey I had two and the rifles sold and one went with that, don't need it now. Thanks
  17. Coiln

    Faber 7Ltr Diving Tank (Sold)

    Faber 7ltr 300bar diving tank with surface valve, date 03/08 so will need retesting before it can be recharged but has air in at the moment. £50.00 collect only, I live in Shropshire SOLD
  18. Coiln

    20Series Anschutz For Sale.

    Might pay to put SOLD on the title now then
  19. Coiln

    Screw For Anschutz Cantable Rear Sight 7002

    No their more interested in selling you new sights than carry spares to repair your own
  20. Coiln

    Centra Bipod Sold

  21. Coiln

    Telescopic Sight

    One on the e of bay at the moment but not cheap