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    Mac got a reaction from GaM in Anschütz 1907 In Grünig+Elmiger Rs Iii Stock   
    Another rifle for sale - this one a factory-selected Anschütz 1907 barrelled action in a Grünig+Elmiger RS III Stock. I selected this barrel as part of a batch in 2013, used by Seonaid at the 2014 World Championships and 2016 European U21 Championships (1st in Qualification; 4th in Final of 3x20).
    New this would be over £3,500 - looking for £2,000.

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    Mac got a reaction from Niel Stofberg in Anschütz 1913 In Grünig & Elmiger Rs Iii Stock   
    For Sale: Anschütz 1913 in a Grünig & Elmiger RS III Stock. I selected the 1913 from the factory in Ulm in 2008 and it has seen relatively light use over the years.
    I have swapped the original grip over onto my new rifle, so this one is brand new - size L.
    Comes complete with a Centra Action Stabliser and an 12" Uptagrafft Tuner Tube.
    New this combination would be well over £3,500 - looking for £1,500.

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    Mac got a reaction from Squishy in Mec Contact Iii/ Skp Buttplate/ Gemini Full Bore Buttplate   
    Cause the hook is more adjustable. And it's shiny!
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    Mac reacted to Neil Calder in Wanted: Shooting Jacket For Junior   
    Double canvas target shooting jacket in good condition for a 10/11 year old girl.
    I'll put details regarding my daughters size up later.
    If you have anything that may be of use, please PM me.
    Many thanks.
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    Mac reacted to neil in Member's "reputation"   
    As some of you may or may not have noticed, one of the newer features in the forum is the ability to promote/demote a user's reputation by click on the little green + or red - icons () at the bottom right hand corner of a post.
    I noticed that members in some groups were able to use the feature and others not. All shooting members should now be able to use this feature, if not then please let me know.