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  1. I think it is still about, certainly was about a month ago......
  2. Yes please, PM to follow. Bing
  3. As per the title, Before I head off and purchase a new one I thought I'd check if anyone had one in need of a new home.? Bing.
  4. Not Anschutz? I'm intrigued, any possibility of a pic or two? Bing!
  5. As above, I've been looking for an aluminium stock for a while but everything seems to be for bleiker....! Now moved onto a wooden stock on the off chance that they are more likely to turn up? Would like thumbhole adjustable style stock, thinking the super match free rifle style. Condition not important as it is to be chopped about to fit a non standard action then heavily cut down for a junior, it may ultimately end up as a door stop or kindling!!! Of course....cheap as possible please.... Thanks, Bing!
  6. Bing

    Aluminium stock.

    Wood thumbhole stock now considered...?.
  7. Bing

    Aluminium stock.

    Bump, Still looking.
  8. Bing

    Aluminium stock.

    PM on the way.
  9. Bing

    Aluminium stock.

    Evening folks, Looking for an Aluminium stock, pretty much any make and condition considered, this is going to be machined to accept a non standard action and be used occasionally. Cheaper the better....of course 😉 Thanks in advance, Brian.
  10. Bloody hell, a GE600, a GE600 left handed........ Was this sitting beside a large pile of rocking horse sh*t?
  11. Stock no longer included. The stock will be re listed if/when the barrel/action/trigger sells.
  12. Bump to the top again for more updated info..... Bing!
  13. Bump to the top for new info.......... Bing!
  14. Lets have another crack at this. 1913 SELECTED barrel and action, including trigger. Approx 50K rounds since I bought this new about 8 years ago. It has been sitting in the safe for a year or two now and is time for it to go. Barrel/action (including trigger): £700 Barrel/action (including trigger) + Vibrake/foresight/tube: £820 Will Part exchange for a GE600/Unique/MEC Project stock. Seriously. Bing! Sensible offers considered. Everything now sold.......
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