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  1. Bing

    Aluminium stock.

    Wood thumbhole stock now considered...?.
  2. Bing

    Aluminium stock.

    Bump, Still looking.
  3. Bing

    Aluminium stock.

    PM on the way.
  4. Bing

    Aluminium stock.

    Evening folks, Looking for an Aluminium stock, pretty much any make and condition considered, this is going to be machined to accept a non standard action and be used occasionally. Cheaper the better....of course 😉 Thanks in advance, Brian.
  5. Bloody hell, a GE600, a GE600 left handed........ Was this sitting beside a large pile of rocking horse sh*t?
  6. Bing

    1913 + Gemini Ultra Stock

    Stock no longer included. The stock will be re listed if/when the barrel/action/trigger sells.
  7. Bing

    1913 + Gemini Ultra Stock

    Bump to the top again for more updated info..... Bing!
  8. Bing

    1913 + Gemini Ultra Stock

    Bump to the top for new info.......... Bing!
  9. Bing

    1913 + Gemini Ultra Stock

    Lets have another crack at this. 1913 SELECTED barrel and action, including trigger. Approx 50K rounds since I bought this new about 8 years ago. It has been sitting in the safe for a year or two now and is time for it to go. Barrel/action (including trigger): £700 Barrel/action (including trigger) + Vibrake/foresight/tube: £820 Will Part exchange for a GE600/Unique/MEC Project stock. Seriously. Bing! Sensible offers considered. Everything now sold.......
  10. Bing

    System Gemini Ultra Stock

    If you wish to do a swap I would gladly let you have the stock plus cash for a GE600? If you have one knocking around of course.... Bing!
  11. Bing

    System Gemini Ultra Stock

    The complete set up is the ultra stock, Gemini butt plate, vibrake stiffener/sight raiser, 22mm centra score plus foresight, 12" Neesom tube plus a wee stubby tube (1-2" long ish for the 3p folks) and a 1913 selected barrel/action. I had the barrel/action from new about 8 years ago, stopped using the barrel at 47,000 rounds, a junior then used it for about 2-3000 rounds at most. It has a set of rear sights but they aren't great, I only stopped using it as I rebarreled an 1813 action and liked the results, my spare barrel/action became my main one. There are some markings in the blueing by the dovetail where the Neesom tube clamps on but otherwise it's in very good condition. I only took photos yesterday but they will be on show soon, well, as soon as the wife shows me how to upload them..... Bing! Forgot to mention, the left hand side of the forend has had a radius machined on it, I have removed the wooden bit off the stock on that side, I found it comfier in the hand (I still have the wooden bit and the stock was re- anodised red).
  12. Bing

    System Gemini Ultra Stock

    If you are willing to buy a complete set up I have an ultra stock? Bing!
  13. Bing

    Anschutz 8002

    Hi all, Looking for an 8002 BARREL/ACTION ONLY... I have acquired a stock (long story...) and am thinking about adding the important bit and having a pop. Depending on price. If nothing comes up there could be a stock for sale soon. Ta, Bing!
  14. Bing

    Anschutz Stock Butt Hook Carrier

    Are you still looking for this part? I think I have the thing about somewhere, if you are still looking for this I will have a dig through the bags and boxes. If you have the part I won't go near the cupboard!!! Bing!