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  1. I know where there’s a vgc LP10, although nowhere near to you geographically πŸ€”
  2. As title really - looking for a charging adaptor to fill air cylinder for a Walther LG400 😊
  3. As per title really - looking for barrel weights to fit Walther LG400 standard tube. Any out there?
  4. Have sent a message Dom 😊
  5. I’m not 100% on these things, but it has a MEC tube, MEC trigger blade and MEC Contact 3 buttplate I think
  6. Please feel free to make an offer
  7. Looking for a pellet tray (one that sits angled towards shooter instead of flat) and also rifle pad that sits squarely on top of stand (not down the side of the post) for tec hro stand
  8. Offers considered. Drop me a PM to discuss :)
  9. Currently shooting a Morini 162ei pcp pistol but not quite comfy enough with the grip, despite trying some modifications myself. One of the guys at our club has a new FWB P8X with a medium grip which I find fits me like a glove and I love it! Any advice if it would be possible to get a grip pretty much a carbon copy of the FWB grip but that would fit my Morini? Any help appreciated
  10. Is weight bar still available and are there any pictures please?
  11. Apologies - I forgot to reply 😭 I got sorted out from Mac above. Many thanks for the offer!
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