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  1. cjmarrio

    22mm High end elements various sizes

    22mm....just edited the post thanjs Tim.
  2. High end elements - 22mm Used but all in good condition. All are made by Centra. Sizes: 4.8/ 1.2 - SOLD 4.9/ 1.4 - SOLD 5.0/ 1.4 5.1/1.1 5.2/1.1 5.5/1.3 £12 each including postage. Or can discount slightly if multiple are purchased.
  3. cjmarrio

    Starik Carbon Tube For Sale

    What diameter is it for the muzzle?
  4. cjmarrio

    Walther Air Rifle, Clothing, Stand For Sale

    Are any of these still for sale?
  5. cjmarrio

    Centra Level 22Mm

    Hi All, I'm looking for a centra 22mm foresight level. If anyone has one for sale please PM me or comment. Thanks. Chris
  6. cjmarrio

    5.1 / 1.4 22Mm Hi-End Element

    Wanted: 5.1 / 1.4 22mm hi-end element. Let me know if you have one spare to purchase. Thanks, Chris
  7. cjmarrio

    Anschutz 1407 For Sale

    Can you send me some photos or any further information you have about the rifle please. It's for another club member. Cjmarrio@gmail.com Thanks, Chris
  8. cjmarrio

    Bits And Bobs For Sale

    PM sent
  9. cjmarrio

    Bits And Bobs For Sale

    PM sent
  10. cjmarrio

    22Mm Foresight

    Robert- PM'D you. Hps- many thanks. Thanks both for replying.
  11. cjmarrio

    22Mm Foresight

    22mm foresight to fit new style anschutz dovetail. Also need 22mm foresights 5.1mm and upwards (circular, ideally 1.4mm ring and hi-end glass) PM me with details if you are selling such items. Cheers, Chris
  12. cjmarrio

    Having A Clear Out Of Kit

    Dropbox link added with some photos of the kit. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fgkj937jla43o1s/AABRTANY-q6rUXtosiDg096Xa?dl=0
  13. cjmarrio

    For Sale ( Elements Etc )

    Can I buy the 5mm please. Just PM me your PayPal or bank details. Thanks, Chris
  14. cjmarrio

    Iris Sight For An Anschutz 1413

    I've got two different rear iris for sale. Simple design adjustable from 0.8-2.2. Can email photos if required just PM me.
  15. cjmarrio

    Having A Clear Out Of Kit

    Phil- I've sent you an email with a few photos on to see which hand stop you want. I'll be down at Bisley from Tuesday 14th (or possibly Monday evening) until Thursday 16th so will come and find you then if that's ok.