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  1. FA_600

    Walther Air Rifle, Clothing, Stand For Sale

    Yes the jacket is still up for sale. It is a UK 52 size. Any other questions please feel free to ask me.
  2. FA_600

    Walther Air Rifle, Clothing, Stand For Sale

    Yes these are still up for sale.
  3. Hi, I have for sale the following items: 1.Walther LG400 Alutec Expert air rifle with accessories - £2200 ono · Centra foresight with High End foresight elements · Walther Insight-Out Rearsight Diopter (Left/Right Hand) · Centra iris different colour filter · Rear and foresight riser blocks · Barrel and cheek piece weights · Rifle Case 2.Gehmann 273 3P rifle stand - £100 ono 3.Corami rifle boots (Size 45) with the various inserts and insoles - £110 ono · Modified to conform to new ISSF rules (2013) 4.Kurt Thune TL2 jacket (Size 52) - £140 ono · Passed equipment control (British Shooting tagged) 5.Kurt Thune HL trousers (Size 50) - £150 ono · Modified to conform to new ISSF rules (2013) · Passed equipment control (British Shooting tagged) Additional postage will apply to all clothing, but the rifle must be collected in person. The rifle was bought in 2011 and has fired fewer than 5000 rounds. It comes with the case and various accessories such as additional weights, the top of the range Walther Insight-Out rearsight, sight riser blocks and Centra colour filters Photographs of all items are available however the files are too large to upload here. Please message me your email address if you would like to see any of the photos. Thank you!
  4. FA_600

    Scatt Usb Professional Trainer

    Added. Cheers for that Rob, I should have known better!
  5. FA_600

    Scatt Usb Professional Trainer

    Hi, I have for sale a Scatt USB Professional trainer. Looking at £550 + delivery. Please pm me if you're interested. *Sold*
  6. FA_600

    3P Jacket And 3P Trousers

    Hi, I have for sale the following:- Gehmann 404R 3P Jacket Gehmann 427 3P Trousers Both the jacket and trousers are just over a year old and in good condition. I no longer need them as I have outgrown them. JACKET SIZE: 48 JACKET SIZE GUIDE:- Chest: 104 cm / 40 inches Waist: 93 cm / 36 inches Outside sleeve: 62 cm / 24 inches TROUSERS SIZE: 44 TROUSERS SIZE GUIDE:- Waist: 94 cm / 37 inches Inside length: 68 cm / 26 inches Outside length: 103 cm / 40 inches JACKET DETAILS:- Cut to maximize support and comfort in all positions. Pierce-through buttons enable personalising a perfect fit. Over-the-shoulder straps remove tucks on the shoulder pad. Adjustable sling strap with a hook designed to match our slings. Anti-slip rubber on elbows ensures a stable position. Suede front panel supports your elbow pad when in the standing position. Over-the-shoulder tension straps. Fully adjustable sling loop. TROUSERS DETAILS:- The trousers are cut for support in all positions. The Velcro waistband and Velcro fly allows for easy adjustability. 3/4 length 2 way zips behind the legs allows for adjustability. You can open/close the trouser legs wherever you want, to suit your own comfort level. This makes shooting in all 3-positions easy and very comfortable. Good quality rubber has been used for the knees to provide additional comfort when in the kneeling or prone position. Thigh inserts have a soft top, which eliminates any tension when kneeling. Unbleached canvas has been used for rigidity. Ambidextrous fitting fits both left and right-hand shooters. NOTE: To make the jacket pass equipment control in February 2012, I had to "cut squares" on the button-hole line (inside panel) to make the button-line thinner. Obviously this does not affect the support the jacket has to offer. The seat pad on the trousers needs to be removed to make them compliant with the new ISSF (2013-2016) rules. This is a very simple task. PRICES:- Jacket: £85 including postage Trousers: £100 including postage Combined: £165 including postage If you would like pictures or any other information about the above items please message me. Thank you
  7. FA_600

    Scatt Trainer

    No longer looking. Thanks