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  1. sdixon1

    Full bore rifle

    Wow. Suppose they are an essential service. I’ll call mine. Should be an easy transfer.
  2. sdixon1

    Full bore rifle

    Hi yeah it’s still available. I don’t know about the current situation about transferring or transporting firearms. where are you based. scott
  3. sdixon1


    That’s it
  4. sdixon1

    Full bore rifle

    I bought a secondhand full Bore rifle two years ago thinking I’ll shoot more. I managed one day. I’ve now transferred it off my fac to my local dealer. See link. https://www.tackleandguns.net/used-762mm-musgrave-ba-rifle-4532-p.asp Thanks Scott
  5. sdixon1


    I’ve a 308 musgrave target rifle for sale.
  6. sdixon1

    L/H Grunig

    You got a new rifle Ken.
  7. sdixon1

    Items for sale.

    I’ll take the riser blocks.
  8. Thanks. Do you want some money now to hold them. Scott
  9. Ok. Rfd to rfd. £25each last time I moved a rifle. I’ll cover the cost. Scott
  10. Dave quick update. Central Scotland police want 3months for a like for like. Are you in a rush to get these off your cert. if not I’m happy to pay for them and when our paperwork is updated we can transfer them. Scott
  11. sdixon1

    Club kit needed

    Hi im looking for double canvas jackets if any has any for sale for my club. Also gloves and slings Scott
  12. sdixon1

    Please see list

    You got photos of the mat and jackets scott
  13. Hi If you still have the jacket I’ll take it. Scott
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