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  1. I’ve just bought an air arms biathlon rifle. But what the shop didn’t have was the adapters to recharge the cylinder from an scuba tank. Anyone got a spare or know where to get one from. Cheers
  2. New rear sight sold irises sold hand stop sold
  3. I’ve the following for sale 2x Anschutz canting rear sights (20 clicks) one is 18months old and not used (£250)and the other is about 5/6 years (£200). New one sold Anschutz Hand stop not used (£75) 18mm foresight with inside / outside ring adjustments (£50) https://gehmann.com/english/products.php?id=1570&kategorie=26 all plus P&P Thanks
  4. I’ll take it. My email is scottdixon2213@yahoo.com sonwe can sort out payment etc scott
  5. I’ve a 18mm duo I no longer use. I’ve photos but too big to upload. You got a email address.
  6. sdixon1


    I’ve a 1913 super match stock if needed.
  7. Hi. I’ll be interested in one. Standard trigger. I’m awaiting on my FAC being updated which would be soon. Shipping cost to scotland is needed too. Scott
  8. I'm trying to attach photos. All I get is file too big. I have screen shot the photos and they are still too big. Any ideas..
  9. Bob The M18 tunnel will not fit into an Anschutz rail. I know you said it is a steyr and you had it on your rifle. Help please.
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