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  1. Anshutz LH leather sling. This is brand new and has never been used: £25 inc postage Tel 07788 564 289
  2. Anschutz Selected 1907 barrelled action in makers packaging Test fired for batched Tenex at Eley only otherwise not used. Current price for this is £1392 + £195 = £1587 Proven accuracy only £999 bargain Telephone 07788 564 289
  3. Barrelled action, bought for my daughter who prompting gave up shooting for university. Selected by British Shooting from Anschutz factory test groups Then batch tested at Eley for Tenex and that is it. Price from Intershoot is £1587. For sale at £1000. A very good buy for the person who is looking for what is effectively a new rifle barrel/ action of proven accuracy Border
  4. Apologies. Contact by phone is best as I do not have regular Internet access 07788 564 289
  5. Updated advert. Barrelled action, bought for my daughter who prompting gave up serious shooting. Selected by Anschutz from factory test groups Eley Tenex batched to suit available as well at preferential rate. Edinkillie sells a standard action for £1380. This rifle is effectively new - 75% of £1380 = £1035 for a barrel of proven accuracy. Border
  6. Apologies, but 'Yes' I made a typing error and it is a 1907. We bought as replacement an old 1407 barrelled action Thank you for pointing it out I will start a new thread
  7. Anschutz 1407 selected barrelled action. Bought for my daughter when she was selected for the British Shooting Academy, however, only used on a single trp to the range to fire 50 rounds. Shortly afterward she decided to stop competitive shooting. It is therefore almost a new barrelled action Price £1035, ie, 75% of new price. Batched Tenex from the Eley factory available Border 07788 564 289 Located in Yorkshire
  8. As above Anschutz leather sling for a left hander. Never been used. £25
  9. As above. Bought and virtually never used. Possibly a minor scratch or two on stock from sitting in gun cupboard. Will have fired just a few shots. £275. A fraction of new price.
  10. Morini match air pistol for sale in top condition. £750. Send email address for details/ photographs.
  11. I have an old Steyr grip made by Leslie Bowler. It has been adjusted for previous owner but still servicable and would allow a person to personalize a grip for themselves without carving up the factory supplied one. £25 plus postage.
  12. Sorry for delay. Jacet has been sold.
  13. border

    Anschutz 1407

    Anschutz 1407 from the 1970s. Owned and stored corretly by me for around 25 years. Proven accuracy of over 590 training and recorded 589 in 50m outdoor prone. Good condition £225
  14. Holme junior shooting jacket. Bought for my daughter at age 13 and used for 2-3 years. Used but still very useable, £20.
  15. A pair of brand new, never worn, Gehamann shooting boots in size 11. Only £70 plus postage at cost.
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