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  1. Hi Irontrack, Yes, the glasses have been sold. Gary
  2. One of the Eagle Eyes now SOLD I still have one for sale, but not in a box.
  3. I have two Eagle Eyes 0.3 for sale. One of them is in its box, the other one isn't, £18 each which includes postage.
  4. Hi Rossdook, Yes they are. Gary
  5. GaryD

    Gehmann Rear Iris

    Hi Mike, I have only just seen your message, If you are still interested send me a PM Gary
  6. Selling a Gehmann Rear Iris which I believe is the 563, £90 including postage 563 Gehmann iris, 6-colour & single polariser Iris 6 colour filters: orange, light green, yellow, medium grey, dark grey and amethyst Single polariser Can be used as an iris only
  7. Hi Chris, Sorry about the delay but I have found the complete lens holder, looking for £40 which includes postage. Gary
  8. Hi Chris, I think I have one. I will check later on and send you a photo, sorry I cant do it now as I am off to the Beach with the Grandchildren. Its a hard life but someone has to do it. Gary
  9. Again selling on behalf of a Club Member Anschutz Lens Holder. First Class condition £20 plus postage.
  10. Selling on behalf of a Club Member a well used set of Shooting Gasses. Looking for £120 ONO plus postage. If you had to buy these new, they are over £300
  11. Hi Tom, I finally got around to uploading a picture. Gary
  12. I have one I will try and post some pictures tomorrow.
  13. GaryD

    Benchrest Scope

    I thought that a 45X scope might be too high for that distance, but I am obviously wrong?
  14. GaryD

    Benchrest Scope

    Hi Warwick, Just wondering what distance and what discipline you are going to use the Leupold on.
  15. Hi Wally, It has been Sold, but thanks for asking GaryD
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