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  1. Hyperlink

    Schulz Jacket Right handed Eur 56

    Sold pending the usual.
  2. Hyperlink

    Withdrawn from sale

    Withdrawn from sale - thanks for looking.
  3. Hyperlink

    Schulz Jacket Right handed Eur 56

    I will do it £75 posted
  4. Hyperlink

    Withdrawn from sale

    Too much? Make me an offer?
  5. Hyperlink

    Withdrawn from sale

    Centra Folding Bipod Used Good Condition, Fully Working in Orginal Plast Tube Packaging.
  6. Hyperlink

    Schulz Jacket Right handed Eur 56

    I have a New Schulz Jacket available Right Handed Euro Size 56 Unused £80
  7. Hyperlink

    Cross hair Duo-Vario sight

    Pretty sure I have a m18 centra duo vario tucked away along with a bubble attachment and a sun shade. Not used as I moved to m22 turn over sight. Will dig out what I have tomorrow.
  8. Hyperlink

    Target Shooting Jacket

    I have a brand new/unused right handed Shultz jacket in 44"/Euro56 if thats of any use. Where abouts are you located?
  9. Hyperlink

    Bolt Protectors-Anschutz

    Patent No.: PCT/AU2007/000035
  10. Hyperlink

    Wanted-Adjustable rear iris

    I have a Centra 3.0 Combi rear iris in Black if you are interested. very little use as its was on my spare sights. I could do it for £100 posted.
  11. Hyperlink

    Centra Mirror Iris

    Hi Chris I have one spare I think. Will check later. Mark