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  1. Just a note to say I've sent you a private message. Thanks. Chris
  2. Great sight. I hope someone buys soon. Excellent piece of kit!!
  3. I'd like to buy it. I reckon I can mount it on my Walther plate. Shall I contact you directly?
  4. Am interested. What is the weird brass bit at the front? Is there an original interface plate/rods?
  5. Thanks. I'll take it. I'll pm you. Thanks. Chris
  6. Thanks Jim. I'll let Gary respond first though!! Might yet be interested!!
  7. Hi Gary. Does this have the fitting block to the sights/iris? Or is it just the lens lollipop as shown? Would be V interested if it had the block too. Thanks. Chris
  8. How much please? The forum has rules requiring you publish a price. I am interested. Thanks. Chris
  9. Hi Rossi! I've sent you a PM. Hope you're well! Chris
  10. Mint Hammerli AR20 for sale - £680 ONO. Includes: Centra Rear iris with colour filters Anschutz Eye Blinder Gunslip Bottle is in date to 2026. Photos available here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q8x4n557500xvq0/AAD-M0i0TULlMjkNFo0t_lLla?dl=0 Message me or reply to this. Thanks. Chris
  11. Hi Dalwhinie I have an AR20 air rifle for sale - here are some pictures if you are interested: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q8x4n557500xvq0/AAD-M0i0TULlMjkNFo0t_lLla?dl=0 Price is £675 ONO. The rifle is mint condition.
  12. NOW SOLD (pending the usual). Thanks!
  13. Hi Brian. I've sent you 2 emails. Please check your junk emails too. Thanks Chris
  14. Hi guys, My trusty SCATT USB is for sale here! I've had this for about 3 years and it's been brilliant. All in good working order. I am including a small tripod to mount the SCATT target-holder. I've used it to good effect for prone; 3P; and 10M Air Rifle training at distances from about 4M to about 10M. I have never live fired through this SCATT, and am not sure that that is advisable! I would like £485 ONO for it. Photos are attaching in this Dropbox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/serc59yfv49bcpy/AABi5gCf2uV3fqXwaQJ6P8R2a?dl=0 Happy browsing!
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