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  1. Still looking for a stock, budget around £100~, not looking for anything too fancy/adjustable as will be used by multiple members.
  2. I have this stock but with a Barnard in it, and at 5'7"-8" have a pretty solid position so swings and roundabouts, but could be good for those of us on the shorter side of life. Looks like a fab rifle for someone!
  3. Looking for a 22mm foresight with approx range 2.4-4.4 or similar. Also looking for an Anschutz 4752 handstop. Ed
  4. Yes RH action, cost would probably be ideally less than 100 if thats possible
  5. Hi All Looking for a stock to suit a 1807 for my uni club, so nothing too fancy needed. Also as we are a uni club, budget is fairly limited. Cheers Ed
  6. I'm looking for a .22 prone rifle for shooting with my Uni club, ideally in an alloy stock, but will consider others. Budget is roughly up to 1.5k but may be willing to stretch. And the cheaper the better!
  7. Could you tell me a bit more about the rifle? How old is the action/barrel and what's the round count?
  8. Price drop, jacket now 250 and glasses 90
  9. Weekly Bump Any offers are welcome, want to sell these asap
  10. Sling now sold, all other items still available
  11. I have for sale: 1 OnTarget Leather Jacket would fit 38-40" chest £300, 1 Gehmann 465 Glove £20, 1 ESE Micro-adjustable sling (blue) £50 and 1 set of Champion Shooting Glasses (includes translucent and opaque blinder) £100 All prices are ono and postage is at cost, PM for more details and pics Pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/W27MX8Jg1SrP8M5U7
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