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  1. Neilfr1

    Hand Stop

    I am looking for a hand stop for an anschutz 54.
  2. Neilfr1


    I am looking for a good Anschutz Target rifle for my daughter. She has only been shooting for a few months and her averages are creeping nicely into the 90's with a club rifle. She now needs her own to adapt and improve her scores. Anschutz or similar. Not looking to break the bank as she is a student. Thanks
  3. Hi sorry I missed your message. Can you send me a photo?? I live near Lancaster. Thanks Neil
  4. Hi jimrward This jacket would be a bit small I'm afraid. When looking at size charts being 42inch chest would be a EU 54. Thanks
  5. Hi, I am looking for a Target Shooting Jacket. Leather/Canvas to fit 42" Chest. The one I just bought was borrowed without my knowledge!!!
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