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  1. Setting Up A Invision Forum

  2. Left Hand Rifle Wanted

    I'm sure there will be a 'risk-reward' procedure we can follow.
  3. Left Hand Rifle Wanted

    Simon I still have an 1810L in the cupboard with a border barrel, true left. There were some pictures on the board of it, but if you want some, please advise. It will come with a S&N butthook and standard Anschutz rear/foresight. Best regards Bob M
  4. Spreadsheet Help

    Thanks Jim and Simon. Adapted sheet and gave to requester. Appreciate your help..........brill! Best wishes...
  5. Spreadsheet Help

    I got asked a similar question today. From a list of numbers in Excel, say in cells E1 to E10, how can I produce an average on the best 8 from 10 scores? Regards Bob M
  6. Remember Me

    I got logged out yesterday, when I rebooted my PC.
  7. Wanted- Andrew Tucker Stand Extention Bars

    Why would you need extension bars to shoot at 50M/100yds? Surely just change the focus? smallbore
  8. Setting Up A Invision Forum

    Thanks Guys. Will investigate more. Best regards smallbore
  9. New Skins

    Hee Hee, whoops another rib gone.......
  10. New Skins

    What do you mean I can choose my own skin? This is proposterous! I need dictating to and have all my choices removed. Damn it, I don't live in a free world!
  11. New Skins

    2 for me, lots of colour.....
  12. True Left-hander Rifle For Beginner Wanted

    Hi Dave, I'll be at the Scottish. Shooting the Police shoot on Thursday and then main meeting. Competitor number 0002. I'm going up tonight at around 11:45 p.m.!
  13. True Left-hander Rifle For Beginner Wanted

    See this topic: http://forum.stirton.com/index.php?showtopic=1805 I still have it for sale. Border barrel, 1810L. Regards Bob M
  14. Wanted - Gun Cabinets

    Here is one on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1 smallbore
  15. 18/19/2013 Rifles Wanted

    Still got an 1810L (Left-handed) for sale. PM me if you need more details. See Wanted topic for a picture. Bob M
  16. L/h Rifle

    Hi Emma I have a 1810L which will be available. 1813 LH action with a border barrel, with an S & N butthook, deep stock and purple bolt ball. See attached picture of rifle in 2001 when used in Roberts final. Will come with a Duguid left-handed rear sight. I will be down at Bisley tomorrow (Sat 18th), so if you let me know tonight I can bring it down with me for a viewing. Regards Bob M
  17. Left Handed Rifle

    I still have one for sale, but it is a way above your price. See the last entry in this topic: http://forum.stirton.com/index.php?showtopic=1506 Best regards Bob Meadows
  18. Dicounted Fuel!!

    I gambled and signed up.
  19. .22 Lh Target Rifle

    Just to inform you that the 1910L was sold two weeks ago. Shortly will have an 1810L available. Serial number 181447X, born around 1982. One of the first true left-hand Anchutz rifles. I had Border barrel installed in late 1999. S & N butthook, purple ball, duguid rear sight. Normal globe foresight on dovetail. Stock shape just as pictures of 1910, posted before. Still shoots well. Shot 198 at 100yds in Jersey this year, 19 bulls and pointed one into the 8 ring. Operator error! Average 195 over NSRA long range league and 98.1 NSRA 25yds (outdoor!) Got me to the Roberts Final in 2001. Reason for sale: 2013 I assembled with Nick Phillips' walnut stock (bought at Bisley) and 2013L barrel and action (I bought a year ago) is shooting great, so I don't need a second or third rifle. Looking for £525. Best regards smallbore
  20. .22 Lh Target Rifle

    Rifle has normal 1913 barrel and action and adjustable cheekpiece. Barrel is not drilled for scope and have always receiver mounted it. Here is a low res picture of the complete rifle. NOTE: Scope is not included smallbore
  21. .22 Lh Target Rifle

    Rifle was purchased in USA whilst I was out there., through Neil Johnston's Gunsmithing. I bought it to stop having to carry my 1810L back and forwards. The rifle has been used for about 50% iron sights and 50% scope. Has won one NRA regional championship, 2nd in two others. I was VERY happy out ther with it. When I brought it back, I had just rebarrelled my 1810L and shot that instead. Trigger is normal Anschutz, no rear sight (Have moved my duguid to my new 2013L). Has simple Anschutz foresight and serviced last about 2 years ago at Bisley. Mattieus didn't like the way the firing pin was ground, so through the old one away and ground a new one. NO PROBLEMS WITH MISFIRES OR ANYTHING WRONG WITH IT SINCE NEW. NOTE: Butt hook has been returned to original metal adjustable 'armadillo' type, NOT the illustrated Gemini. smallbore
  22. .22 Lh Target Rifle

    Please PM me an email address and I'll send pictures greater than 100kb. Here are a couple to provide some information: NOTE: Butt hook has been returned to original metal adjustable 'armadillo' type, NOT the illustrated Gemini. smallbore
  23. .22 Lh Target Rifle

    I have a 1910L left-handed deep foreend for sale. Have one person interested and will be showing him at the Thorn shoot late September (nr Dunstable Beds). Will be back from Malta on 12th Sep. Rifle has had around 7000 rounds through it and great nick. Can email pictures once returned. smallbore
  24. Left Handed 3p Rimfire Rifle

    Here is the 1910L with a scope on. Regards smallbore
  25. Left Handed 3p Rimfire Rifle

    I also have a left-handed 1910L for sale, about 7,000 rounds, deep forend, but more expensive. If the other falls through, you may be interested. Regards smallbore