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  1. surplusshed.com in the states OFTEN do retroreflector prisms that work for 25 and 50. I find 2 for 25 and 4 for 50 work fine. I *think* that is where Dave gets his supplies. But, DONT get these ones http://www.surplusshed.com/pages/item/l10537.html
  2. Butt hook arrived safe and sound. Thanks. "Bicycle bits" indeed!
  3. jonmalone

    Noptel Trainer

    Sometimes these people have REALLY CHEAP prisms that work just fine at 50m. http://www.surplusshed.com/search.cfm?Search=prism&Offset=0 Speak with Dave Caughy to get part number --- If I can find an old invoice I will post up the part number I got 4 and put them in some epoxy in a tupperware box.
  4. no stock needed. Action is for "a project", so barrel quality is not material.
  5. We have 1 of these in the club; co2 cartridge powered, light, ambi, standard rail, shoots straight enough. They dont seem to make them any more. I am still trying to pick one up for junior new-starts. We cant be the only people in the UK with one. Does anyone have one languishing in a cupboard that we could procure?
  6. Agreed; But our committee is on a different goal - empty the safe ASAP. I got permission to put a note on Stirton to see if there was anybody wanting them. I cant make it a lifetime goal to keep these beasts from the saw :angry:
  7. I did not weigh them - no scales that work. They are lighter than the Martini action rifles we have. As the vostok(sp) are fairly "long barrelled" they are front heavy - especially so if you were to chop the rear to help them fit smaller people. However they are bolt-action. Photos: http://www.clach-sbrc.org.uk/photos/vostock/00002.jpg http://www.clach-sbrc.org.uk/photos/vostock/00003.jpg They will probably be disposed of (aka scrapped) in a week or twos time as we need to free up the space. Shout now if they are of any interest to anyone.
  8. I am back in the club tomorrow, I can look at them/weigh them. From memory I think they are not particularly light - but dont quote me until I look. A saw on the stock would help them fit juniors and lighten them, but I think the balance could be altered and they become very front heavy. more tomorrow night
  9. We have "upgraded" our club rifles with 4 more anschutz and so need space in the armoury. As a result Clachnacuddin has 4 RH rifles - 2 old BSA martini(sp) rifles and 2 vostoks that we need rid of. Nothing great but they shoot straight. It seems a sin to scrap them. The martini actions may have thumbhole stocks - so cant be classed as "originals". I guess we take ONO but I have been asked to put them in at £50 per piece. I will be down at Bisley in August and over to Aberdeen/Gagie (etc) over the summer and could face to face transfer. All rifles have sights, etc and have been stored in a heated armoury. Nae photos!
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