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  1. marfulee

    Anschutz 2000 Series Barrel/action In G&e Rsii Stock

    Just to be clear: Handstop and sights not included Barrel is about 10 years old and has had about 23000 rounds through it.
  2. marfulee

    Steyr Lg110 Air Rifle

    Not used much, so it's in pristine condition, complete with case & sights £1000
  3. Both in excellent condition, though the stock has a slight crack in the cheekpiece, not that it's ever been a problem. £1500 for both together, though I may be willing to sell the two items separately Handstop & sights not included
  4. marfulee

    Mouche Bodywarm

    34 - is that the chest size?
  5. marfulee

    Wooden Stock: 2000 Series Anschutz

    I don't think the square 2000 series action will fit an 1813...
  6. marfulee

    Wooden Stock: 2000 Series Anschutz

    As it said in the title... Butt plate not required...
  7. marfulee

    For Sale Scatt Training System

    Probably just bad timing Terry, its a pretty expensive time of the year for all of us. Yeah, I'm interested, but I don't have the cash just yet...
  8. ...Title says it all...
  9. marfulee

    Ruger 10/22

    Let's not have that argument again... The antis want all our guns, they're ALL evil... I sold something quite similar a few months back, I got £400 for it, advertised it on the NRA notice board.
  10. marfulee

    Rpa Quadlite .308 In Hps Gemini Stock

    OK, we can chat about it then and sort something out!
  11. marfulee

    Rpa Quadlite .308 In Hps Gemini Stock

    Yep, still available: when's the Kingsgate vs. Soton uni match on? I can fetch said rifle from Bisley and drag it along - after the 24th/25th...
  12. marfulee

    Wanted - Shooting Specs (frames)

    I can let you have my pair of MEC glasses for very little money: the only minor problem is that you'll need to get a lens holder as I adapted it to fit my Champion frame. They're looking in a bit of a sorry state, so I'd let you have them for £45! Perfectly usable for a student PM me if you're interested... And I'll make sure I can find all the bits to reassemble!
  13. marfulee

    Rpa Quadlite .308 In Hps Gemini Stock

    There's something you don't see very often: a conversion from fullbore to the noble arts of air. I'm glad you have seen the light, my child. Go forth and spread the word. I dunno, I'm not sure how many people I can convert... I started fullbore when I had plenty of free time and money. Then I got married Pellets are about the cheapest ammo as I can get and the propellant is widely available too
  14. marfulee

    Rpa Quadlite .308 In Hps Gemini Stock

    I'm only asking £2200, but obviously wouldn't say no to more!
  15. Fullbore target rifle. very good condition: RPA quadlite with Lothar Walther barrel about 1500 rounds through the barrel, so plenty of life left in it. About 3 years old. HPS System Gemini Stock 702 (fixed grip) Complete with HPS handstop (last generation, before the current super adjustable one), HPS bipod, RPA scope rail. Also includes Centra rearsight + Centra foresight (1 min click elevation!) + Centra iris Front + Gehmann Level + Centra iris Read (0.8-1.8) Selling because I can't afford to run 2 fullbore rifles and I could really do with an air rifle and other gear! Available for viewings at NRA armoury at Bisley by appointment... £2200 (Apologies for the grainy photo)