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  1. We have a problem with on of our club Match 64 (1403) dating from 1974!. The part of the sear on the bolt has become too worn to lock the bolt cocked. A local gunsmith has looked at it and managed a temporary repair with careful grinding but it didn't last long and now he says it needs a replacement part. The part no is 1392-12 Schlagbolzenmutter or Cocking piece (number 12 on the diagram below). I have found in an Anschutz spare price list but I wonder if anyone has one knocking about before we try to purchase a replacement from Anschutz. I know its probably a long shot but if such a thing exists rattling around your club we can make good use of it. Thanks in advance .
  2. M6 fine (M6 x 0.75) when seaching. Ensure that the thread is 0.75mm pitch not the standard 1mm. Lengths are then the fun part... too long for the rear bolt will jam the bolt!
  3. The price is on the facebook page with pictures
  4. Sorry Tim I forgot to put the price in the original post - offers around £250
  5. One of out members is selling his jacket and sling. The jacket was made to measure so a try on would probably be best (£100) and the sling is £70
  6. One of our members is selling his Match 64 as his son has outgrown it.
  7. They are not recommended for use. Better with a plain metal one and a magnifying glass as you can then see the edge in the correct and proscribed manner.
  8. I use this one for forums with picture size limit and at work for building online teaching materials. easy to use online... Picture resizer
  9. M6 0.75 pitch (fine pitch)... Ebay or other fastener suppliers and cut to length. I suggest you buy socket head (allen bolts). You will find Anschutz supplied bolts are £25 quid or so (each...)
  10. sjb1604

    Webley Osprey

    This is a useful online picture resizer... no need to install anything on your PC Web Resizer
  11. Robert, Thanks for the heads up. I'll try there S
  12. Does anyone have a spare 5071 trigger lying around? Or parts of one... I need the following bit for a friends rifle - No 15 on the diagram - part no 5071-U9/1 Auslöseklinke (Release Catch) Thanks Simon
  13. Charles, She's like a kid with a new toy - very excited and already has set a PB with it! Simon
  14. Deletion can only be done by a moderator, but you can edit the thread title to something like Anschutz sight - SOLD! To do this go to your original post and click on edit at the bottom right of the post. When the editor opens click on use Full Editor. Once that opens you can edit the thread tile to reflect that the item has been sold.
  15. Robert thanks, foresights are not a problem now we found one loafing in the club bits and pieces box - its a rearsight we are really after now...
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