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  1. For sale Hammerli rear sight excellent condition double windage knob variation £300 ono inc postage system won’t allow me to upload left side pic
  2. Left handed light beech stock bought last year second hand for a project that has been abandoned few marks here and there due to normal usage £180 ono will include postage
  3. I have a centra score one in silver for FWB, £64 new will sell for £38 inc postage I will clean exterior before sending
  4. I am guessing Anschutz fit as it’s currently on my 9015 Air Rifle but may fit others but I cannot guarantee as there are so many variations
  5. I still have the above available however it is a complete setup as neither is any use to me without the other
  6. Some just appeared on eBay but not black
  7. I can help you out with 2 however the plastic cover is missing from one, the metal clip that provides the horizontal bars is missing from the other. I can check my other box of bits in the next hour to see if I can locate said bits
  8. I have 2 of these currently not being used £20 for one or £30 for the pair postage inc
  9. Apologies to all for not replying back earlier some of my accounts elsewhere have been compromised so been bolting those down @knymandUK post is terrible at this time of year so chances are zero of reaching anywhere let alone Denmark with or without brexit
  10. Blue/white Gehmann 3P or Air Rifle Trousers Euro size 50 excellent condition too small for me can’t get them over my cycling legs so I can see the waist being a problem inside leg measurements unknown can’t find my tape measure but a pair of jeans with leg 31 inches sits nicely over the top looking for £75 inc postage or swap for a larger size of similar condition possibly size 54-56 euro
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