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  1. Quick search of fleabay shows left hand jacket size 46 euro about 36 uk currently at £12 open to offers I am not the seller by the way
  2. Hi what size is the eagle eye M18 or M22
  3. jimrward

    Club kit needed

    Scott what size jackets and gloves are you looking for adults sizes or juniors
  4. Try the following website sourced a spring from them the other year http://www.proteksupplies.co.uk/walther-spares.html
  5. Problem solved using kitchen utility for elderly or reduced dexterity people to remove bottle top and jam jar lids
  6. I may have a M22 variable with crosshair to single bar adjustment I can check at the club tomorrow night currently on my 1913 this is the globe and the variable iris complete 22mm in diameter I cannot remember the range of the iris offhand it can also turn on its axis to allow for cant would be looking for £85 complete postage included
  7. @raven delicate I am not it will not twist off with reasonable force to the point I don’t want to break the iris internally @jonty wtf is a hairdryer it does not have flats on it otherwise I would have used a standard C spanner as supplied by gehmann or centra or indeed a pair of long nose pliers
  8. Does anyone have a new style gehmann/centra rear iris spanner I can BORROW recently purchased a rear sight on fleabay which came with an iris attached which does not have a normal C spanner locking nut more of a grooved ring with grooves every 1-2mm I need to remove the iris and normal long nose pliers I have won’t grip it and I fear may damage it with force also don’t want to use the iris as a lever by rotation as it’s on tight i don’t wish to pay over £12 to buy for one off usage but willing to pay postage both ways to borrow one it’s not a regular C spanner or the one with a single lug it might be one with 3 lugs I am only guessing by the pic on intershoot
  9. Looking for information or indeed anyone selling or knows who can supply a heavy duty testing rig for ammunition testing whilst I may selfishly use it myself no doubt others will want to use it so must have the capacity and capabilities to accommodate various barrel types with ease of changeability and also maybe access to bedding bolts to fine tune in situ. Possibly I am asking the impossible
  10. Hi can you PM with your email address and I will send you some proper pics
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