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  1. I have a copy somewhere. I will see if I can locate it as it’s packed in a storage box
  2. Hi do you have a part number for the one you are looking for as they are modular. I have another one on my air rifle which is a bit simpler and it has a magnifying diopter on it. I can post pics later in the weekend
  3. For sale as above currently selling new for over £500 this is the non magnifying gizmo replicates your prescription and adjustable as your eyesight changes this is not ISSF compliant but ok elsewhere i have a couple of these and they will be up for sale as I standardise my optical requirements £400 ono will include registered post i am at Appleton this Easter weekend if it helps
  4. As new long extension tube never been shot or attached to a rifle still in its webbed sleeve, bought a few years back and misplaced in a house move £200 ono includes postage and packaging
  5. Both of these in original bags albeit a bit battered slings as new KT model 2 has two buckles £45 inc postage sold KT model 1 has only one buckle plus a hook to attach to jacket £35 inc post No sling attachments as this is individual to your rifle PM me for pics Can combine postage if both purchased
  6. Thanks all for the additional info, having wrecked my previous Kowa with the ingress of fumes from super glue clouding the internals. I have decided that I would rather sell this one on than experiment with possible solvents that may react with the plastic someone else can take the chance or leave it as is
  7. Recently on here I was asking for a scope similar to the above i located one on FB marketplace and purchased it however as is usual with these scopes the paint goes yuk. The previous owner had started the process and not completed it Given that I cannot find any info on what solvents and paints are harmless to the scope materials I have decided to sell on the scope given my original one suffered when I glued it with superglue selling the above at what I paid for it, includes a green cover and carry strap £250 plus £20 postage PM me for pics
  8. Cheers I did spot that one earlier it’s a bit battered but hopefully just the usual cosmetic paint work i have an 821 which has a crack around the lens mount and stupidly I glued it with super glue instead of gorilla glue and it has fugged the prism so lesson to be learnt for all
  9. Anybody looking to part with one of the above scopes
  10. As above, £40 ono includes postage
  11. I failed on my mission wrong build of people at the club last night. My guess would be 40-42 inch @tim s
  12. I have found over the years after one of these gets it annual wash if it’s lucky it shrinks by a size but soon returns to the correct size after a few uses
  13. As I am neither best I can do is take it to the club tonight and see if someone turns up that fits that description and get back to you
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