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  1. Hi, Im looking for a used Anschutz square to round action adapter. If you have one, or know someone who has, please send me a P.M. Thank You
  2. Mec Duplex System -Sold-

    There was an extensive thread on this site not too long ago where it raved about the brilliant advantage a MEC Duplex fitted to you rear sight brings. They truly are a remarkable tool to help eliminate head positional problems and as an aide for accurate centring. One of the genuine ways to increase your scores. Sadly, due to a genuine reason I am selling this one. This Duplex main body comes with THREE screw in elements with a size range of 4.0, 3.8 and a rare 3.2mm to enable you to select the best option for yourself. Also included is a Lenshood II to fit the older type Anschutz rear sights and also Gehmann make sights. There is an allen key included and you do not need any further tools to install it. It may fit other rear sights, but please check first. The unit has only been used a few times. Thank You Jonty
  3. Mec Duplex System -Sold-

    I use a diopter and it magnified the element so I could not see it. I tried it without my dioptre and it was great, but I like my Diopter too much. Regards Jonty
  4. I have for sale a Feinwerkbau make raiser block. It has never been used, bought it, didn't use it. Condition is 'Like New'. It is make from high quality aluminium, the body is anodised in a black colour. The connecting block has the ability to allow the black body to cant. The adjustable raiser block gives a rise in height from 42mm to 60mm. It will of course fit any other make of rifle that have a standard Anschutz accessory rail. I am looking for £135.00 plus postage at cost. Thanks Jonty
  5. Mec Duplex System -Sold-

    Sorry, The Duplex has been sold. Thank you all for your interest. Jonty
  6. For Sale: System Gemini Buttplate

    Why not wait till Christmas morning, after the three ghosts have visited, should be cheaper then! Gaw'd Bless you Mister Squishy. J
  7. For Sale: Anschütz Adjustable Wooden Stock

    Good ol' eBay. Jonty
  8. Feinwerkbau Rear Sight

    The sight is fine. The peep sight is fine. For the normal shooter the peep sight is great, its when an 'INDIVIDUAL' wants more adjustment or scope in what they can do with the rear sight. For a club use, it is more than adequate. Most shooters would not be able to get the best from the many variable adjustments that can be had from some eye pieces. I am probably one of them! Don't confuse the 'rear sight' with the 'peep sight or rear iris' as they are called. This is the part that screws into the rear of the rear sight and which you actually look through. Jonty
  9. Anschutz Torque -Sold-

    I have for sale an Anschutz Torque Wrench which comes complete with THREE new 70mm Long reach bits. The bits are 4mm, 5mm and 6mm hex to fit the most common bolts on your weapon. One of the most important factors in target shooting is consistency, and by using a torque wrench you can ensure that your bolts are always set to you're exact requirements. No more guessing, no more stripping threads due to over tightening. Just set the adjuster on the wrench to the Nm you require. The long reach bits are ideal for the action bolts on some rifles that are deeply seated and cannot be reached by a standard bit. A long reach bit is nearly £7 each. M.
  10. Anschutz Torque -Sold-

    BUMP Price reduced to £80. Jonty
  11. Feinwerkbau Rear Sight

    Hi Jim, Chunter started a thread a few weeks ago on this issue, the simple answer is, Yes the FWB rear sight will fit the Match 54 rear rail. Jonty
  12. Anschutz Torque -Sold-

    Sleevicus, I have sent you a PM. I have a some spares in 4,5 and 6mm sets. Let me know whether the drive is 1/4" or 5/16". Bit of accurate measuring required. I don't think you would wants something glued up with epoxy! Yuk. Jonty
  13. I have an Anschutz 1907 rifle stock for sale. The condition is very good. It will accept all Anschutz round actions. It has a very comfortable rubber buttpad. The cheek piece and the butt plate can be simply adjusted by inserting spacers (which are not with the rifle). It comes complete with action bolts. These stocks are very popular with shooters who do not wish to use a butt/hook, however, I am sure one could be easily fitted to the stock if required. If you have any questions, please contact me.
  14. Gemini Pistol Grip Wanted

    I hope someone is able to give me a Christmas present. I am looking to buy a 2nd hand pistol grip for a Gemini FR 703, the one I have is too small for me. Ideally I would like a Large or Mdium size, 85 to 95 as they are stamped. If you have one or know someone who has that is not being used, please send me a PM. Thank you Jonty
  15. Gemini Pistol Grip Wanted

    Hi, Ive sent you a P.M. Jonty
  16. Rear Sights For Anschutz Match 54 - Prone Shooting

    To clear up any ambiguity, I have been to the range and tried a modern FWB rearsight onto the rear vee of an Anschutz rifle, and it fits perfectly. Jonty
  17. Rear Sights For Anschutz Match 54 - Prone Shooting

    Yes it does. The FWB foresight is different vee groove to the Anschutz it is wider, but the FWB rear sight fits perfectly well on the Anschutz vee, dare I say its the same vee! Jonty
  18. Wanted- Opticron Scope Stand

    Hi, I am asking on behalf of a colleague who is looking for a second hand Opticron alloy scope stand. If you have one or know someone who has, please P.M me in the first instance. Thanks Jonty
  19. Wanted- Opticron Scope Stand

    BUMP. We are still looking for an Opticron stand if you know of one. Thanks Jonty
  20. All Sold

    Told you it was Richard Hammond, and he's even on his organ! Jonty
  21. All Sold

    Did he get it from Richard Hammond! Jonty
  22. Ahg Sight Track Now Sold !

    Have you stopped eating Squishy. In your photos you have been getting progressively thinner. You have now gone all dark around the eyes. You need a couple of fish suppers in you lad, 'Not a AHG sightrack'! Jonty
  23. Right Sight Wanted

    Right, I see what you mean, a Right sight, never heard of them. But hope you get one Bernard. Jonty
  24. Right Sight Wanted

    Bernard, Do you mean 'Rear sight'? Or maybe you mean a 'Right handed sight'? Rgds Jonty
  25. Change Of Plan No Longer Required.

    Exactly, Im an alloy man, but tinkering with the idea of going green, and returning to sustainable eco shooting!!! So where do we get lead free bullets! I always ensue my car has some wood on the dashboard. Eco is cool. Jonty